vienna – bratislava, only 82 km (51 miles)

popular sculptureIt takes about 35 min by car and motorway when Robert is driving – don’t take me wrong he is a brilliant driver. *smile

On Saturday Carol and Robert surprised me with a day in pretty Bratislava, a place I would love to go back too. There is hydrofoil passenger service from Schweden Platz in Vienna to the Old town of Bratislava, Twin City Liner.old building new roof

Next time I visit Vienna, hopefully next year  … I will chose the boat trip along The Danube, it takes 2 hours and it cost this year about €30-35/£24-28/$39.5-46.50/275-321SEK, depending if travel weekdays or weekends.

I fell in love with Bratislava straight away, everyone we talked to talked good English and they accepted Euros, plus that the prices are very tourist friendly.

We just walked around in the Altstadt, the old town – we did loads of window shopping and just enjoyed the busy and very friendly city, the whole old town is pedestrian.happy bride

It was Saturday and that means weddings … at least in Bratislava. Don’t know how many brides we saw in total, 6 maybe … don’t have a clue where the grooms were. One bride came running down the street. Maybe runway … or very late for the church. *smile

For lunch we wanted to get away from all “hot under the sun” places and the other tourists and we found a little and pretty bistro (restaurant & bar too), “Le Appetit”,  inside a beautiful little alley and courtyard  … not one soul except us and it was all in the shade.

For lunch they only served baguettes or toasties, suited us well. We order the most fantastic and delicious lemonades, I had Elder-flower and ginger. Served in a pretty glass jar. Something I only seen on very trendy places before, but never had it served to me. Here we were in Bratislava and being served drinks and food as in any continental city.

I don’t know what I really excepted of Bratislava, but it wasn’t what I got served. I got a lot more.

After lunch we walked again, Carol found her special glue in a lovely craft shop. We had ice cream of course, enjoyed the lively street life everywhere and more weddings.

There was some kind of food festival on the main square – but there was an entrance fee and we were not hungry, there I saw this Executive Chef in action over the grill, he has more medals than a general. There is some stunning and magnificent hotel; very classy, old & new, posh and expensive in Bratislava. kitchen general

Bratislava has a castle and after a bit of being lost … we found it, but parking space was a problem, so we decided to drive back to Vienna.  The castle, Bratislavský hrad,  was built during 9th century – 18th century and rebuilt in 1956-1964. Something for the next visit – it lays up on a hill with view of the whole city. Next time.

On the way back to Vienna, Robert took the back roads instead of motorway and we stopped at one of the many wine cellars along the wine yards. Just really small sheds on one side of the road and on the other side the thousands rows of the grape plants. Only a few of the wine cellars was open for drinks and food. Robert told me that the small sheds was just the opening to massive wine cellars under ground.

Carol had a glass of wine, while Robert and I had a big glass of grape juice, lovely – but not really the best drink for Robert’s diabetes, that didn’t pay off very well for him later in the evening.

We had a fantastic day and just perfectly long in the heat. Robert stirred up a fantastic meal for dinner, braised beef.

Just have to show you, their garden shed that they fixed up last year to a pleasure gazebo, or as they call a “sjöstuga” (sea cottage) – they bought the red color for the cottage from Germany, true Faluröd. A red color that can only be mixed in Sweden. Such a cute little cottage sitting there in their beautiful garden, so Swedish!

I wish I had taken photos of the inside too, so very Swedish – mostly in white with touches of blue and yellow. Carol has such fantastic eye for interior design and details.

They have name the cottage to “Styrsö Stugan” – Styrsö is an island outside Gothenburg where Roberty’s daughter and family lives.

And I want to introduce lovely, but very shy “Fluffy” – she is the queen of the house. Everything is on her terms. Good on her. *smile


The photo of the cottage was taken on Monday afternoon when some soft raindrops was falling – it was heavenly … for the lawn, the flowers and me.

“The rain begins with a single drop.”
Manal al-Sharif



24 thoughts on “vienna – bratislava, only 82 km (51 miles)

  1. What a lovely day! I have missed you! Can’t understand a fucking word of the song but I really like the melody!

    • Thank you so much …. I don’t understand neither, but it’s something about that he doesn’t regret anything.
      It’s on the the top chart in Slovakia just now.
      It’s nice to be back. *smile

    • Marilyn, thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      There was so many people around this sculpture – first glans I thought it was a real man. I think it’s just brilliant … brings a big smile to everyone’s face.
      I wish a you a lovely weekend.

  2. Are distances not relative/ I reside just over 100 km from Sydney . . . and it seems in the boondocks . . . 🙂 ! Never been to Bratislava . . . oh so interesting in more ways than one and I DO wish!!! Vivi – so do love the way you and yours take the photos . . . so another place to go on my wishlist!!!

    • I know … a bit like up in Norrland – they call 300km next door. *smile
      Bratislava was such a lovely surprise for me and I would love to go back tomorrow. So tourist friendly, spotless and exciting shops and restaurants. Very romantic too.
      There is some stunning hotels. Flights from Sweden is quite expensive, but next time I visit Vienna will do a one night stopover in Bratislava.
      It’s on my bucket list too now. Want more.
      I wish you a pleasant weekend, Eha.

  3. Bratislava looks like a place where you can see and do a lot, if you take your time to wander around 😀 I don’t drink but that wine yard looks spectacular, could rival the ones in Australia in terms of views. I bet drinks were all on the house… 😉 And you had ice-cream! The best ice-cream you had?

    • Mabel, Australia is 20 times bigger than Austria .. and this is just the wine yards more or less inside Vienna.
      No free drinks … because the wine cellar’s are not for tasting wine – only for storing .. but some has small tiny restaurants. Can’t buy wine neither, all that happens at each wine yard.
      Bratislava is truly a gem.
      The best ice cream I had .. and my absolute favorite is Mövenpick from Switzerland. In Sweden we can’t buy it at supermarkets … but is to be found in most countries, except US.

      • Vivi – virtually almost every vineyard in Oz has cellar-door wine tasting! Tasting free for all their wines, hoping that you will buy a dozen or more 🙂 ! IMP: meant to suggest before – GOOGLE ‘MARGARET RIVER FOOD/WINE FESTIVAL’ now for what is available this year! You said you might come down to Oz soon and to Perth and in November – this is where and when one of the most worthwhile ‘food festivals’ in the world is held methinks Nov of each year. O’seas and Oz best chefs have a 3-4 day ‘party’ . . . . not cheap for the main lunches/dinners and booked out early, but a huge ‘foodie/wine’ ‘bazaar’/market and bus transport available from Perth for the day or the weekend or whatever – this is the BEST you could enjoy out of Perth, honestly!!!!!!

      • Eha, thank you so much for the information regarding the food festival, I looked it up – some food festival and as you rightly wrote expensive. Every event need a ticket and they even have their own money.
        I had planned to be back home by that time in the month and also the price for my ticket will be a lot cheaper if I fly to Perth first and fly home from Sydney.
        Loads of interesting reading, but is it worth all that money … I’m not sure. I think I rather spent money like that one really good restaurant in every place I visit.
        Wine tasting is wine tasting – done that in France, New Zealand and Austria – also after my chemo treatment wine doesn’t tickle me that much anymore.
        Thanks a million for the link. Never heard about this festival before.

      • Mövenpick. I’ve had that ice-cream a few times before in Australia – $5 for a scoop of it in the city. It tastes very fine and airy, not fluffy or creamy. Not too heavy in that respect and I reckon it makes a good snack 🙂

    • Nia, thank you … yes, Bratislava is a very romantic city .. a smaller scale of Vienna.
      I have sent you an email .. but I know your a very busy lady just with visitors. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. It looks delightful, Vivi. That opening photo made me smile, even though I’ve seen it before elsewhere. 🙂 Loved the ‘magic’ mushrooms too. Lots of lovely scrumptious pics 🙂 Hugs!

    • Good Morning, girlfriend …. what did you have in your tea this morning. Magic Mushrooms??? Ah, the painting. *smile
      You would have fallen in love with Bratislava too – so pretty, friendly, cheap and spotless. I want to go back!!!!
      Thanks for your lovely comment .. you’re such fantastic support.

    • Karen, I’m a little surprised that you haven’t been to Vienna … by now, but we can’t manage to do everything at once .. and you can’t miss out on Bratislava. A city just in your taste.

    • A-C, that is a place you would enjoy too … pity the flights are so expensive from Sweden, cheaper to fly to Vienna and then take the boat. Two cities in one trip.

  5. I have no idea why, but Bratislava has been on my radar … and now you’ve sealed the deal! Excellent post, and now with your stamp of approval, I look forward to my visit … whenever it will be … and then off to Ljubkjana …. for whatever reason.

    • So glad you liked the post and that you now have made up your mind – you will not be disappointed … I promise.
      So clean, friendly … welcoming.
      Hope you have a chance to go soon. *smile

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