cee’s fun foto challenge; black and white

It’s a while since I have been in Cee’s great challenge, but I’m back … even if I’m don’t take photos in black and white. I love colors and I think our world needs all the colors it can get – I really like this subject, but which images of mine will suite this challenge and for me to play around with: of course CHICAGO – a very cool city. In a weeks time am I back there. All excited again for the 5th time.

And here is my B&W gallery from my favorite city in the world: Chicago …. !!!

“Color can do anything that black-and-white can.”
Vincente Minnelli

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22 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge; black and white

  1. Truly looking forward to your Chicago photos . . . . also have been there about half-a-dozen times or so . . .absolutely love some of my friends resident . . . . but still have to find other matters to love the place : well, some Frank Lloyd Wright buildings perhaps . . . enjoy!!!!!!!

    • For me is Chicago … where the best from the east and the west meets; fantastic restaurants … loads of air, greenery and water, and interesting architecture. It’s not so packed and don’t feel crowed. As a big city with bright lights is has everything that I enjoy … and the taxi drivers are very pleasant.

      • End of next year possibly for me after a long, long time!! Friends a’calling all around Illinois saying ‘Come in autumn – our best time’!!!!!

      • Good for you … that you are thinking about going back!!! Never been in the autumn, so maybe I will turn up too. *smile Good excuss to go back.

  2. Awesome! This is the first year I won’t be going home to Chicago. 😦 We can’t make the trip with my husband’s injury. I usually go back in September, but fate stopped me from meeting you there. I’ll have to see it through your blog this time.

    • Lori, I know!!! I had hoped that there would have been a chance for us to meet up, but when your husband got injured I knew that it wouldn’t happen this time, but I will be back in Chicago.
      I know there will be enough of images from “our city” to share here.
      It’s the first time I visit Chicago later in the year. I hope it will still be sunny .. have checked and it’s looking good. Rain most of this week, but after rain comes always sunshine. I’m sure Chicago will not let me down this time.
      Still Florida is high on my bucket list.

    • So true, some B&W talks to me in big letters and some doesn’t. Been out and about in our Photo Festival in town and most photographers work in B&W – but very few talked to me today. There was one show about Turkey that I really liked … and fashion and one photographer had found a tin box with photos that was over 45 years old, that his dad had shoot – truly amazing photos, the highlight for me. Then there was a lady photographer that worked in colors.
      I don’t dare to take images in black and white. I turn them B&W with my editing program.
      I JUST LOVE color!!!!! *smile

  3. Feeling guilty! It’s ages since I did one of Cee’s challenges, and she has heaps to choose from 😦 . I saw in the comments that you’ve enjoyed your weekend at the exhibition 🙂
    “Chicago, Chicago, a wonderful town…” I’m excited for you, Vivi 🙂 What makes Chicago so special for you? A big question, I know! Do you still have friends there?

    • Why I like Chicago so much???!!! I think that it’s because of all the water and greenery – even if the city has skyscrapers is it very airy. It’s very user-friendly. They say that the best from the east and west meets in Chicago. It’s very chatty and friendly. Chicago is one of the most exciting food cities in the world. There is so much to do that doesn’t cost anything, plus the architecture. They have the most fantastic aquarium and so many museums. The first time I visit I got the ticket for free because I stepped down an overbooked flight and took a later flight instead.
      And when I was going to use up the $500 voucher, I got I didn’t really know where I wanted to go so I asked the girl at American Airlines where she would go – she said, Chicago and so it was – so I didn’t really have any expectations and Chicago just blow the socks of me.
      No I don’t have any friends in Chicago as such, but I’m meeting up with two blogging sisters; Heather is flying in to Chicago to meet me and Bebs lives in Chicago, so exciting.
      Big question – big answer.

      • Isn’t it strange how life works out? Serendipitous- I love that word 🙂 🙂 Or lucky- that’s a nice one too 🙂
        I always liked the sound of the windy city, though not for the cold or the wind. You know that’s not me. I never had any clear ideas of what I would see there though. I’m in for a treat when you get back! All those amazing images 🙂
        Take good care of yourself. How is the health going?

      • Jo, another fantastic word … love it.
        I have never been in Chicago during the winter – it’s very fears – last winter it was cold like Antarctica.
        Not really my thing. Last time I visit there was no wind for 7 out of my 8 days and it was hotter than Vienna.
        But it’s a windy city, but when there is no wind during the summer … no good.
        My health is stable – same level of problems, but my right knee is giving me problems, so I’m a bit worried about that – no uphill in Chicago, so hopefully I will be okay.
        There is always lucky pills to help me through if needed to. Thanks for your concern.
        Jo, I have the same problems if I stay at home or having a good time in Chicago. *smile
        Both Huld and Oscar is going to be overworked and underpaid. *smile

      • Jo, I feel sorry for myself … were ever I’m *laughing.
        I can’t let my problems rule my life too much – they interfere enough as it’s.
        But I’m worried over my Japan trip … maybe it’s going to be too much, but I will never know if I don’t do it. And if I can manage Japan in 24 days .. I can do Australia.

      • Yes, never been to Kyoto – I’m thinking about staying there 5 nights and use it as a base when I visit Nara, Kobe and Osaka. Only 30 min with train, so I can do day trips .. and free from unpacking and checking in all the time.
        Have to be practical and sensible .

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