vienna monday walk; felt like a local

back door - vienna operaSo Monday was it time for me to take on Vienna on my own – got good instructions of alternative ways to get into the city center. I chosen the D tram line, because the U4 underground is very boring really, not much to see more than stations.

I got a very nice ride through nice areas of the city – and I jumped off at Burgring stop, wanted to say hello to Mozart. And he was still there in Burg Park beside the Hofburg.
Every time I tried to take an image of him – some “bleedin’ tourists” step into the picture – I think I tried about 20 times, but always somebody there in the way with an Ipad.

The “Palmenhaus”, was my goal for my al fresco lunch – last time I was there I had some fantastic grill sardines, but not on the menu this time. The park was full of relaxing and shade seeking tourists and locals, so busy and very pleasantly cool. All the park ducks was hiding in the shade, except for a mad one that just loved standing in the sun????!!!

Beside the Palmhouse there is the Butterfly House, das Schmetterlinghaus –  and I had a weak moment. Not the greatest idea when trying to avoiding heat and humidity, but I went inside.. only cost 5.00€. But talk about humidity.

The house really made it up for its name, hundreds of butterflies – pretty exotic flowers and waterfall in a very small area. Oscar liked what he was put against.

There was one massive butterfly that was so dull when it had its wings closed and stunningly blue when flying around, but I didn’t manage to capture it while flying and believe me I really tried as the blouse got clingier to my body. I think the butterflies name is Morpho.

I think I spent about 1 hour with the flying beauties – and they were everywhere and they was flying straight at me, really had to put an afford to not touch them.

Many kids was trying to catch them and the parents didn’t say anything to them, even if there was big signs about “not touching” any butterflies dead or alive. So I told them!!! *smile
It was a magical house, so glad I went inside.Hibiscus 2

I wanted to go back to “Hunderwasser Haus”, which I visit during my first stay in Vienna – but it’s a bit out of the way, even if its inside the city center. So thought that if I go on a Hop on – Hop off tour and that would be the easiest way for me to get there and also save my sore knee a bit.
But they wanted 25€ for the tour, because it wasn’t on the basic route .. so I had to buy all the colored routes. I would have been cheaper to grab a cab.

Anyhow I decided to take on the underground again – and I got it right straight away. Had to walk from the Opera House where the bus tours depart from to the Stephansplatz to take underground U3 and to Rochusgasse – and then walk down Rasumofskygasse and then into the left on Löwengasse. There it was. I felt like a local when I saw the house and without a map.

I must confess that I had a look in a Vienna tourist book to get the address, at a bookstore.

Time for lunch at the house café, I had a bruschetta with ham, fresh herb and some great cheese and a cappuccino of course. Sat there for about 45 min in the shade of a big sail … and just enjoying life.
But then it was time to for Oscar to come out and do his bits.

While I walked over to the short distance to “Kunst Haus Wien”….  I enjoyed a big portion of Italian Gelato. The “Kunst House Wine” is also designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

I will come back with Mr Hunderwasser in another post. A very colorful, wired and wonderful Austrian visual artist and designer. He was born in Vienna 1928 and died aboard RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 in the Pacific Ocean, in 2000.

After my short photo session at the Kunst House – I walked up the street to Radetzkyplatz and and there I took tram 1 to Burgring – and I was back to where I started and jumped on tram D. I had walked and travelled in a circle around the whole inner city (1th district) of Vienna on my own and without asking anyone for directions.

God, it felt so good.

safe landing

“I like long walks, especially when they are taken
by people who annoy me.”
Noël Coward

I would like to link this post to Jo’s Monday Walk  

33 thoughts on “vienna monday walk; felt like a local

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  2. Morning darlin’! I made it- just! 🙂 Thank you so much for this- it’s absolutely beautiful. I will come back later and linger in your Summer Sky 🙂 Your butterfly captures are fabulous and that close up of a flower stamen- wow!
    You’re a sweetheart, Viveka 🙂 Bug hugs!

    • Good Morning to you too …. now the sun is out again, one 3 minutes ago it was heavy rain. It’s going to be one of those days, don’t know if I’m coming or going.
      It fantastic to join your Monday Walk and you welcome back at any time. *smile
      Have a great day … here comes a mix-up hug. *smile

    • Thanks, Lulu …. for your kind comment – my pleasure.
      Buggy ride???? No, I use the U-bane, feet and trams.
      The wooden seats is from the older trams, if that is what you mean.

    • Uru, I didn’t have much contact with the locals .. only when I was eating or shopping, but they were very nice and helpful. I felt like local because I could find my way around without map or any assistance. *smile

  3. Thank you for the wonderful photo tour of Vienna where I have not been too long! Since most of the guys in my life have quite separately called me ‘butterfly’ or ‘Schmetterling’ or ‘manna manna’ [Fijian!] I naturally loved the Butterfly house and pictures best 🙂 ! Your first photo of the Opera stage door brought forth the realization I owe some letters to Vienna . . . . was on a night time journey from north in Queensland to Sydney – a whole lot of Viennese with little language skills on the vehicle. Not understanding what the v Australian driver was calling out re stops, I kind’of got up and translated the instructions into German [well, they understood!!] all night and morning . . . . I am still getting letters about when would I come to Vienna and go to the Opera with them all! No, they are short of brass also: but always wait in Q for 24-36 hours just past that door to get the few standing room only tickets available!! Take it in turns! Please join them!!!!! Perhaps one day . . .

    • Eha, you have always some amazing story to tell. They have tourist concerts at the Opera House more or less the whole day. But there is only one concert that I’m interested in the New Year Concert.*smile Only the best!!!

      You should visit Vienna and meet up with your “friends” – I can image how happy they would be if you turned up. *smile
      I know it’s not only to jump on the next bus. As you say … one day!!!

      I love your nickname Fijian! Truly beautiful. The butterfly house was fantastic and it isn’t that big. Most of the Palmenhaus is the restaurant. Butterflies are so beautiful object for the camera, just like flowers, but they didn’t sit still that long and there was always somebody with camera in the way too.
      Really enjoyed my hour with the flying beauties, but it was so humid, my cloths was clinging to my body after only 10 min in there. *smile

  4. I just saw that I unintentionally sent you ‘bug hugs’ but it was quite appropriate (laughing) 🙂 This morning I had time to look with a lovely Mozart background. Thanks again, Vivi.

    • Jo, I need that hug … big time, thanks. Yesterday I knew was going to be a strange day and I left my friends keys to their apartment in the door and somebody has taken them. Will cost me £300 to get new looks, and it also means that whoever took them will have free access to all public areas in building. Great … I’m sick.

      • The keys to your friends apartment? Oh, nightmare Vivi! It’s so easy to do daft things, isn’t it? And then afterwards… oh, damn, damn, damn! After the basement fire this is all you need! So sorry hugs!

      • Yes, it’s very worrying – because with the key they will have access to basement and laundry rooms. I have the fire in mind, but I hope that nothing will happen. It’s not like I lost the key, it’s stolen by somebody in the house or their visitors.

  5. Lovely photos, Viveka. Sounds like you enjoyed it despite the heat. I’ve always wanted to go to a butterfly house. By the way, your photos sold me and I bought your same camera. 🙂

    • Wow, you’re the second blogging sister that has bought the same camera as Oscar. I hope you’re pleased with yours as I’m with mine.
      News that made me very proud.
      Lori, I hope that you will come a butterfly house too .. I’m sure there is something nearby you. Have a lovely weekend you too. *smile

  6. Such a fantastic tour of Vienna! You really got some amazing butterfly shots, Viveka. I just love those sandals with the brushes. 😀 Your lunch and the Italian gelato sound scrumptious. Thanks for sharing this lovely day with me. 🙂

    • Sylvia, thank you so much … so happy that you came along on my tour around Vienna.
      I would have loved to see that show at the Kunst Haus, but I was running late .. for my dinner date. It was a exhibition about different artists view on ladies show. I have a feeling that the show was fantastic. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Lovely walk which brought back some very happy memories of visiting Vienna when I was eighteen and on a Youth Orchestra tour. It must now be time to return…….

    • Alison, thanks for your visit and for your comment.
      I can’t even remember when I was eighteen … getting too old for that.
      Please, return .. it’s wonderful city.

    • The heat was truly on – but I manage … had to walk in the shade and drink loads of water, but it was tiring. But I slept well during the nights, even if it was hot and humid.
      Every time I been in Vienna the heat has been on, don’t know if it’s me the causes it. *laughing.
      It’s a city you would enjoy. Beautiful parks and there is museum everywhere.

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