sunday hours with the girls; ada, ella and dia

goodiesSunday afternoon in Vienna and it was time for me to finally meet up with my Austrian blogging sister and friend, Dia@HappyFace313. We have had close online contact for nearly 2 year now.

Dia suggested that we should spend the hottest hours at The Albertina, which is a museum in the Innere Stadt (First District) of Vienna,Austria, just behind the famous Opera House. It houses one of the largest and most important print rooms in the world with approximately 65,000 drawings and approximately 1 million old master prints

It sounded cool in more than one way, because Vienna had become hot like a Sunday roast oven. “The Albertina”, a stunning beautiful building showed 3 exhibitions; Blow-Up (Antonioni’s Film Classic and Photography), Alex Katz (Drawing, Cartoon and Paintings) and the permanent show “Monet to Picasso” (The Batliner Collection).

So soon I saw Dia coming I knew it was her – in a colorful summer dress with matching ballerina shoes, with a big smile on her face and loads of warmth in her hug, just as lovely as I had imaging.

We spent about 2 hours … at Albertina. The exhibition that talked most to me was Alex Katz with his amazing drawing on packing paper; the amazing drawings of his wife Ada. My favorites became Ada with the blue umbrella, White Roses and a white big drawing of Ada. I’m amazed over his technic on some of his pieces where he had rolled with a cutter in some of the drawing lines, which gave the drawings a 3D effect, both with “White Roses” and the big white image of Ada.

“Blow-Up” (1966) was a very interesting exhibition too, with B&W photos from the film and fashion from that period. Most of them were taken by Arthur Evans. That was when fashion photography was changing into exciting images and any of the photos could have been out of today’s Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar.

At the “Monet to Picasso” exhibition was it the “smaller names” that talk both Dia and me – there was some wonderful pieces by Russian avant-grade painters that I never heard about before, that we both would love to have at home. After walking the endless red carpet inside Albertina – was it time for coffee break and we decided to try out the café at a newly open hotel, The Guesthouse.

I indulged myself with a chocolate mousse cake topped with fresh berries and the cappuccino was great and what I like is that in Austria and German is it always served a little glass water with the coffee. We sat and talked about our lives and dreams until the sun were bothering us too much.

Then Dia toke me for a walk through the new Golden Quarters, just by the Stephan Dome – a new pedestrian area with exclusive shops (all the big designers), banks and of course very exclusive apartments – but I don’t know if I would like to live there if I had the money; there wasn’t one pretty flower or tree anywhere. It was all newly renovated old buildings and I don’t even dare to dream about what an apartment would cost me. Very interesting to see how the highest level of society lives, eat and shops.

Suddenly time for dinner, the evening was very lively and poeple everywhere; we found “Ella’s”, a little Greek restaurant at Judenplatz, that showed to be an excellent choice. It’s still so in Vienna that a lot of restaurants are closed on Sunday – all shops too … not even the shopping malls are open. A little strange – we are in the 21’s century, but what I understand is it the church that want it to stay that way

At Ella’s we both had the most tasteful salad made of Rocket leaves, chanterelles and walnuts. We both are still lyrical about it. For main Dia went for their burger and it was so big ….  it nearly walked away with her. Massive. I went for Pan fried Sea Bass on Saffron Risotto – and we drank mineral water like camels. There was more talk about our lives, getting to know each better. When we left the restaurant was Vienna bathing in moonlight, it was full moon.

And it was time to for me to travel back to my friend’s aparment …. by metro and bus, of course I chose the wrong station for departure; no U4 connection – but I’m a very resourceful woman when I want to.

A fantastic afternoon and evening with 3 very different and exciting ladies had come to an end and a the most lovely goodie bag to bring with me home from Dia.

Dia, a big HEARTY thank you for the fantastic hours, your hospitality and great company. Will be back, it’s a theart. *smile

another treat

Vienna is a handsome, lively city,
and pleases me exceedingly.”
Frederic Chopin

31 thoughts on “sunday hours with the girls; ada, ella and dia

    • Julie, nice of you to visit – it was a nice afternoon and evening, but the company was very pleasant too.
      Welcome back, Julie … I think we all need a good break from blogging at times.

  1. Sounds like a lovely time you have there in Vienna, Viveka. That burger Dia had looks so delicious, that egg looked to gooey and yummy. At least she could walk away from that meal 😀 Stunning shot of the moon. It looks like a big chunk of cheese in the sky.

    • Marbel, my compact camera has the most amazing lens … it brings the moon closer to us all the time, but I’m a little shaky on my hands when I use the full lenght of the lens. So it takes a couple of shots before I becomes steady enough.
      I tell you, I never seen a burger that big before. It was massive and she really enjoyed and she manage the burger, but not the fries. Dia is a true fighter. I thought the burger was talking her for a walk. *smile
      It’s easy to have a great time in Vienna, it’s a very rich city in many ways.

      • Haha, Viv. Love how you call be Marbel. Everyone always has a nickname for me 😀 Your photos always look so good, so lucky that you have that lens. You use it well, and that’s always the hard part of using a camera 🙂

      • Sorry, I spelled you name wrong *smile .. sometimes my fingers work quicker than my brain. *laughing.
        I’m just playing around with the camera, so bad on reading manuals – I just take the images as the comes out .. just a happy amateur. Thank you so much for your always so nice comments.

    • Yes, I really enjoyed her company … and it was a true gift to be able to meet up with her. And have a chance to be upfront and personal with her.
      So looking forward to meet up with fantastic ladies in Chicago too. And hopefully you too next year.

    • No that is one of the many things I have left to do … totally forgotten about this time. They are often on tour around the world. Next time.
      I felt so sorry for all the horses that had to walk the streets with tourists the whole days in that heat. We saw two horsemen showering their horses and keeping them in the shade, between the jobs.
      Jo, it’s easy to have a great time in Vienna.

  2. 😀 Hahahaha, I had to laugh so loud, I almost fell off my comfy chair “…burger…was so big…it nearly walked away with her…” and “…we drank mineral water like camels..” Viveka, you’re too good to be true! 😀
    I had such a wonderful time finally meeting you in person, dear Wivi, you really warmed my ❤ (heart, just in case the sign won't show), you're such a wonderful person!
    The photos you took are amazing! I think I really need a "decent" camera, one that I can handle, now that I've seen your spot-on and lovely photos.
    Oh, you do remember that we still have that lottery thingy going, right? So far I haven't hit anything close to the jackpot, but who knows…well, then it will be QEII or whatever her successor is for you and me to NY *big*fat*grin* 🙂
    Many hugs! Looking forward to our next get-together sometime somewhere xo 🙂

    • It’s a Swedish saying (I think) – that if we get a lot of food on the plate .. we say wonder where it’s going to take us. Drinking as camel – probably something I made up. I use to say “I drink like a camel and pee as a dog. *smile
      Glad you liked my attempted to be funny *laughing
      How could we forget the lottery ticket – can’t believe it. Really upset about it now, but it gives me a good reason to go back to Vienna soon again. Because we are going on that cruise one day.
      I played the Swedish one last night, only one number right.
      Dia, you should get yourself a little camera, because there is so many more modes that you can use and play around with. A smartphone takes good images .. very good, but there is no setting for night shots and sport shots – landscape and macro. That is only modes you need and I just have it on auto. The rest does the camera.
      I was lucky with my shots during our hours together, but I have edited them with a free program call “PhotoScape” so easy to use. So everything is just down to Oscar and me. Really I’m a very simple and uncomplicated person when it comes to photography.
      Thank you so much for your lovely words about me as a person – I felt just the same about you.
      Next time .. you and me in Copenhagen. !!!???

      • 🙂 I think we’ve been more drinking like camels and peeing like horses 😀 So much water in that hot weather…
        Thanks for the advice with the photo program, I’ll try it.
        And Copenhagen – yes, we’ve got a date and then we’ll figure out our cruise. For now I’ll got and get a lottery ticket 🙂
        Happy Saturday and many hugs xo 🙂

      • Yes, I got it wrong … I meant horses – thanks for putting me right.
        I’m sure you can play on line … over there too. I play the Euro lottery – for next week there is 323 million SEK in the pot. That is about 36 million Euros. What a cruise we can make, can buy the liner. *laughing.

      • 😀 😀 😀 No way, I don’t want to buy the liner – too much work connected with owning such a vessel! I think we should just enjoy the comforts of winning the lottery – if we ever do! 😀 xo

      • I agree, but what I really mean is that … we will have so much money .. that we are able to if we wanted.
        Tonight I’m sure my numbers will come up. *smile

  3. Vivi – be fair!! How is one supposed to keyboard a half-way sensible comment if one is madly waltzing around one’s home . . .? Beautiful photos, lovely memories for me, hopes for future ones . . . OK: the Spanish Riding School – oh yes, and so, so, so much learning and so, so, so much fun!!!! Please make it part of the next trip!!!!! Wonder whether one can steal one’s way into the Sunday morning’s ‘Hofkapelle’ to be one of about a dozen ‘strangers’ to take part of the chapel service with members of the Vienna Boys’ Choir serving . . . .? A birthday present from an erstwhile husband still delightfully remembered!!!!

    • Carol, my friend has her office in Hofburg – just by the “Hofburgkapelle”. She works for UN. I totally forgot about the Wiener Sängerknaben. So next visit I will be busy – both the Spanish Riding School and the Sängerknaben. My Vienna dance program starts to fill up already.
      First visit I had plan to visit the School, but they were on tour.
      I’m glad that my post brought back delightful memories to you. Thanks for the nice comment.

    • Uru, it’s both nice and exciting to get lost in Vienna. And specially in great company. *smile
      Their public transport system is very easy to use too.

    • Thanks for your kind words!!! Vienna is a great object for any camera.
      Yes, so happy that Dia had her thinking cap on. It would have been far too hot to walk outside.
      Her burger was bigger than big .. and she ate it too, but not the fries. Like girls with great appetite. *smile

  4. Here you must have had a great day and great company! That burger looks just TOO much fo rme – Tasty but impossibly big. The night portraits are beautiful and of course the air must have been of velvet.

    • A-C, the burger looks a bit bigger on my shot than it really was, because the plate is pushed against me, but it was a big burger. Dia did a good job with it. It had Feta cheese … under the egg. My sea bass was fantastic.
      The night was very busy around the Stephan Dome, all seats were taken everywhere, but it was a quite humid night.

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