my best bag buy ?????!!!

About a month ago I received my bag/tote from China, that I found and ordered on Etsy and I think I have come a cross my best everyday bag buy ever. What a fantastic bag!!!

 And for a price of 482SEK/$72/£42/€52 with postage include. Ordered from Bob@CanvasLeatherBag. Bought it in black, but available also in dark red and two shades of brown. my new bag

It’s hand made in cow leather in a very clean and funcitional design. It’s so well made in every little detail. The bag is handmade to order.

Inside the bag that doesn’t any pocket is there a removable PU bag for netbook/ipad, mobile, key and wallet with very well made details around the pockets zippers, that can be attached to the main bag. The insert bag has also a shoulder strap, so if the bag is full I can use the inside bag as a messenger bag. The strap can also be used for the main bag.

– Width: 6.5 inch (16.5 cm)
– Height: 12.6 inch (32 cm)
– Leight: 12.2inch (31 cm)

The handcraft-ship is just amazing – and the size is just perfect – it will make it’s debut at my Vienna tomorrow.

“Handbags Should Be The Great Uniter Of Women”
Hillary Clinton.

The images I have borrowed from Bob’s website.


26 thoughts on “my best bag buy ?????!!!

    • Thanks, I will be using it now when I go to Vienna – and I have to see if it works for me. It’s truly a great looking bag, but I notice that the seller isn’t there anymore.

    • Yes, most fashion … even for the big fashion designers are made in China those days, so I don’t think the quality are less because things are bought in China. I’m really like the bag and the craft man ship that has gone into it is just amazing when looking at all the small details. I would have liked the inside bag to have been in leather too, but can’t get everything for that price.

    • Ja, den är enormt snygg … vilket handarbete dessutom.
      Maja, reser till Wien ikväll … så vykort följer. Hemma på tisdag igen.
      Var go emot dig själv.

    • Good Morning Jo, I prefer Rod’s version, wasn’t to be found on SoundCloud. Thanks, world’s best shopper – I doubt, but I like the sound of it. Not very often I find bargains, bought new suitcase last week up in Gothenburg – cost me so much as my ticket to Hong Kong. *smile – but so light, Samsonite. So tired of heavy suitcases and with mine smoke damaged. I wish I got them for a bargain too.
      So this is me off to Vienna and the netbook has to stay at home. Talk to you next week. Try to miss me *laughing-
      More sunshine hugs ….

  1. A black bag big enough to fit your wallets and iPad. Very wise choice, and not too flashy either so it’s suitable for everyday use in the office and maybe even at parties 😀 Very nice to see that you like zips on your bag. Me too. I can never buy a bag without a big zip compartment. If I see a bag that I like but it has a flap with no zips, or a button closing-compartment-thingie, I won’t buy it. My stuff might fall out, and someone can easily reach in and take my stuff.

    • The bag was okay … but the inside bag .. the zips split the first time I used them – but working fine now.
      It seams like he has closed down his shop at Esty for some reason.
      I don’t trust bags without zip neither. Today everywhere are there pick-pocketing.

      • That is horrible for the zips to split but good to hear that’s okay now. Hope the bag holds for at least a year. It’s hard to get a refund in a situation like this, unfortunately. But buying online, there’s so much more choice.

      • I know .. it wasn’t expensive to I use it .. until I get tired of it and found something new. Plenty out there to chose from.

  2. That’s a lovely bag, so sleek and uncomplicated – I notice it has little feet too so won’t scuff it it’s put on the floor. Great price too – thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi there, Frank … just back with my sorry ass … from Vienna – it was too hot for comfort, but I did my best to enjoy this beautiful city. *smile

      • Great that you had a wonderful visit … and to a city I hope to see some day … but will settle with Oscar’s views.

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