postcard from sweden: m stands for “missing people”


my postcard stamp - textM stands for “Missing People Sweden” – some may have a happy ending, others not.

missing people - sjoraddning se
Missing People Sweden is a nonprofit organization that publishes inquiries and assists police and families with arranging shall journals when people disappear without a trace .

The organization works mainly with publishing inquiries via Facebook and organizing search party chains.
Operations started in January 2012 and since then they have helped families with inquiries, the aisles, diving and dog tracking around Sweden .

The goal is to help more families and more quickly able to arrange to be assets to save lives. By having local branches in each county hey hope to implement, the assets within 6 hours from the time we received a report of a missing person, regardless of where the person has disappeared.

The organization has been through a hard work from a number of volunteers and with financial support from both private individuals and companies. Cooperation agreements have been signed with a number of external parties and interaction with Indianapolis evolve in a positive direction.
The contributions and sponsorships received during the year in full gone to building the business.

It all started in September 2010 when in Gothenburg when 19- year-old man disappeared under mysterious circumstances. There was a need put together a voluntary search party and there was no one to lead it. It was quickly proved the need for an organization that can coordinate and organize a large amount of people in a short time to search for someone who has disappeared.

A large search party chain was planned in early October after the missing 19 -year-old and hundreds of people had volunteered.
The day before the scheduled time, the man was found, tragically drowned in the Göta River.
About 60 people showed up anyway for a minute of silence and a small search party after including the man’s cell phone, unfortunately without much success..

After the 19 -year-old was found in the River Göta decided about 10 of the volunteers to start up a nonprofit organization to searching for missing persons. The organization later came to be called “Sökare Västra Götaland .” The organization grew and required more resources.

After the first annual meeting decided six people, including from the board, the situation was untenable. There was a great motivator not used, since the organization’s structure did not allow it, and the resources required were not.

The organization has different teams; search party on foot, dogs, diving and transportation.
Missing People has 30 local chapters around the country (Nov 2013) and the target is 40 by the end of 2014. More than 25,000 people have registered for the search party registry.

missing people - je-photo se

High profile cases
April 2012 – Missing People find remains of the since July 2010 vanished Marina Johansson.
October 21, 2012 – a missing 41-year-old man is found dead in the trunk of his own car as the police had never checked.
November 2012 – a 68 year old woman in Skurup found dead.
November 2012 – a 9-year-old girl in Örgryte found alive 20 hours after she was abducted by a 24-year-old man
July 2013 – body parts of a missing 20-year-old woman is found outside Boden

The organization has been investigated for fraud after that the former cashier accuse current cashier of tricks and filed a police report for embezzlement. But everyone involved has been cleared and so has the organization. Peder Schillerström, who was the chairman at the time took time out during the whole investigation and step to the side, but now back in the driving seat.

missing people - TV program - missingpeople se

Every year the organization gets about 7000 new volunteers and now after that one of our notational TV channels, svt1, has sent 6 behind the scene program about how they work “Missing” – I’m sure a lot more people will join them. They take over when the police have given up.

They work very close with the police, coast guard, national home guard and the Red Cross.

missing people medal - missingpeople se

Missing People Sweden has received a medal from the police and county police for “organizing volunteers in a search and rescue chain and after patiently seekers found a missing person.”
In 2012 was it a major search and rescue operation with the goal of finding missing a young woman, Marina Johansson. At this search party found the majority finds. In particular, it found the remains wrapped in a mattress pad.

Missing People Sweden – the organization that never gives up.

“Let us bring hope”
Missing People Sweden

missing people - .expressen se

“Tell The World I’m Here” is Ulrik Munther’s last release from last year. Ulrik is born 1994 and from Kungsbacka, just outside Gothenburg.

Ulrik started out as an internet phenomena and is now one of Sweden’s most talented singer-songwriters. Without a record company’s promotion department or a booking agent on quick dial, at the time, 16-year old Ulrik got millions of views on YouTube, appeared on several big TV shows and toured constantly over a year.

ulrik munther - expressen se

In fact Ulrik has a simple story: he started to write songs when he was 13 years old, as a 15 year old he won the Melody Grand Prix Nordic with his own song ”An ordinary day”.

He was touring in Japan last year ! He has done TV appearance in UK, Germany and US.

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19 thoughts on “postcard from sweden: m stands for “missing people”

  1. It’s always heartwarming to know there are great organizations out there who are dedicated just to saving lives and bringing hope, I have so much respect for them 🙂

  2. It is not just a matter of finding ‘lost’ people in Sweden but everywhere they may be . . .This is a very touchy subject for me as some may indeed want to begin ‘a new life’ and not be followed . . . may have reason and may be completely sane . . . but most do need finding and cherishing and help . . .

    • Eha, don’t really understand your comment here …. Even if people disappear … families get worried for what reason ever maybe to behind the disappearing and want an answer.
      People that give up there spare to finding people in all weathers is Heroes in my eyes. That work hard to be able to give an answer. What I understand haven’t they found anyone that didn’t wanted to be found or already dead.

    • Yes, you’re so right – but how luck aren’t we that there is poeple like that willing to help day and night – and in all kind of weather.
      To bring hope .. what a gift.

    • Suzanne, yes … that is so true. Everyday heroes and it’s so fantastic to know that if somebody will be out there looking for my dear ones if they should go lost. Lovely to hear from you.

    • Maralee, it truly is. I’m just amazed by people’s will to help others. Been thinking of signing up, but my feet is a problem when I have to be on them for a longer time. But I will give them a call; maybe there is something else I can help out with.

  3. It must be unimaginable to loses someone close, Vivi, and not to know! The worst form of torture. I’m so glad there are people who help. I shall investigate and see if I can find something like this to get involved in, I think. Thanks for sharing! Hugs 🙂

    • Terrible thought – not to know what has happen to a dear one. I’m sure there is something similar in UK. It will suit you to the teeth to be in an organization like this. I’m thinking of signing up too, but I’m a bit worried about if my numb feet will hold up, because it’s it can mean a lot of hours on the go at the time, but I’m sure there is other things they need help with. I will contact them after Vienna.

  4. How awful it must be for a family to have a loved one just disappear like that. Bless these dedicated people for the work they do to either find the missing people or to bring closure to the families of those who have been found dead. Ulrik has such a great sound and his message is universal. 🙂

    • Sylvia, sorry about the delay in my replay just back from wonderful Vienna.
      Yes, I think that it’s such wonderful thing that people give up their spare time for such a brilliant cause. They continue when the police gives up. They are my heroes.

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