chr’s kloka ord – words of wisedom #9

CHR #8

“Fantasin är viktigare än verkligheten”

I totally agree with this … reality is here anyhow and how would we be able to cope with it if we didn’t have the imagination that we can soften it’s edges with it.

Not all of us has a good life, there is more of us wake up to an everyday struggle. Struggle to have make it through the day of thirst, hungry, illness, fear, war, loneliness, abuse and homelessness.

I’m sure that it’s what the imagination does – helps them through their days and nights. I know when I feel down and under the weather – I let my imagination take me to a more pleasant place.

During my cancer journey the imagination was probably the biggest healer together with my sense of humor.

So imagination is more important than the reality, the reality will be there anyway.


18 thoughts on “chr’s kloka ord – words of wisedom #9

  1. ‘Liebestraume’ – ja ganz bestimmt Ich glaube dass geht fast jeden Tag!! One knows the reality but takes time out in that personal dream . . . nought wrong with that to survive and find peace in your heart . . .

    • I personal use imagination every day – in some way, but that doesn’t matter that I totally escape from reality … one of my blogging sister wrote a comment to this post: that imagination has helped her through more than real life – I think that goes for many of us.

    • Jo, I’m doing okay, thanks for asking – had a tough day yesterday … but I have got used to it and I’m not suffering more than necessary, I just take a lucky pill when the pain comes on and walk around with a big smile on my face. Still it’s a lot better than a year ago. Last year I was nearly suicidal.
      All excited over to go back to Vienna and I haven’t seen my friends since the month before before I found out I had cancer.
      I’m going to meet up with one of my blogging sisters that live in Vienna too.

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