quick fix; pan-grilled barnsley chop with kidney bean and feta cheece salad

full dish - lamb chopsThe past weekend was so warm – the the humidity was so high, like in the tropics and for me personal I didn’t enjoy at all. I could’n be outdoor and I struggled to be indoors. No breeze outside and no AC indoors.

We and our little country are not built or  prepared for heat like this, on Saturday evening and night I felt physical sick from the heat. So cooking and eating has been high up on the “do-i-list”. Been living on chilled yoghurt and around midnight  a couple slices of toast with cheese and jam.chop page 3

So on Sunday I thought that maybe the reason for me feeling nausea was that I hadn’t been eating properly for 2 days. I’m drinking like a camel – so on that level I think I’m okay.

I had to improvise my Sunday dinner, so this dish goes under both leftovers and quick fix. I did a raid against fridge, freezer and cupboard. I didn’t take any measures as such – but I will put together a recipe that serves 2 as I go along here. chop page

Pan-Grilled Barnsley Chop with Kidney Bean Feta Cheese salad and Mint Butter Jus, serves 2
6 barnsley lamb chops, used frozen
45ml (3tbsp) mint gel
1 good pinch of chili flakes
½ tsp sugar
(if I had any coriander seeds at home I would had toasted a 1tsp and grind them very fine in a mortal) – but I couldn’t find any.chops

350 gr (12,4oz) Kidney Beans (well drained)
150 gr (5,3oz) Feta cheese, crumbled
2 large shallots onion, very finely chopped
2 crushed garlic cloves
1 good pinch chili flakes
chopped mint (used frozen)
salt & pepper

15 ml (1tbsp) herb vinegar or red vine vinegar
1 tsp sugar
15 ml (1tbsp) olive oil
15 ml tab warm water
1 tsp lemon juice
salt & pepper

very juicy

1. Drain the kidney beans well.
2. Chop the shallots very finely and crushed the garlic.
3. Mix the marinade to lamb chops. Keep the chops ambient at least 40 min before cooking. Season the chops on both sides and brush on the marinade on both sides of the chops.
4. Dressing time – mix everything just together, make sure that the sugar has dissolved.
5. Mix the salad together: beans, onions and chili flakes, seasoning and add the crumble cheese and chopped mint.
6. Use a very hot grill pan, to quickly seal the chops –  when turn down to medium heat and cook the chops about 3 min on each side.
7. To get a jus I just put one big knob butter in the grill pan and added 2 tbsp of mint gel to cook out all the good after the lamb chops.chop page 1

 Now 2 “Wivi” tricks of the trade:
1. When you are chopping fresh herbs and very finely chopped onion, do it on a double grease proof paper and you can only lift it on the paper and poor  from the paper into the pot or mixing bowl.
And you are free from all the small stubborn bits on the cutting board. Dill, especially that travels everywhere.
Two second job to get everything where it’s supposes to go.greaseproof paper

2. When I buy fresh herbs and not able to use up everything – I pick the leaves, roughly chop them and freeze in small containers. You can freeze all herbs. I personal prefer frozen herbs, because the flavor is a lot more intense when defrosted.

I have marinade tons of salmon for “Gravlax” with frozen dill through my years as a chef and also if you are going do “Gravlax” –  the salmon should been frozen for at least 3 days before – to get the best result.into the bare bone

Even if we had a very hot evening on Sunday too – did I have my dinner out on the balcony, but I didn’t stay longer than I had to. This is too hot for comfort me and my “problems” to handle. So not delighting in beautiful music.

The heat is still on; both me and Mother Earth needs rain now. *smile

This is me going up to Gothenburg today for the rest of the week – some girlfriend qualtity time!!! See you next week. *smile Be careful out there!!!!

“Deep summer is when
laziness finds respectability.”
Sam Keen

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23 thoughts on “quick fix; pan-grilled barnsley chop with kidney bean and feta cheece salad

    • Linda, I felt grotty because I didn’t properly. Now we got rain and thunder, let it rains for a couple of days and then bring back the summer.
      Glad that you had a fantastic summer over there too. Doesn’t happen very often. *smile
      It is a great little recipe. Thanks.

  1. Yum – thanks Viveka! I have been off blogging a bit lately – just a bit too busy – I am going to try this recipe. Sorry you are so melty etc. It is winter here of course, Julie xxx

    • Lovely to hear from you, Julie … have been thinking of you so often and wondering how life is treating you and your boys and of course the birds.
      Please, let me know what you think.

  2. LOVE your recipes today! Should have clicked on the computer before marinating my lamb chops for lunch 🙂 ! I have not put mint gel and chilli together to the best of my recollection . . . coriander seeds always at home by the bucket-load 🙂 ! So like the salad: shall copy!!!! Gravlax – love the stuff and making it so much, this was actually the ‘reason’ I noticed and subscribed to your blog!!!! Your mustard sauce is great!!!! Had no idea about the freezing of the salmon- what a great tip from the ‘gravlax queen’ 😀 !!!

    • So glad that you like my “mustard sauce” – must have made tons of it through the years. I love grilled gravlax – just cut it in portion sizes and grill quickly… and of course with the same sauce and new potatoes … that is a treat.
      Glad you like the recipe. Lamb is my favorite meat … and the salad is great .. goes with everything. I will do tomorrow with grilled chicken breast.
      Flying to Vienna on Thursday, so I have to live of cupboard and leftovers. *smile

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