weekly photo challenge; summer lovn’

Hair gets lighter.
Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer.
Drinks get colder.Music gets louder.
Nights get shorter. Life gets better”

I love our Swedish Summer, here in random …. when it is at it’s best mood – like this year!!!!!

Even if I wouldn’t mind a little bit of rain during the night!


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30 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge; summer lovn’

    • Thank you, Andy … this year the Swedish is just fantastic – but we are desperate for rain now … 5 weeks of sun blaster. We are not used to or built for this heat *smile

  1. Vivi – you have such a precious gift in taking the totality in life possible into account: such a lovely melange of summer in Sweden [ why could it never quite be like that during my few visits 😉 !!] Love your food plates, but most of all am laughing at that pair of frilly knickers on line: snow-white of course:) !!! [Oh, one of the beauties of foodie life in winter Australia: have just ‘picked’ about a kilo of fresh mushrooms from my kits in the laundry – nothing like those coming into the kitchen five minutes after picking either !]

    • A pity that you never had a chance to visit Sweden during summer, but this year is has been warmer than normal and we are just not built for it – we have been really suffering the last week, but today rain and thunder and .. a little more rain wouldn’t harm Mother Earth. The frilly knickers always hang on the line for show off .. during the summer.
      Growing your own mushrooms … good on you!

    • Uru, thank you so much! I like to take photos on an angle, I picked up the idea at Hyatt Hotel in Chicago .. they had images on the hotel room, all on angle

  2. I was singing that song from ‘Grease’ 🙂 Summer lovin’, got me a pla-an..had me a bla-ast… You know I can never remember the words! Summer hugs, Vivi. Enjoy Gothenburg!

    • I can’t remember there is a song about summer in Grease – but I’m sure there is … you just carry on singing … make up words as you go along. *smile

  3. Love these photos, great take on this week’s challenge. My favourite shot is the ice cold drink one. Love the angle, and so much clarity in the shot that I can see all the water droplets 🙂 Water, good food and good company always makes a good summer. Hope you’re making the most of the warm weather in Sweden.

    • Mabel, thank you so much for your lovely comment – You know we and our country is not built for heat like this that we are really suffering through. We got some heavy rain today, but so humid … we try not to complain, but it’s tough on us just now. *smile
      I like the drink shot too – I have a bit of a fetish for taking images of drinks. *smile
      Welcome back anytime !!!

      • I completely agree with you there that extreme heat does no good for our planet 😦 I DO love warm temperatures but anything over 35’C does get uncomfortable and a bit much. Rain would be great if it didn’t come with humidity…you can always smell it in the air 😀

        Everyone is photographing food that it’s sort of becoming overrated. But photographing drinks? That’s something new 😉

      • Going to Las Vegas in Sept .. and it will be around 30-35C, don’t have a clue how I will survive.
        We had some heavenly rain today … it was wonderful to walk in it. Hopefully it will come some more – and then bring on the summer again.
        My blog was suppose to be a cookery blog, but there is so many out there … and so many brilliant ones, so I just do a recipe now and then.
        Drinks is so easy to do … the ice cubs … is a great subject. To take image of drinks without ice .. is really tough.
        Maybe I should do a drink blog instead, but I don’t drink that much .. *smile

      • Perhaps stay indoors when you’re in Vegas. Or maybe cool down with a load of cool drinks and ice-cream. If all that fails, put an ice-pack over your neck or forehead. Instant relief right there 🙂

        I don’t drink anything alcoholic, and that does limit my drinking choices but only by a bit. I am very fussy with my cold drinks in summer. Too many ice cubes in my drink never makes me very happy as I can’t taste my drink, only water. Unless that drink is water 😀

      • We are staying on a hotel that is famous for their fantastic pool and spa – so I’m sure we will spend some time there. But visiting LV and spend time indoors???? I’m sure we will escape the heat if it’s too hard on us and it’s nice and cool everywhere indoors. Was the same in New Orleans – had to escape into shops when it was too hot to handle.
        I learned when I visit China many years ago not to drink cold drinks when it’s hot weather, lukewarm drinks and it stops us from sweating and it works, because when we drink something ice cold our heart has to work harder and we sweat from that.
        But it’s really hard to not drink something cold when it’s hot weather, but I try to avoid it.

      • Interesting comment about not drinking cold drinks when it’s hot, that it will only make us sweat more. I will take your word for it and try it this summer in Melbourne 🙂

      • It works with me …. but once in a while, I just have to have an ice cold drink. Now in Vienna I didn’t drink any ice cold drinks … and I’m sure it helped a lot. Even if I was sweating.

    • Thank you so much, Sylvia … yes, we had a brilliant summer, the last couple of days to hot to handle – but today it rains, love it. *smile – we really need some rain, most of all Mother Nature.

    • Yes, not all from Sweden and this year. The Mojito was enjoyed in NYC, but it belong very much to my summer where ever I’m … ]
      The music is Swedish … and called Swedish Summer, love the tune.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. The Swedish flag am I also keen to capture. Such a beautiful flag, blue sky and the sun beams.

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