one word photo challenge: aqua

Aqua???!!!! Is it blue or is it green???!!!!

Not even the ocean is aqua anymore …  maybe in the Pacific.

For this gallery have I used images that I have stored on my fantastic Dell PC, now 6 years old and … with XP, the best system program ever.

If there is any city in the world … that stands for Aqua it must be Vancouver – on a sunny day the whole city goes in Aqua.  Because I have most Vancouver images on my netbook  – it has be a mixed travel gallery: Chicago, Vienna, Belfast, Landskrona, Gothenburg, Istanbul, Copenhagen Airport and finely Vanvouver, one of my favorite images of the city.

A photograph is usually looked at —
seldom looked into.”
Ansel Adams


To participate:

  • Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge:______________”
    • i.e. for the first week’s challenge your post would be called “One Word Photo Challenge: Magenta”
  • Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme
  • Tag your post with “One Word Photo Challenge” so that others can find your contribution
  • Have fun!

I just had to use one of the Danish group Aqua’s big hits, for this entry.

19 thoughts on “one word photo challenge: aqua

    • Vancouver was for many many years my favorite city … until I met Chicago *smile – Stunningly beautiful with the mountains in the background and all that water everywhere. Belfast has a very strong hold on me – brilliant little big city and anyone that visit are taken by it. Have a truly pleasant weekend now. Today the sun is hiding and thank god for that, been fare too warm for comfort this week.

    • Uru, thanks a million – have a great weekend.
      Hope that our will be without sunshine … had too much of it lately. We are not built for this heat. *smile

  1. One of my favorite colors! Is this YOUR Challenge Vivi? I get them mixed up.If it’s yours I am in! Please advise Candy woman! (great song)

    • No it’s not my challenge … Jennifer is her namne that keeps it going – it only to click on the link and you can read all about the challange. Of course you should join even if it’s not mine challenge. Yes, I like Aqua and their old hits, my favorite is “Around the World”, but not to be find on Soundcloub. *smile

  2. Yes, aqua is probably the reason which draws me to tropical Pacific Islands the most. Our famous Great Barrier Reef also abounds in the colour . . . and in this case nature does it best methinks 🙂 ! Yes, I loved XP also, but for the last two months or so it has not been ‘supported ‘by Windows in our systems and a huge number of us in Australia, had to ‘get rid ‘of it for Windows 7, for which support will continue until 2020. Hated the idea but did get used to the latter pretty quickly . .

    • Yes, the water down under has a wonderful color – same around Bora-Bora … not fair. *smile
      Same with XP here in Sweden and I need to buy an new PC, mine starts to come up in age, but I don’t want Windows 8 as system program on my new PC.
      Our Swedish banks don’t allow us to us XP while doing online banking. Lucky for me I have Windows 7 on my netbook. I like Windows 7, but 8 … what a mess. If I change PC now it will have about 5-7 years to live, that means that when Window 7 is retiring is it time for me to buy a new PC.

      • We think VERY alike! All my friends on Windows 8 frightened me off it . . . anyways I belong to a special organization which hands over ‘superceded’ software like Windows 7 for free, so . . .

      • I haven’t heard anyone that has something good to say about Windows 8 – not even the youth. A pity that they didn’t developed 7 more instead, because it’s a system that both young and elderly understand. We are all more of less “raised” up with XP.

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