denmark the second time around – humlebæk

beauties we metTime to return to friendly and smiley Denmark – this time with my friend Iris that is the eye keeper on all culture events in our county and on the other side of the water.

This time she wanted us to visit Hilma af Klint’s exhibition at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. “Louisiana” is the most beautiful situated art museum in the world (at least the ones I have visit) – on the edge to Östersund … and it has most of the exhibition halls under ground, very cleverly built. But what to expect when Danish design is one of the most exciting of today on all levels. How they interact with natural material and the nature in itself.

Exactly a year after we had a fantastic day with loads sunshine, Tara Dovonvan and Yko Ono. And even this year we had the sun on our back when we walked from the train station to “Louisiana”.

A little about Hilma af Klint (Swedish) – totally unknown to me – but she had for-bitten her art to be shown until after 20 years after her death. It took 40 years and it happened in Los Angles 1986. She knew that her art was well ahead of the time and especially made by a woman.

“The turn of the century Swedish artist Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) seems increasingly clear that one of modern art’s most important pioneers. Her rich oeuvre has in recent decades been met with an accelerating interest and recognition worldwide.

Since the major exhibition The Spiritual in Art in Los Angeles in 1986 belongs Hilma af Klint to international modernism’s most noted artists, often in conjunction with, for example, Wassily Kandinsky, Kasimir Malevich and Piet Mondrian.
This exhibition led to a sensational international breakthrough and gave for the first time modernism a powerful female figurehead.” (text:

Over 1000 pieces of her art was shown at “Louisiana” – the manager director for “Louisiana” wasn’t too sure when he as offered to show her art by The Modern Art Museum in Stockholm – but after visiting their exhibition  he said: – Wow, this we just have to show- Her pictures are interesting enough in itself, as a visual reality. The colors, the balance dimensions … So glad Poul Erik Tøjner changed his mind.

The museum was very busy – maybe it was because it was only a couple of days left on the exhibition and of course the fantastic weather had a big part in it.

A visit to “Louisiana” also mean great food .. and delicious desserts outdoors with a stunning ocean view. We had both a poached salmon open sandwich that just SoOOoOOOoo good and a dessert, mine was a walnut macaron with lemon mousse.  After the show walk we took a coffee break in the sun before leaving for the train station. Then I put myself through a strawberry cakes with chocolate cream, totally divine.

As you can see is the museum just one big and beautiful oasis …. people just let the world go by without bother too much about it. No stress!!! Not a worry in the world. Just fine art, great food, greenery and the ocean. It doesn’t come cheap – but who cares …. ????!!!! When Denmark shows off it’s best side. *smile

After that we made the walk back to the station  … train to Helsingør and then the 20 min ferry journey to Helsingborg and we was back in Sweden again, in less than 1 hour.

It’s so fantastic to live near to the continent … maybe even live in the middle of it. The center point of Europe is just outside my bank here, in Landskrona, can’t live more continental than the middle of Europe is in Landskrona

“There is no such thing as modern art.
There is art,and there is advertising.”
Albert Sterner

As cloud over this post I have chosen “Dansevise” (“Dance ballad”) was the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 1963 performed in Danish by Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann representing Denmark – I just love the the song – here it’s Franck Pourcel and His Orchestra that plays the happy tune.

21 thoughts on “denmark the second time around – humlebæk

  1. A wonderful collection of people and nature enjoying the Scandinavian summer! Must admit that Hilma af Klint’s exhibit leaves me a little cold . . . . too neat and measured for my modern art tastes, but it surely is great that you do have relatively easy access to interesting art galleries [Hmm: Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra all have wonderful ones. the latter our National Art Gallery . . . just tellin’ 🙂 !]. Oh, is ‘Hilma’ a typical Swedish name, ’cause my best friend in primary school, tho’ Estonian, had that lovely name . . . ?

    • And I really like Hilma’s art …. I would love fill my walls with her pieces. But art is very personal. I think it’s amazing that she was so far ahead in her art. I don’t know if Hilma is a very Swedish name. Not that common but Wikipedia tells me it comes from Germany and means heaven.
      Regarding that Denmark has only 5.6 million people and 9,5 in Sweden – we are doing very well for ourselves when it’s about culture on all levelas and artists. The whole of Sydney lives in Denmark. *smile

      • I have always collected modern Australian, Aboriginal and Eastern [basically Japanese] art – the last two are very disciplined like HaK’s, but my real love lies with the wilder forms which reflect this country 🙂 ! Yes, individual!! But, at the moment I would most love to go to the George Jensen sale in the city ands get one of his curved floor candlesticks . . . and you know how simple those are . . . .well, will have to go on wishlist!!

      • Georg Jensen, they does some fantastic stuff always visit his shop in Copenhagen. Hard to believe that the man himself has been dead for 80 years. Great designs.

  2. This is lovely Viveka. Funny how our minds work. For all of the beauty in these pictures, today and right now, I am so tired I am most drawn to the pictures of people resting in the grass. I wonder if it would be different if I was energized or in a creative spirit?

    • I know … I really liked Hilma’s art … but it was so exciting to see what was going on outside in the beautiful weather … both on land and at sea.
      So I understand where you’re coming from. Also I have a lot more images from outside than inside. All in the eye of the beholder.

    • Thanks Maralee, yes we had a very good summer so far this month. Only 2 days of rain and sunshine for 14 days and it’s really warm.
      It’s 27,4C – 81.3F just now on my balcony .. and it 10pm.
      Hope Sweden is going to be the same when you visit.

  3. It all looks idyllic, Vivi 🙂 Our Summer keeps coming and going. I was at the Glass Centre in Sunderland today and there was a young dad feeding a very small girl in a high chair. His toddler son had a sandwich almost as big as him, and dad was patiently popping stuff in their mouths. No idea how he managed to eat his own food. It was very sweet.

    • I was watching the little girl and how she took care of her little brother, she was cute, didn’t see any mum around – but I’m sure she was somewhere. The father is very handsome too. Such a cute 3-some to watch. It makes my heart go all very fluffy and warm.
      Over here is it very common to see dads out and about with their kids alone, because the maternity leave here can be split between mum and dad. And if a child is sick, either of the parents can stay at home – doesn’t have to be the mum every time. I think it’s a great system and that means the dads have time to spend time with their very young kids too on a daily basis.

    • Carol, thank you so much for the kind comment. Yes, Denmark is the happiest country in the world and I understand where your husband is coming from – I lived in Denmark for little over a year when I was 20 and it was one of the best periods of my life.

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