made yesterday; roast onion and cheddar crusted chicken drumsticks

full dishI can’t call this dish a “quick fix” – I would say it takes about 1,5 hrs in total … 60 min of time the chicken is in the oven.

Chicken again, I know – I know!!!! One morning I will wake up and be covered in feathers … I just love chicken. It’s so versatile and also most of people I know like chicken.

When I was away a week ago visiting my friends, Margurithe and Bengt, I found this recipe in one of her weekly magazines. And it just said out load to me – TRY ME!!!!!!

So I did yesterday – It didn’t have a name neither, so the thinking cap on. We start with the recipe.

drumstick page

Roast Onion and Cheddar Crusted Chicken Drumstick – Serves 4.
8 chicken drumsticks (used fresh, but frozen is more than okay)
salt & pepper
2 eggs
30ml (2tbsp) milk
2ooml (1 cup) dry roasted onions
30ml (2tbsp) grill spices – you can use whatever spice mix you fancy.
200ml (1 cup) breadcrumbs (used panko)
2ooml (1 cup) grated Cheddar cheese (used frozen)
50ml olive oilHawaiian spice mix

Lemon dip
½ lemon, juice and grated peel
200ml (1 cup) mayonnaise
1 garlic clove, crushed
30ml (2tbsp) Dijon mustard
Salt & pepperdumstick page 1

Oven on 150C/300F – 60 min.
1. Cut the top bit (knuckle) of the drumsticks, remove the skin and press down the meat so you see the bone and have a bone to hold in. Seasoning.
2. Put all the ingredients for the breading in a mixer and make a couple of quick spins. (Grill Spices is a mixture that most of us Swedes use on anything. Personal I don’t like it. So I used a spice mix I bought on a market last year; Hawaiian Chicken Spices. Just love the product, but no clue what it is made up from.)
3. Whisk together egg and milk. Turn the drumsticks in the mixture and after that turn them in the breading and make sure they are well coated. I clapped the breading on.
4. Then in oven for about 60 min.
5. Make the lemon dip.drumstick page 2

I served myself boiled new potatoes and heart leaf salad.

I didn’t do my own mayonnaise and so long as I can get Hellman’s Real over here am I more than happy. I can’t make mayonnaise that good. I have tried many different brands through the years, but nothing as good as Hellman’s. I’m a simple soul at most times.drumstick page 3

A great dish, especially if many guests.. and on a hot buffet. So it was a very nice meal for a balcony in early evening sunshine. Will do it again. I made 3 drumstick, I had planned to have one left for lunch today …. but isn’t so that it’s the thought that counts??!!!

“The receipts of cookery are swelled to a volume;
but a good stomach excels them all.”
William PennDelicious

This cloud is one of the fantastic music masterpieces I often listen when I delight myself on balcony in the evening while the sun goes down behind the next building around 9.30pm and yesterday in  pleasant +29C/84.2F. Swedish summer at it’s best. I call it Summer Evening Music!

Vivaldi’s Johann Sebastian Bach: Violin Concerto in A minor: 1. here played by Thomas Gould, a British violinist.

all gone


48 thoughts on “made yesterday; roast onion and cheddar crusted chicken drumsticks

      • Sorry, to hear about the biking … I have go pain my left knee … got answer on X-ray today .. I have 2 big bone growth – whatever that is.
        Getting old, I think it means. *smile

      • Colleen, don’t have a clue what it’s called in English, Don’t have a clue what it’s in Swedish neither, but painful it’s. I think “Spurs” is mostly neck and back.
        Don’t have a clue what they are will do with me. It’s terrible painful at night. Now everybody is on holiday … so nothing will happen until end of August.

      • Oh no. Does everyone take holiday at the same time?

        Over “here” we have “bone spurs” all over the place. I’ve had people tell me they have them in their hands, feet, back, neck, etc. WHatever it is I hope it stops hurting. You’ve had more than your fair share.

      • Colleen, more or less … in Sweden – July is the main holiday month. It’s like the rest of Europe – August … nobody works. It has become a bit better, but I wake up constantly during night because the knee hurts, it started up during my Istanbul trip, but I have felt that there was something for about 6 months during my Zumba dancing. I totally agree with you about my share part … it’s getting to me know and I think that is why I been so under weather lately. But now Vienna is coming up and that will get me in the right mood. *smile

      • It seems that travel gets your adrenaline flowing Viveka. And when your adrenaline is flowing you seem to do so much better. I hope it all goes well And happy weekend to you!

      • Colleen, you’re spot on – to travel and to do travel plans gets my adrenaline flowing. I just love it …. and I really would like to work with arranging travel for other people. It doesn’t have to be for my travelling – because it means I can share my experience if I have visit the destination. One of my blogging friends are planning to come to Sweden next and she have asked me for advice and tips. Just love it.

    • Lulu … it doesn’t take long time to prepare, it’s the cooking time that is long. It’s a really good dish. So good that I will make it again this week. *smile

  1. This looks so delicious, Viveka, and I can just imagine you sitting out on your balcony, on a warm summer evening, with the beautiful music playing, whilst you are nibbling on those drumsticks, 🙂

  2. I also cook a lot of chicken drumsticks as they are often on special at between $1.99 and $2.99 a kilo! [Well, they are not the organic ones, but my purse dose not always reach to those 🙂 !] And, in my perennial hurry, I oft just spray them with olive oil and cover with spice mix only without crumbing . . . my favourites are the Middle Eastern Schwarma and Shish Tawook methinks or even just plain Za’atar, which I use for everything . . .

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