chr’s kloka ord – words of wisdom, #8


KLOKA ORD“Att tro är inte att se”

It’s a while since I posted one of Christer’s fantastic quotes; I have to be in the right mood for that.

For you that don’t know who Christer is – he is one of Sweden’s most famous photographers and he was also a bon vivant, visionary and an adventurer. Instead of writing a diary he wrote his thoughts on small envelops and in the end of the week he divided them into 7 categories.Christer Strömholm

101 of his “envelop thoughts” has been published in a little book, “101 Kloka Ord” (101 Wise Words) that I have fallen in love it, because I can relate to nearly every one of them. They are so down to earth and full of common sense.

Christer Strömholm died in 2002, 84 years old – but both his art and words will live on forever.
I can image that he wasn’t an easy to man to live with – but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. I’m besotted with him.

CHR #12

You that knows me well … know that I’m not a believer as such, but I respect whatever people put beliefs and faiths to – there is no right or wrong. But at times I find/think that all religions ( beliefs) makes us blind – blind for the truth and reality. Just as Christer are saying – to believe isn’t the same as to see.

What do I believe in??? I believe in people that make a different to those that needs help and our planet here and now, and I can be blind at times.

But it doesn’t have to relate to only our beliefs and faiths – isn’t so that when we really believe in something we can only see the pluses and not the cons.

Christer loved Puccini and Albinoni.

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22 thoughts on “chr’s kloka ord – words of wisdom, #8

    • Thanks, you I got the spelling right too *smile
      My grandfather always said that .. doesn’t what belief we have so long as we are happy in it.

  1. If we lost the desire and ability to believe, life would not be worth living . . .thank you so much for a version of ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’ I had not heard . . . living in beautiful countryside unfortunately robs one of beauties of other kinds . . . opera became a ‘necessity’ to me at age six . . . . at the moment I regret both distance and cost to partake of its magic in the real world too oft 🙂 !

    • *laughing … you have the closet space and I have the opera if I want to.
      Long time since I listen to ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’ – such beautiful aria.
      It isn’t so we don’t really miss the opportunities until we haven’t got them. My little town has a strong culture life, but I haven’t really enjoyed it. I would love to see something on the Copenhagen new Opera House, designed by the son to the man that designed Sydney’s. Not that impressive from the outside, looks like a box made of glass … but supposed to be breathtaking inside.

      • Now you have made me jealous! Quite frankly I did not even realize Copenhagen had a new Opera House nor that Joern Utzon’s son was also an architect altho’ he was here on TV only recently. Personally I love very modern architecture, so the visit to this will go on the ever lengthening bucket list. Have been an ‘opera nut’ since age 6 🙂 !! [Am still blushing at having managed to call you ‘Danish’ a day back: shall double read each send from here on: talk about mind not being in gear!!!!!!!] Meanwhile Google the new building!

      • I think the Sydney Opera house is a fantastic and magical building – both inside out – I’m planning to visit Australia in 2016 and the Opera House is very high up on my bucket list.
        Gothenburg has a new Opera House too – built like the stern of a ship.

      • Sorry, Vivi, here we have to disagree! Just looked at about 100 photos and I absolutely love it! Actually some very similar design features with Sydney’s in having made the roof so prominent and that huge wall of glass towards the water. Oddly old-fashioned inside: possibly because of the acoustical requirements – Sydney insides are a lot more modern, even after all these years . . . great I now know about this!!!]

      • Had a look inside the CPH Opera House – and it looks stunning and as always Danish design is steps ahead of most countries. They know how to interact with nature and how to use natural material so well. Never thought of using Google to visit the Opera House inside. They built in on 3 years, they said it was impossible – but one of the private investors – the owner to Maersk said that nothing is impossible, just name the price. Love those round chandeliers. On the opposite the opera house they have a stunning new theater build on a deck out in the harbor and all by wood and glass. Where in the summer after lunch they have free “shows”. Royal Danish PlayHouse – Royal Danish PlayHouse –, stunning building both inside and outside.
        Opera House isn’t expensive neither around 450Dkr for a good seat. In Sweden is it the double.

      • Thank you so much for all your answers: I have had such an unexpectedly informative day!!! Yes, the Sydney Opera House because of its position already is well worth a visit and a tour, perhaps a performance! . . . . but there is so much else here to offer. For instance I predict you will be surprised and hopefully love our huge variety of food and great restaurants. Actually one of the first places to visit should be the Fish Market . . . no, not kidding!

      • I would love to see a performance … I was thinking of visiting Australia in November – will a couple of days in Dubai before.
        Plan to visit Perth, Melbourne and Sydney .. are you close to any of those. Brisbane … maybe too.
        Fish markets are always interesting where ever they are .. only been to Gothenburg and London, but Tokyo is suppose to have a MUST one too.

      • November not bad: the rains should not have set in nor quite 40 C temperatures! Perth, Melbourne [you will love!] and Sydney will give you a good idea . . . . I am semi-rural 100 km south of Sydney and we may catch up yet 😀 !! Oh, depending on your likes/dislikes and time available a day or so in the nation’s capital Canberra is quite interesting these days also . . .

      • 40C????? That is far too hot for my comfort. Have to come earlier then. September maybe.
        Yes, I have a blogging friend in Melbourne and she if a fulltime photographer and the photos she show from her city are fantastic. So Melbourne is very high up on my list.

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