weekly photo challenge – containers

I’m not the most organized person in world – but when it comes to my shoes …. a total different matter. As you can see.

Maybe not the most intelligent images and I can’t say that there has been much artistic thinking behind them neither, but they do an excellent job.  And it’s a good therapy too. *smile

Have a great weekend everyone!

 “You must empty a box before you fill it again”
Irish saying

Why not join the challenge or at least check out what is inside loads of other containers; Weekly Photo Challenge; Containers

40 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – containers

    • Thanks a lot … it is the only way I can do … if I don’t want to spend a full day looking for one pair of shoes. *smile
      I wish you a pleasant weekend and I hope you have the same fantastic weather as I have. *smile

    • I know … it is the only way I can find my shoes … otherwise I would be inside the closet for hours trying to find those special shoes.

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    • Martha Stewart isn’t interested what a half mad woman in Sweden has come up with.
      Thanks we have a great summer … so fare, not much rain .. lovely days. I hope you have sunshine in your face too.
      Will come over .. to your world for a visit tomorrow. *smile

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  3. [Sunday morning giggles!!] Ah, I have found the Danish Imelda Marcos!!!! OK, honesty prevails and I have always loved shoes also, but have special metal shoe racks along the whole built-in cupboard bottom . . . see at a glance!! And we both seem to wear a lot of flats . . . .having always worked a lot on my feet, have used most of my life . . . now that I have back and some mobility problems find them ideal . . .have a happy Sunday . . .

    • I don’t mind that you call me Danish *laughing – I can talk Danish
      I wish I had a walking closet big enough for racks, but it works good in the boxes. Glad I have a walking closet at all. Not very common in Sweden. In apartment built in the early 70’s they can be found. I think they are on their way back now.
      The boxes here is only shoes that I bought for during the past year – I wear less and less high heels, but for parties I just have to wear them, even if they only stay on for a couple of hours. Love my Ballerinas. Happy Sunday to you too.

      • Oh Vivi – I simply went too fast and now have an awfully red face!!!!!!! NO, I do NOT get the Danes and the Swedes mixed up, honestly!! Just one of those unforgivable errors for which I am TRULY sorry! Yes, more than one have told me European apartments on the whole are way smaller than those in this ‘great, big, wild land’ 🙂 !!

      • Eha, don’t worry about the mix up … my county Scania has been Danish so many times during the history. *laughing.
        For us ordinary people the apartments are just big enough, but for money they can be big as you want …just like everywhere else in the world. I’m very happy over my little walk in closet –my mum had a big beautiful one with here little one bedroom flat. Not fair. *crying.

    • Yes, I suppose it’s!!!! Thought I would bring some fun into the challenge. *smile – there was no artistic thinking behind those images. *laughing. How was Scotland???? Welcome home.

  4. 🙂 Great picture for the container challenge!
    I do that too, although my pictures are a tad smaller. I’d never find the pair of shoes I’m looking for if I wouldn’t do that! 😉
    many hugs xo 🙂

    • Dia, I’m so much older than you … need big pictures and also all my boxes are under the hanging clothing, so it’s dark … I wouldn’t be able to store my shoes any other way neither. I know there is clear plastic boxes to buy for shoe storage, but they are so expensive. I rather spend those money on a flight somewhere. Many hugs back.

      • I have friends that visit Dubai every October for holiday – they just love it. I can image that it’s surreal to live there. Saw a very interesting BBC program about women, especially young independent women and their view on their society and their place in it. Also a program about the Pink Taxi

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