cee’s fun foto challenge: wood or season of spring

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson

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68 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge: wood or season of spring

    • Yes, the whole entrance gate into the yard of the beautiful building was paved with wood – must been there for 100 years. Can find any information about the wood. Very interesting. Beautiful to look at, wish I had been able to take a photo of the whole area.
      Yes, I thought I would lighten up the subject with … some bird sex. *smile – thanks for your visit and comment.

    • Thanks a million, Cee …. Spring is an easy season because of all the prettiness out there. Too long until the next time. Have a lovely weekend.

  1. You’ve been working on your flower names, Vivi 🙂 🙂
    They are so pretty but I think my favourite shot is the station at Landskrona.
    Hope you’re having a happy weekend. The rain here has been torrential but it’s nice in my little conservatory with a bowl of cherries. Sticky hugs!

    • The old station is now sold .. and they have plans to make a Galleria out of it .. so hopefully the old balcony will be all fixed up. I just love the building that has been empty for too long already.
      Cherries … can I have a few, please???!!!

  2. Well, thanks to you I am now also signed up for Soundcloiud in my Swedish grandmother’s name 🙂 ! Oh, loved your beautiful flowers as well as the Vivaldi!!!!

    • Good on you – there is a lot of fantastic music that has never been recorded to be found on Soundcloud, great talents.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment – first time I use Vivaldi for my spring images – just love that piece, but I like his winter more. Have a lovely day.

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    • Cee, thanks for the honor … I’m in very good company too. Thank you for keeping this fun challenge going.
      Time for get my head around summer and fire, like the combination. *smile

    • Marsha, I’m in very good company … I can see.
      I had a rough period … on an off – but I still have the head above the water.
      And how are you two ???

      • We are doing well. We just recovered from nasty colds which kept us down for TWO weeks! But I’m ready to be counted among the living again! 🙂

      • Wow, cold in the summer … isn’t great – take ages to get over it.
        How is the lovely soft man of yours doing ???? Out travelling still.

      • My lovely SOFT man??? V would have a cow! He prides himself on getting buff and tough! Or do I have another soft man I need to meet? Hehe. 😉

      • I meant you little … Casanova you have???? Your charming bear, trying to remember his name .. something that starts with M … right or wrong. !!! *smile

      • Ohhhhhhh that little softy! Manny! He’s loving life, but hating me right now. He’s been grounded for a couple of weeks since we’ve been sick, and when we went to HI, we never went anywhere to take pictures. He’s still bummed about that! 🙂

      • Manny, sorry – how could I forget …. he seem so be a softy with too much of an attitude *laughing. He is spoiled. *smile

      • Great word, travelaholic.- that makes two of us then.
        Going to Vienna in 2 weeks time … and Chicago/Las Vegas in September and I have booked my big one for next year .. April. Hong Kong and Japan. Just had enough of all the health problems .. they will still be here if I’m home or away. More fun to be away … *laughing

      • To HK and Japan I travel alone .. Vienna I will stay with friends and Chicago/Las Vegas I thave a great travlmate.
        Nobody can afford to join me to Japan.

      • I been to Japan when I worked aboard “the little red ship” – we took passengers from Nagasaki to Shanghai then to Hong Kong – then we did the opposite route.
        How I plan – I know what I want to see … and when. Then it goes over to airlines ticket and roughly what how long and when .. then I play around with dates until I get a good price and short flying time. Then I divide my days to the places I want to visit. Start off with 5 nights in Hong Kong, then I fly Tokyo (5 nights) – then I find out the best way to travel inside Japan – bullet trains … to last I book all tours I want to do in the different towns. 24 days will I be gone in total. I have to find out where I want to stay, in with area of the cites – not so difficult, when I know what I want to see.
        I check out what is cheapest to take taxi or private chauffeur between airports and hotels. Japan, taxi is very expensive and in Tokyo there is so long distance to their airports. Same HK. Goggle has all the information I need.
        As the last thing I book hotels. I even find out where the closest postoffice is to my hotel and how much a postcard postage will be, before I leave.
        If I have any blogging friends in the places I visit – I try to meet up with them. Like in Chicago .. I have two – Vienna one. Istanbul when I was there I had a wonderful time with my blogging sister, Nia.

      • This is wonderful, and would even make a great blog post! I found out this year that I am not super at traveling totally by myself. I went to Boston, and met Eunice, which was fun, but was sick for two whole days, and wasn’t in the least prepared. I hadn’t even booked my hotel room long enough, and I had to add on days in one of the in-between times of being very sick! Awful! 🙂 The rest of the time was fine, but I just hadn’t prepped enough. 🙂

      • Thanks, great idea … I will do so – have started, but there is so much information and with my Swenglish – I have try to make sense into the information I’m giving. Thanks for the idea. Maybe there will be something for somebody else. It’s the biggest trip I ever done on my own, most because of the language – travelling 30 days in US and Canada is not a problem because I understand the language and can read street signs. In Japan there isn’t that many that speaks English. There is so much information to take in about everything.
        I don’t mind travelling alone, because it gives me total freedom, but Japan is a true challenge. At least you have travelled on your own – to travel alone the homework must be done ..

      • You are so brave! What is the draw that makes you want to go to a place alone where you can’t understand the language? My first husband and I went to Greece once, and when we got off the boat, there were strange signs everywhere, and the names of streets they told us made any sense because we couldn’t read the letters to even try to figure out where we were going. We finally got a cab, and didn’t have change, nor did the driver. It was nearly impossible to pay and have him be on his way. If I’d been alone, it would have been totally impossible. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

      • Marsha, could be that I’m brave or stupid *smile It goes hand in hand at times.
        I think you would be okay .. if you had been alone, because there is something kicking in … when we end up in situations like that – and that is common sense.
        When we have to sort problems out on our own, we do it – maybe not with the result we wanted, but we solve it.
        My biggest worry is Japan, because I still think that their English aren’t that great. Could be wrong, things must have changed since I was there nearly 36 years ago. I’m sure I will be fine. Thank you for your support … have started on my “single female” travelling post. Thank you for the idea.

    • Me too …. but a couple of 1000 during the last 3 years.
      I understand that I have to take photos on everything I found interesting … and try to take photos from different angles.
      I take about 300 images per day when I’m away.
      Most I will never use or edit.
      Can’t wait to take Oscar out in Vienna.

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