one week i was in denmark twice – køge

morning sky

It was the same last year – with only a couple of days in between, I was spent a day in beautiful Denmark with a good friend and with the same friends this year. All 3 of us like Denmark.

This year I went to Køge with my blogging friend, Ann-Christine@Leya first – in the end of June. We only live about 1,5 hrs drive from each other – but still we only meet up when she has her summer break from being a teacher. 

Denmark is a very popular with us Swedes living here in the South – for a day trip and with the bridge it’s only matter of hours to reach a very pleasant Danish destination.

Ann-Christine is such lovely and pleasant company – and like me she works her camera to the maximum.

Køge is small medieval town south of Copenhagen, about 40 min train journey. Big as Landskrona, around 35ooo people lives in the town. A very picturesque and incredibly friendly town full of smiles – for more information; Visit Køge.

It’s a very pretty little down with colorful street houses with roses and hollyhocks decorating the front and grown just through the pavement. Køge’s oldest house is a timber-framed building from 1524. Like everywhere else in Denmark does the town have a very active culture life and same goes for restaurants.

There is a river flowing through the town (Køge river) The oldest house is a timber-framed building from 1524. When we walked along the river banks and looked at all the pretty houses (like fairy tale cottages) it just had rained.

Køge has a harbor for cargo vessels and a ferry route to Bornholm, a Danish Island between Sweden and Poland. And there also is miles of white fine sand beaches.

We had seen that the weather could be a bit unsteady with rain around lunch time, but we had a fantastic start on our visit. We enjoyed our breakfast pancakes in the morning sun. But after a couple of hours as we walked around on the small cobble stone streets the rain arrived just as predicted and we took shelter in a fashion shop and we both left with a bag

After the rain we decided to look for a place for lunch but as we walked back to main square haven just open up for full volume. We found a little alley with a very interesting cheese shop and the most wonderful flower shop. Neither of us had seen a shop like it.

Both Ann-Christine and me forgotten about the rain … we felt no pain and no rain. The girls in the shop invited us in and we were totally lost in beauty and bloom. We even forgot that we were hungry. It was hard to leave the shop – but the sun came out and hunger took over.

We found a funny restaurant that was a fusion with both Danish and Chinese dishes. We sat out in the most beautiful backyard and enjoyed our “smørrebrød”– the famous Danish open sandwiches. “Smørrebrød” means a very small slice of rye bread with loads of cold cuts on. In Denmark they decorate their sandwich with cress, I just love cress.

After our late lunch we both was in such great mood  in the sunshine, so when we saw a very special fashion shop we both dived in and came out 600 Dkr less on the bank account. *smile

Before returning to the station we walk along the river for a while and gave the harbor a quick visit.

At Københavns Hovedbanegård (Copenhagen Central Station) was it time to indulging ourselves with the most divine cake …. probably the best cake in the world …. the Kartoffelkage (means potato cake, but no potato even close).grand finale

It was Ann-Christine’s first date with a Kartoffelkage …. and they was so good that we missed two train connections with Sweden. You know what???? – they was worth it. *smile

Two days later did I spend a splendid day in Humlebæk with Iris, but that is another story and more images.

“Denmark is like a secret little place
with its own special language.”
Helena Christensen

28 thoughts on “one week i was in denmark twice – køge

  1. I love the peaceful feeling of Denmark, None of the skyscrapering hustle and bustle, Such a beautiful place captured by your camera. What a cool looking tree too 🙂

    • Denmark is very relaxed .. even in a city like Copenhagen – you never feel stressed – the only thing is to keep an eye on all the cyclists.
      For us Swedes (here in the South) living so close to Denmark it is a truly treat to visit and visit often. For people living around Stockholm it’s very exotic to visit Denmark.
      Have a lovely weekend now.

  2. 🙂 Everything looks so peaceful here and I bet you ladies chatted away and enjoyed each other’s company.
    Yummy, the Kartoffelkage looks super delicious! I could eat it NOW and with it a cup of black coffee 🙂
    Happy Saturday, my dear! xo 🙂

  3. Oscar and you have outdone yourselves with this glorious array of photos: in the middle of a cold winter here I especially adore all the flower ones . . . I have an idea work day will begin a bit later as I just have to scroll back and forth 🙂 ! I was able to come to Europe every year from Australia [and sometimes twice!!] for decades, together with my daughters once they were of school age. WE could choose a number of entry points of course, but for us it was always either Rome with QANTAS or Copenhagen with SAS 🙂 !The girls thought Copenhagen to be the ‘bestest place in the world’!!!!

    • Eha, Denmark is the happiest country in the world – at least this year .. and I can understand that your girls love Copenhagen. I lived and worked in CPH when I was in my 20th – and had a fantastic time, what I didn’t know about life at that age, CPH tought me. I wish you a pleasant weekend.

    • Denmark is a brilliant land .. and the Danes so happy and pleasant people. The Kartoffelkage is a MUST!!!! When I lived there I had one every day .. *smile – plenty of guilt, but even more pleasure. *smile

  4. My favourite kind of post, Vivi! A smorgesbord of goodies 🙂 You do this so well, with your beautiful wonky houses. I felt happy inside just wandering with you.
    And some day I really must have an introduction to that cake 🙂

  5. We really had a gorgeous day, Viveka! You are a master of making me remember…That cake, I swear I have never tasted another cake as lovely as this. Worth more than missing trains for…

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