weekly photo challange – relic



“Relics are treasured
as something close to the divine.”
Sarah Vowell

This week I start with a quote instead of finishing off with one – because it is so true about the relic I use for this week’s subject … The most famous of all relics – RMS Titanic. We are all taken by its destiny and all the lives that were lost.

I wonder if we ever will let it rest in peace. It has become divine – it will captivate people’s imagination for generation to come and it belongs to us all.

I don’t know how many of you know that Titanic was built in Belfast at the Harland & Wolff shipbuilding yard.

One hundred years after the birth of the world’s most famous ship, Titanic Belfast  has become a major new tourist attraction for Northern Ireland. And also made Belfast to one of the world’s 20 top destinations.

In 1908 two new giant slipways were built and the enormous Arrol Gantry erected to prepare for the construction of the largest ships in the world: Olympic & Titanic.

My images where taken in November last year, when I was back on my yearly visit to my old home town. I lived in Belfast for 10 years, moved back to Sweden in 2009 after 20 years in UK.

Why not join the challenge or at least check out all the other entries; Weekly Photo Challenge; Relic.

Of course there is only one cloud that can hang over this post – “Nearer My God to Thee”- thanks Marilyn for reminding me.


38 thoughts on “weekly photo challange – relic

  1. Very well done! Some trivia for you: As a young university faculty wife in the ’50s I was shocked to learn that widows of former faculty members were officially classified as “Relics”! Keep up the good work – you brighten my day.

    • Love this comment of yours, so funny … maybe they mad those remarks in a positive way – I like the read of that …. We are all a relic to somebody … I hope, someone that they treasure dearly and divine.

  2. Altho’ the ‘Titanic’ story has never created particular interest in me I think your collection of photos quite the best I have ever seen on the subject! A fantastic and creative spectrum I have perused with great interest!!

    • Eha, I love to read the all the different stories about the people aboard the vessel. There has been other tragedies at sea since then, and they are all so sad. Look at the Estonia, that sank 28 september 1994 between Tallinn and Stockholm – Total only 137 rescued out 989 people aboard. Both vessels destiny has today make our journeys at sea more safe.

      • Thank you for remembering that one! I suppose because it was a relatively short time ago and involved ‘my’ people, I DO remember it well . . . so close to land on a relatively small body of water [not the vast stormy Atlantic!] Remember all the money collections here to try and help the survivors just a tiny bit! A horrible toll of life!!!! Basically I am not a ‘ship’ person . . . feel uncomfortable on the high seas tho’ would love to do some river cruising . . . . thus also do not pay too much attention . . .tho’ the very sad Costa Concordia tale is at the moment on nightly news again!!

      • Costa Concordia, terrible accident too – all because of a stupid captain, that also was a coward.
        We had a terrible accident involving fire on a ferry, Scandinavian Star– where the captain jumped the ship first of all .. 179 people was killed, most of the children.

    • Yes, all over the world – but I think Belfast has birth-right. *smile and they have done a fantastic job with it.
      I love to read the stories … that has been told about the people aboard, not only the passengers. I wasn’t too keen about the movie, but the soundtrack is fantastic. Have not changed it to “Nearer to My God to Thee” – Marilyn reminded me about it.

  3. The Titanic had two a twin sister ships — the Olympic and the Brittania. The Brittania also sank after hitting a mine. Every time I hear “Nearer My God to Thee,” I think “Oh, right. They sang that while the Titanic was sinking.” Very evocative post.

      • Vivi, I do not know whether you are Lutheran . . . . I was born one [slowly turned Buddhist some two decades ago] and ‘Nearer My God to Thee’ is the official ‘anthem’ of the Estonian Lutheran Church: sung rarely at the most important services. It always dives me goosebumps: childhood conditioning I suppose!!

      • Hymn 319 in our book of hymns – and Lutheran is our religion, but I agree with you that Buddhism is the only religion that truly makes sense. I’m not a believer as such … I believe in the people that here and now make a difference to others and our planet, big and small actions.

      • Came back for a few moments of work waiting for Tour de France to begin Down Under real time at 10 pm – and fully listened to the ‘Piano Guys’ version of ‘Nearer . . .’ – have to go find out more: somewhat disturbing in its intensity but I very much like it!

      • The Piano Guys I listen quite often to, they started off on YouTube and made themselves famous and now they are world renowned. They have even arranged music to big box office movies. They have now done some albums too. Terrific musicians.

  4. 🙂 Your entry couldn’t be more perfect for this week’s photo challenge! I went to the Titanic exhibition in Hamburg many years ago and had goose bumps the entire time. I think it’s the remaining mysteries that get us all hooked on the Titanic.
    HAPPY Sunday, dear friend 🙂 xo

    • I totally agree with you … there is a special aura over the whole Titanic thing – and it will be many more stories told and we will find out a lot more and more stories will be added.
      Away again this weekend with friends, had a soaking wet Sunday so fare – but we have been out for lunch, eating walleye and perch. And the most fantastic dessert at a very small and nearly simple restaurant – just fantastic and now the sun is showing its face … for the evening.
      I wish you a pleasant evening, Dia.

  5. You know Belfast so well, Vivi. This is a fabulous fit for the challenge. Many of the photos are so sad, I can hardly bare to look. Beautifully done, my friend. I love everything about it 🙂
    Blogging will be difficult now you’re home again? Or has the internet connection been properly restored? Hope you’re feeling better, Vivi. Today is bright and beautiful here. I’ve been working hard since 5am but am now going to sit in my garden a while. Hugs, sweetheart!

    • Good Morning, Dearest.
      Not home yet, became ill during the night – so I will wait until early this evening before returning home.
      My internet connection was fixed on Thursday, so one problem less … *smile. We had a soaking wet Monday, but today it seems to stay dry. Lovely weather is promised for the weekend again.
      What have you been doing since 5am … have a delightful Tuesday. After breakfast hugs …

  6. Great one for the challenge. My daughter and I watched the movie 20 times when she was young. I have been fascinated ever since. Perfect choice of music as ever.
    I hope you are doing well ! ♥

    • Thank you .. for your faithful support! I have been under the weather this week, because of my side effects – but time for me to crawl out from under the blanket. We have fantastic weather again … summer is back in its glory.

      • Have been sitting a bit too much now .. so my bad ass is playing up. Time to do some ironing out the balcony in the lovely sunny weather. *smile
        Have played enough for now. *smile

    • Good Morning, Girlfriend! I have felt under the weather this week, about time that I get my act together.
      Haven’t felt for doing anything for days now. I think the medicine has some part in it.
      I hope of all my heart that you have the same fantastic summer as I have – gorgeous. Thanks for keeping an eye on me.

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