postcard from sweden: l stand for löjrom

my postcard stamp - text L stands for Löjrom – in brackish waters we find the red gold löjrom korn I’m talking about – Kalix Löjrom – one of the most delicious thing about Sweden.

“One of nature’s most improbable strokes of luck. From Haparanda’s northern islands to just south of Piteå, the enormous flow of fresh water from the mighty rivers of Swedish Lapland has created the world’s largest brackish water archipelago. Here, and only here, do vendace provide the exclusive, deep reddish-gold caviar, Kalixlöjrom, the red gold of the Gulf of Bothnia.” (text  from; Kalixlöjrom)

Today to the price of £187/$311/€226/2010SEK per kilo. löjrom fishing - expressen se In English löjrom is called bleak, vendace or whitefish roe, in latin; Coregonus albula. Not to be confused with lumpfish roe, which only comes to 1/20 of the price of what Kalix löjrom costs.

The roe harvest normally starts late September and continues until the vendace are ready for spawning around late October. Fish roe is squeezed from the females and rinsed, cleaned, dried, salted and frozen before it can be served as the delicacy it is considered.loejromsfiske - norrkustfiske se Because of the demand of löjrom in Sweden and most because of the price – we have since 20 years back started to imported from US – that is sold for 1/2 of the price and more affordable to everyone. There is a difference in the quality, but quite good. The imported löjrom “corns” are slightly bigger and the color is more yellow than red orange.

There is been fakes kicking around over here that has claimed it’s caviar from Kalix. All resulted in heavy fines.

For various reasons the roe has a more orange or red color than most vendace roe and the grains have a mild taste. Kalix Löjrom is often served at royal dinners and it is common on the Nobel prize banquets. Kalix Löjrom means literally “Kalix vendace roe”. It is marketed as “Caviar of Kalix”. Caviar_of_Kalix - dalmato99 Since 2010 it has a status of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) issued by the European Union, and is the only Swedish product with the PDO status.

Most traditional way to serve it is with toast, finely chopped red onion and crème fraîche. If I eat löjrom on toast I also have a raw egg yolk with it.

Personal I prefer it in a baked potato with the same ingredients – then without the yolk. Even if it’s so expensive I treat myself same times to it. Fantastic on top of a “Beef Tatar” – the Danish way to serve it. löjrom - bdfisk se Have eaten Russian Caviar twice, but I wasn’t too taken by it. A bit too hard and salty for me. Still its a special feeling when being offered it and of course it’s always  served with free and chilled champagne – so it dosen’t hurt while eating it.

No!!!!  Give me Kalix löjrom anytime  … with or without the champagne.

“Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar;
never spread it about like marmalade.”
Noel Coward

löjrom As cloud for this postcard I just can’t use any other song then this – there is no Swedish song that can match this, because Löjrom is one of my favorite things.

Images provided by and thanks to; dalmato992/korn4

24 thoughts on “postcard from sweden: l stand for löjrom

    • Funny I thought the same thing when I was doing the post – but I think they use if to make fish flour or pickle them. They wouldn’t be able to waste the fish by law here in Sweden.

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