quick fix …. garlic herb chicken breast

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About a year ago I landed on this recipe at Joanne and Adam@inspired taste– and I have done the recipe a couple of times now – easy and very summery plus healthy. You find their recipe here; Lemony Chicken Breast Recipe with Cucumber Feta Salad

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I haven’t changed anything as such to recipe before, but a couple of weeks ago when I as budget shopping at NETTO I found a new interesting new product; frozen garlic herb marinade uncooked chicken breasts and I just had to try it out.

Great price and the breast looked to be a good size. The breast was single packed and 3 to the pack. A Danish product, will buy it again if they still have it in stock, could be one off product.lemon chicken breastchicken breast

So this time I didn’t do anything to the chicken breast more than defrost and cook.

To the salad is so delicious in itself, but I added sliced radishes, and black olives, leftovers that I needed to use up – plus red onion. And of course I used frozen dill instead of fresh, *smile The lemon zest I soak quickly in hot water to get some of the tartness out.chicken page 1

As Joanne and Adam say – it only take me 20-30 min in total to do this dish from scratch.

The chicken breast I first grilled to get a nice golden finish about 5 min on each side, the breast was quite big. After that I put it in oven for about 15 min under cover at 180C/350F.

I don’t really like to completly pan-fry whole chicken breasts because they get a bit dry. In the oven under cover they stay nicely moist and pumb. Plus I squeezed the lemon juice over the breast when I had taken it out from the oven and still warm.

chicken page 2

After a day with very dramatic sky and thunder, no rain … I enjoyed this dish out on my balcony 7.30pm with +27C and in gorgeous evening sun.

“Keep your face to the sunshine
and you cannot see a shadow.”
Helen Keller

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28 thoughts on “quick fix …. garlic herb chicken breast

    • Lulu, I eat a lot of chicken – I fear that one day I will wake up cover in feathers. *smile
      As you say it’s so versatile. Plus its quick to prepare too. Thanks for the visit.

    • Thanks, boyfriend. It’s a great summer dish – light and quick. We had 5 amazing days full of summer … can get use to this.
      The spring was fantastic and warm, but the summer has been a bit iffy and temperamental.

    • Bebs, dill you can use to nearly everything except beef. We wouldn’t survive over here if we didn’t have dill.
      It’s a truly great dish and quick. Full of summer. Thanks, Bebs.

    • Thanks, Karen … I can image that mint goes excellent with this salad and the chicken.
      We over here … is mad about dill.
      I hope that you have the summer too!!! Have a lovely week.

  1. Oh you would not believe it – I am having steamed marinated chicken legs with a salad very like it in about 15 mins for lunch!!! Yours is a lovely simple tasty recipe but I would classically use the more moist boned thighs 🙂 ! Do it your way, or, if I have used a flavourful dry rub or marinade: steamed – so healthy, soft and moist!! And am not used to dill any more Down Under: not that we don’t use it but nowhere on the scale of N Europe! Must do it this way . . .

    • Steamed chicken, never done it – but I have done poached chicken breast. Steaming is very healthy. Chicken has always been popular up here, but have just now reached restaurant menus – 10 years ago, chicken wasn’t that common as main course on restaurants except for lunch, but today every menu has a chicken dish. Chicken is quite expensive in Sweden, fresh …
      Dill what would Scandinavia do without dill. *smile

      • Well, you DO know I largely learned/evolved these recipes for the sake of healthy eating whilst still having flavourful meals 🙂 ! I often steam chicken: I can take the fatty skin off, put the pieces in a strong flavoured marinade or dryrub them the night before and put them in a steamer with pieces of sweet potato, whole pearl onions and other sweet root vegetables. Make a tasty salsa to go with the dish and absolutely love it. I steam over 60% of my vegetables, most of the fish I eat and a whole lot else: very pure flavours 😀 !!!

      • I love a crisp chicken skin …. Yummy!
        You’re very good to yourself – I can see and that is a fantastic thing – but I like pan grilled, don’t need a lot of fat and I nearly never deep fry anything.
        Sweet potatoes I eat baked with crispy bacon and creme fraiche mixed with sweet chili sauce – so good … for soul, heart and stomach.

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