one word photo challenge: maroon

Maroon, isn’t the easiest color – but I have used something old, some new and some borrowed objects for my gallery.

In the gallery you find my one of my absolute favorite fragrance that I have a few drops left off, Modigliani – my bottle neck image of my wine rack, my friends checked tea towel and a maroon flower that caught my eye at the most beautiful florist shop in Køge, Denmark, “Da Capo & Co” – and in Køge you also will find this pretty little maroon street house (as we call them) with the most gorgeous crème colored hollyhocks in the front.

 “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”
Ansel Adams

Why not join the challenge or at least check out all the other entries.

  • To participate: Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge: Maroon” i.e. for the first week’s challenge your post would be called “One Word Photo Challenge: Magenta”
  • Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme

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Of course it has to be the Maroon5 that provided the cloud for this post and I have chosen their brillant hit, “Moves Like Mike Jagger”


39 thoughts on “one word photo challenge: maroon

  1. Love your little street house, Vivi, and that pretty maroon flower. I like the word maroon, too. It’s kind of old-fashioned and you know I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl.

    Any news about the apartment? 🙂

    • Apartment??? Now I’m lost.

      I really like Maroon too – such a beautiful color. It comes from chestnut. That streethouse was just stunning, but it was hard to capture it’s true beauty … the whole town of Köge is a candy shop for an old woman with a camera. *smile

      • Okay, no it’s my storage unit that is intact – but badly covered in soot. My apartment has been fine all the time, didn’t get any smoke in at all … only smoke smell.

      • Jo, I’m in Simrishamn – mum’s pretty town – until Tuesday, I will going up to Gothenburg for a couple of days in the end of the month – then to Vienna, 7th of August. Chicago and Las Vegas in early September. I feel a bit uneasy with the whole thing about arson – what will they do next – put something burring through somebodies letterbox.

      • Do they have any suspects, Vivi? I hadn’t associated Sweden with this kind of violence, but I don’t suppose you did either, until this happened.

      • Jo, we have the same problems like anywhere else in the world, but maybe in a smaller scale – because we are only 9,5 million.
        There are stupid and sick people everywhere. I really hope they will find the guilty ones. I think it was more than one and a neighbor heard people in the basement just after 1am. I wish he had gone down and checked who it was that made the noise. But fire is only something that happens to others; just like cancer … it shows how vulnerable we all are. Nobody is safe really.

      • Yes, fire and ocean should be handle with great rescept – both extreamly forceful. I enjoy my sing back pocket company yesterday. Today we have another day of Swedish summer at its best. Can get use to this. Swedish summer … hug.

  2. Forgot to say- I love that track 🙂 We warm up to it at zumba. I didn’t make it this morning. I set off too late and then was captivated by puddles and rain on flower shots that made me even later!

    • I like this track too …. and we use it too at our Zumba classes. Wow, you’re my kind of girl that let the camera come in the way for the Zumba.
      I hope we will see the results! Have a lovely Sunday.
      We had full blast summer for 3 days now. LOOOoOoOve it.

      • Woo-hoo! Sunshine 🙂 Ours comes and goes!
        I’m busy writing my Monday walk but soon I will have to go and do the boring stuff. Sunday hug, Vivi!

      • I will come and visit you later. Going to have brunch on a sailboat today, but not out at sea.
        Have a lovely Sunday … and an “ease borring” hug comeing your wayl

      • Jo, you’re already in it. *smile – A friend of mine has been working for 2 years on a boat that was given to him – it was a wreck. I will bring Oscar with me.

    • Jennifer, a very difficult color to define – Köge was full of cute street houses – in the most beautiful colors. It is like a candy shop for a camera.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

    • Thanks, Colleen – I wish I knew the name of the flower – it’s truly beautiful, forgotten to ask the girls in the shop.
      Have a lovely Sunday now, Colleen.

    • Yes, very hard color to define – thank you so much for your kind and supportive comment.
      Marilyn, it is a brown-redish shade – there is 3 maroon shades and a dark red classed in the same group. Also I took the photos that had the clour closest to Jennifer’s color palette. Maroon comes from chestnut.

  3. The pictures are beautiful, especially that beautiful house and the flower at the Danish florist’s! I would have called this more of a dark burgundy: to me ‘maroon’ has a wee bit more brown in it . . . but that is me . . . hope you’ll have a good Sunday 🙂 !

    • Thank you for your lovely comment – I went to Google for help and what I understand is Dark Red in the moroon group too. But moroon comes from chestnut, which is brownredish.
      Anyhow I think I’m very close to Moroon, it is only a photo challenge;
      Maroon, Maroon (Crayola), Maroon (X11), Dark Red is classed in the same group.

      • Does not matter at all when the views are so lovely!! You have an interesting summer ahead: I did not know about the Vienna trip before you leave for the US . . .great!!

      • Yes, I have friends in Vienna plus I’m going to meet one of my blogging sisters there too.
        Beautiful city. 5 days I will be there, last time I visit was 2009 – just before I found out I had cancer.
        So looking forward to it.

    • Sylvia, the street house was in all colors – the whole town was like a candy shop for Oscar, Leya and me … This and their golden yellow house color is my favorite. Denmark is such a great country. – we Swedes love to visit our neighbors.

  4. The street house from Denmark! A lovely trip – and your lovely tribute. I haven’t even sorted out the photos yet…Summer busy…

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