felt no rain or pain – lost is colors and beauty

alley Last week when Ann-Christine@LEYA and I did a daytrip to Köge, Denmark – about 1,5 hrs train journey from Landskrona, we got the most mix day weather wise – and during a heavy rain session we found a little alley way and there was “Da Capo & Co” and we were lost in indulgence of color and beauty. We didn’t feel rain or pain. The two girls in the shop, also owners of the shop, invited us in. Here is Oscar’s and my borrowed moment.

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.”
Lady Bird Johnson

Click to play this Smilebox photo album
Play the video in full screen – to zoom out the imagesjust click on them. Enjoy!!!



29 thoughts on “felt no rain or pain – lost is colors and beauty

    • Thanks, a pity that the video didn’t work for you. It’s was the most beautiful florist shop I ever been into – but my images are not doing it complete justice.
      Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks, Bebs – It save space on the liberty here also. Very nice concept and fun to work with.
      We had a great day …. Ann-Christine, Oscar and me.
      Have a lovely weekend now.

    • Thank you so much! With using Smilebook for a lot of images means that you will save space on you WP media liberty. Because you don’t download any images, they lay with Smilebook. I love using the concept and they have so many layouts to work with.

    • Madhu, thank you … for you faithful support – fun to make and space saving way to show a bigger gallery on.
      Flowers is such thankful objects .. because the beauty is already there. Oscar and I love beauty. *smile

  1. I am so happy you found this unexpected pocket of beauty and shared it with us . . . I had never seen this mode of presentation and so enjoyed your and Oscar’s ‘work’ which I am certain was pure joy!! Yes, flowers can make my day also!!

    • Eha, thank you …. Smilebox I have used a couple of times before – always for my Christmas and New Year regards, fun to work with and easy. Plus it save space in the media liberty – because the images lays with smilebox out in the space somewhere – I used for my spring flower collection early this year too. They have so many designs to choose from – anything from one card to 400. You email, post or burn them on to DVD or print them.

  2. So funny! (if you saw my last comment to you on Maroon) I was looking at beautiful hydrangeas just like that one 🙂 Gorgeous display, Vivi. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jo, thanks for being have a mind and eye that is easy pleased – and that loves beauty. Love it. I have never seen a shop like that in my life – not on dry leaf or tired looking flowers and there was thousands. Just amazing.

    • Never been to a flower shop like this before and they are not expensive neithter. Some plants 50% cheaper than over here in Sweden.
      Oscar is a brilliant travel mate. Thanks, Sylvia. What a dull world we would have if we didn’t have the flowers to enjoy.

    • Using Smilebox – for large galleries – is perfect … it save you space in the media library – the images lays with Smilebox instead. Fun and easy to work with – and loads of designs to choose from. Have used them for my Christmas & New Year regards here on WP. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, again.

  3. Viveka! Those flowers will never be forgotten – a marvellous show and we really did forget everything…I was ravenously hungry – but suddenly it was all gone. Soaked up in all the beauty around us…Thank you for a great display with Smile Box!

    • A-C, thanks for your kind comment. Yes, it was a fantastic day we had – and this shop was the “cream on the mash”. Looking forward to see your images. Also very busy with the summer, doing nothing – in Simrishamn just now. Back in Landskrona tomorrow.

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