hot wake up call

This morning I was woken by up my door bell just after 4am – when I check through the door eye who it was I saw a very handsome tall firefighter. I had smelled some smoke so soon as I open up my eyes.

My God!
He told me to get dressed and then leave the building.FROM ABOVE

There was no smoke as such in the stairway, but what I understand that around 3am there was no sight at all for smoke  – but the smell of fire was very strong. Was sent together my next door neighbors to a school down the block. Outside on the street was it full action with 3 fire engines, police and ambulance, emergency crew everywhere.

At the school we were all ticked by a police man – there was representatives from insurance company, support groups, ambulance service, fire brigade and our landlord. We got information about what had happen, what was going on and what was going to happen.SERIOUS TALK

We informed that the fire was under control, but not totally out. It had spread during the whole basement and their biggest worries were the garage and all the cars. Somebody had been to gym in the middle of the night and came home around 2pm and was met by smoke in the entrance, so he was the one that made the 112 call.

No damage to any of the apartments on the ground flour, but basement with all our storage units and laundry rooms all gone.

In Sweden emergency services are not allowed to use sirens after 10pm – if it’s not server emergency. So that was why most of us hadn’t woken up when the fire brigades arrived.

They didn’t know what has caused the fire yet – and it will take days of investigation before we are allowed to go down in the basement.

After a couple of hours we were allowed back into our homes. Our landlord and insurance representatives checked out every apartment to check the smoke damage. My apartment was fine, but the one above me had some damage and 6 apartments on the ground floor.

The scary thing was that none of the fire alarms worked in the ground floor apartments and they had smoke along ceiling. That’s not good for the landlord and they were changed last yearDANGER OVER

Still no electricity in the two next door entrances – but our entrance has. No TV, phone or internet in the whole building. Had to contact my old mobile internet provider, glad I kept the hub and they helped me out, even if it took 2 hours.

What would have happen if our neighbor hadn’t come home in the middle of the night from the gym??? Because the fire didn’t at that time show on the outside of the building.

So all my stuff … my nice suitcases and my favorite Paul Smith cabin bag, is all history. But I don’t care – only stuff that can be replaced. The good thing is that we will get brand new laundry rooms, but god knows when. Glad I have loads of knickers in my draws.

I hope that it is not arson – because that will make the house feel very unsafe, because with our new key system it must be somebody that lives in the building or somebody has provided a none recident with keys.

On the backyard the kids are now playing like nothing has happen – in the street there is one fire support engine left and a terrible smell in the stairways. Everybody is back into their apartments what I understand. But we are not allowed to use the lift yet.

So lucky – it could have ended so much worst for many of us or in worst case, all of us. Only the thought of losing everything in a fire – daunting, but after all it’s just things.

I must give credit to all emergency services and support for that everything was very well organized and no panic what so every, all was very professional handle – but of course the issue with the none function fire alarms is scary.

“I can think of no more stirring symbol
of man’s humanity to man than a fire engine.”
Kurt Vonnegut


85 thoughts on “hot wake up call

  1. I’m happy that you’re alright and your home is intact Viveka but tickled by police and handsome fireman? you sure kept your mind off the fire huh 😛

      • There aren’t any carpets in the basement only concrete flooring – but I think it’s the system they use to get the smoke out for the basement that makes smell travel up the stairways.

    • Yes, it feels a bit uncomfortable and will take a while before the house is back to normal. Big damages in the basement.
      Everyone has gone home now – but the smoke smell has increased by day. Terrible smell and it ends up on the tongue somehow.

      • Should you be checking out whether the smoke smell should be getting worse? I guess it probably will linger for a while?..

      • Fire brigades left 1hr ago – they nearly been here for 12 hours, so fire is all sorted, The have left some kind of plastic tunnels for the smoke to be ventilated out through and I think maybe that is what cause the stronger smell in the building, because the doors from the basement are all open now.

  2. First things first: you are unharmed! 2nd: I’m glad your apartment is also OK. The rest, as you say, can be replaced. But it was only the luck of the resident who came in at 2 a.m. You all had no idea how vulnerable you were. Very Scary! The owner has serious repairs and upgrades to make before you will be truly safe. I hope he gets to it all quickly!

    • Yes, it will take a time before the house is back to normal – but I’m looking forward to the new laundry rooms *smile
      It’s so easily happen, especially a fire. We are so lucky over the young man that goes to the gym in the middle of the night.

    • In all honesty it wasn’t that scary at the time, but now afterwards when there has been time to think. It has sank in how close it really was.
      Thank you so much for your kindness.

    • I slept well during the night – but the whole thing had made me mental tired too.
      Don’t know how big the damage is in the basement – but no damage to any aparments.
      We are so lucky.

  3. How scary Viveka! To think of the “what ifs” is pretty horrible. I’m so relieved you and your fellow neighbors are okay. And I hope it was not arson. Thank you for being safe!!!

    • Colleen, yes “what if” – we are so luck – but it seems like the old house’s fire walls, ceiling and doors worked fine. Everybody could return to their homes .. and we have all electricity – and with no TV and internet we all have to spend time with our family members and neighbors – a good thing.

    • Angeline, thank you so much for your concern – I feel a bit unsettled today, because they are now talking about arson. Stuff can be replayed with other stuff very quickly. I’m going to buy a new red Samsonite bag on Wednesday. *smile – it will take months before we have new storage units.

  4. Everyone in the building is very lucky that someone came home so very late and noticed the smoke. When I was a young girl our apartment was engulfed in smoke when my mother left a pot of soup on the stove. We were all asleep and only woke up because our neighbour, who happened to be a fireman, broke open the door and rescued all of us from our beds. So glad to hear that your situation wasn’t worse.

    • Yes, what would be without our everyday heroes? Our neighbor is for Syria; he doesn’t speak Swedish – but English and Danish.
      It’s so easily happen – just like your mother .. to forget a pot on the stove or PC left on too long. TV can explode too. We are very luck, it could have ended so much worst – but the house firewalls, ceilings and doors seems to work fine.
      There is now words against words regarding the alarms, because the landlord is now saying that there hasn’t been smoke in any of the ground floor apartments, because there aren’t any apartments with smoke traces – and alarm don’t react on smell.

    • Thanks Madhu, all the smell is gone now – haven’t been in the basement yet … not interested to see the damage, especially now they talk about arson. The landlord is going to handout claim forms and more information. Don’t watch much TV, but I miss it now when we don’t have any. Funny!!!!

  5. What a terrifying experience. I am so glad you are safe!

    Are the smoke alarms battery operated or electric? You say there’s no electricity – maybe the fire cut through the wires. And that’s an even scarier thought.

    I really am glad you are safe. x

    • Linda, I don’t know what kind of fire alarms we have – they are changed completely every year. But the landlord claims that there has been no smoke in any of the ground flats, because there are no smoke traces. The fire walls, doors and ceiling worked as they should. But if the fire had spread to the garage there had been massive problems. Wasn’t scared yesterday – we were all in safe hands, but now they are talking about arson. My entrance had electricity – but the other two hadn’t – they fixed it very quickly yesterday. But still no TV, phone or internet. We are lucky, it could have been a lot worst if the young man hadn’t come home at the time he did.

    • Thanks for your concern … smell gone today – and the investigators are working today. It looks like arson – not nice. Everything else is fine.

  6. Thank God for the late returning neighbour!! Surely there must have been smoke alarms in the basement!! Ours are battery-driven and the batteries are checked/changed every six months or so! And I live in a single story cottage [gated Village] with only four rooms + kitchen etc, front and back doors and door to garage!! Easy to bash window in also and just step out!!! You don’t!!! Yes, like the others I too am very happy that you and your apartment are OK, but still sorry you have lost all the things in your store room!! Our alarms are used throughout the night . . . but I must admit your services move a lot faster than ours: that at least must give a safer feeling!! Big hug and hope the smoke is dissipating 🙂 !

    • They wouldn’t heard the alarms in the basement up in the apartments above – but the landlord now claims there couldn’t been any smoke in the apartments because there is no smoke traces, smoke leaves black marks. So it’s word against word.
      In Sweden they don’t use the sirens because it create more stress to the situation and it also make more attention to the whole thing, so less people in the way for them to do their work and during night there is very little traffic.
      I think it’s okay and it works fine with the system they are using. No smell today in the stairways – but still any TV, telephone or internet. The smoke was gone when I left the building for the information meeting. It’s the smell that has bothered us yesterday afternoon. Somebody has been down in the basement – just poked their head in and nothing there. So tomorrow I will buy a new Samsonite red bag. *smile

      • Love your positive attitude! And hope you find that Samsonite red bag!!! Hope all the practical facilities get sorted out also . . . but all smoke does not leave black marks, Vivi . . . depends what causes it! Am certain you all did smell it and it isn’t good for your lungs, let’s face it! Anyways, all’s well that ends well, if the weather is fine, you and Oscar should go for a walk and do breathing exercises 🙂 !!

      • I don’t know … it’s words against words about the fire alarms and the smoke, My apartment didn’t have any smoke.
        Been in contact with the insurance company today, so they will be sending all forms and papers. But the arson thing make me feel a bit … unpleasant, but that will go away. Tomorrow Oscar and I are going to Denmark again. Full day out again.

  7. Fire is very scary. Lucky for everyone your neighbor made that call when he did! We’ve had two fires here, both caught quickly with little damage … but still scary. Glad it was not worse! I see you remembered to bring your camera 😉

    • Marilyn, we are very luck – because there isn’t much traffic on our street during the night, so the young man that returned from the gym did us a hug favor. All the fire engines was just outside my door and most photos are taken from my apartment, didn’t want to be in their way with taken too many shots. It looks like arson too, so that is really tough to handle that somebody started this fire.

  8. Glad both you and your apartment were OK. Luckily we have a laundry room on every floor and our storage is right next to our apartment. Maybe it was the laundry machines or their wiring which caught fire. Must have been very frightening in the middle of the night.

    • Thanks, Jo! They say today that it’s arson. There is no natural cause for the fire to start where it did. This is very unpleasant news. Been in contact with the insurance company today. There was no smoke or visible fire when I left the building for the information meeting and I don’t think there was any danger for any of us … because then they had tried hard to wake me up.
      We are so lucky – but that somebody have done this on purpose is terrible.

  9. Oh dear Viveka, I am so sorry to hear this fire but I am happy you are fine and everything is fine too. I can’t imagine if the neighbour didn’t come home and call them!!!!! God saved you all. Love, nia

    • Nia, we are so so luck that he came back as he did. If he hadn’t been to the gym .. I think we hadn’t been where we all are today, in our homes. But that it’s called as arson, isn’t a great feeling … very unpleasant.

    • Lori, thank you so much .. things are okay – my storage too, but it needs a good sanitizing by experts – everything smells and everything is covered with soot.

    • It wasn’t that scary when it all happen, but now when it has sank it. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and now when the talk about arson, not great at all. We are all safe and so is our homes. We were so lucky.

    • Yes, this is the second time I been rescued by handsome firemen. One time in a cherry picker, when we had problems with getting people of the vessel/craft because we had a lorry hanging out from the back. Very nice. *smile – There is something very special about firemen. *smile

  10. Being woken in the early hours of the morning by a tall, handsome firefighter, would be a very nice dream, but not in those circumstances. 😉 I’m so happy that you and your apartment are safe, Viveka. Thank goodness that the gym goer came back in time to raise the alarm; something to be forever grateful for. I hope your laundry gets fixed before the contents of your knicker drawer gets too depleted. 🙂 xx

    • The engineer has been down working the whole day at one of the laundry rooms, I suppose they will wash walls and ceilings too – because everything is black.
      Poor man working down in the that acrid odor.
      My storage is intact, but smoked damage and cover in thick soot.
      But they are now sure it was arson – not a great feeling and I feel a bit uncomfortable over that – going away over the weekend.
      There is knickers to buy … so I’m okay laundry wise so far. Sure it will be up and running by next week.

      • I had a quick look yesterday – the laundry rooms are totally stripped – and all water pipes for the whole building has to be isolated again. Massive job ahead.
        How can anyone be so stupid to start a fire in the house where they maybe live in or know somebody that lives there. So upset.

      • Terrible, I’m very uncomfortable about the whole thing since they mention arson. I suppose it will fade away with time.
        Some people has really sick minds.

  11. Oh my God, Vivi! I haven’t been here in a day or so, thought to myself ‘Viveka time’ and now this! It’s unbelievably scary! So glad that you are ok. My heart is still going bumpity just from reading this. Hugs are just not enough! (maybe I should send knickers) 🙂 🙂 Much love.

    • Thanks, I’m okay with knickers and I will visit a friend next weekend, so I will do some laundry then. The poor engineer has been working on one of the laundry rooms today – in that terrible smell. Poor man.
      But it’s they said in the newspaper that they think it is arson. Not a great feeling, made my very uncomfortable yesterday and I will visit friends this weekend. Going tomorrow, back on Tuesday.

      • The person or the persons that has done this must live in the building or got keys from somebody that lives here.
        I will be connected during my weekend away, my friends has wifi in their home. Have you got your laptop fixed yet??? See you soon hug …

      • New battery and cable and it’s behaving again. Phew! Camera still a bit naughty, but I’m STILL grateful for small mercies. 🙂 Technology! Pah!

      • Sorry, about your camera – they don’t last forever – like everything else we buy those days.
        Technology hug …. *smile

    • Thank you!!!!!! All my stuff in the storage unit has survived, but server smoke damaged – so the insurance company is now looking into what can be saved and cleaned. My beautiful French suitcases … *crying. *smile
      And they are all talking abour arson.

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