one word photo challenge: gold

My gallery – is from yesterday –  had a golden day in Køge, Denmark, together with my blogging sister Ann-Christine@Leya – a day with a bit of everything. A stunning little town 40 min by train from Copenhagen.

köge river house

In Denmark is it quite common to use a very special golden shade of house paint – both on old and new houses. A fantastic color. Køge have house that goes back to 1500’s and still used as private homes.

Even if we spent nearly a full  hour in the most wonderful flower shop,”Da Capo”, taking images   – I haven’t managed to get one image of a golden flower … not even a rose. golden bike

The Danes love their bikes, there is bikes everywhere and they are very colorful, this was our favorite. I want one too.

A day in Denmark means good food, both at our breakfast and late lunch I found some gold. We had golden pancakes with banan cream for breakfast. At lunch we got some golden deep fried onion on our  Danish open roastbeef sandwiches, smørrebrød

And we spent a little too much gold too – more than we should had … spent some Danish Krone. Spent it on clothing. Wasn’t meant to be … but it happen, we blame the rain. IMG_6343

Even if our day had some mixed weather – my evening was pure gold. Image taken while waiting on my bus at Landskrona station around 8.30pm.

Thanks Ann-Christine for the golden memories. 

golden evening

“Pure gold does not fear furnace”
Chinese Proverb


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40 thoughts on “one word photo challenge: gold

  1. My favorite, favorite color on the interior or the exterior! Lovely post. Your music is not automatically playing and neither is mine,….. I wonder what going on at Sound Cloud….

    • Sylvia, thanks for your sweet comment – yes, we had great day – we had two days last year too .. she is so busy when the schools are on, so we have to have our “date” now when she is off duty. *smiel
      Beautiful little town with houses since the Middleage. So colorful and pretty.

    • That shot was pure luck .. I stood and watch the sun and sky turn into gold – but was irritated over the two lamp post – but finally I took the camera from my bag and the bus was coming. So rush … rush. Very effective with the lamps in the image, I think *smile

    • I love that bike to … the color is stunning – we talked to the man that lived in house … it was his wife’s bike.
      So pleased with the last image too … I just put Oscar straight into the sun and he did a magical job again *smile

  2. 🙂 Gold – what a wonderful color and so are your pictures once again. Looks like you ladies had a golden day and enjoyed each other’s company and all that went with it 🙂 xo

  3. Come on Vivi – if you were ‘naughty’ – DO tell us what you bought so we can go ‘uuh’ and’ aah’ and ‘lucky duck’ 🙂 !

      • The dress sounds both intriguing and gorgeous – just cannot imagine bamboo being soft 🙂 ! But DO believe you 😀 !!!!

      • We have had socks made of bamboo for a couple of years now – so warm in the winter. I don’t feel that I have the dress on. Desgin by “Two Danes”

    • ‘Ooh! Aah!’ – Looked up ‘Two Danes’ for ten seconds, stayed ‘shopping’ for ten minutes 🙂 ! My Northern background shows ’cause absolutely loved both styles and those wonderful quiet colours!! Not badly priced: wish post was not so expensive – I would get some of those tops myself!!!!!!

      • Lovely stuff, tried to order .. but they don’t do postage outside Denmark from their website.
        Wanted a raspberry colored dress .. they are so lovely, you don’t feel that you have their dresses on.
        Lovely – Lovely.

  4. simply magnifique… I’ve been to DK twice and a couple of friends have just returned from Denmark where they spent 2 weeks at their friends’ farm… pure delight! 🙂

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    • Uru, thanks for your lovely comment … gold, plenty around .. think about all the golden moments we all have at times.
      Plenty gold … around us to just enjoy and grab. *smile

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    • The city of Gold …. I think we can find that anywhere, it’s all down to our own attitude and mind.
      Köge is more a small down – if you have time we will visit.
      Really nice place.

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