cee’s fun foto challenge: straight lines

Have been struggling with this week’s subject; straight lines! I’m not a straight line person at all – I’m all over the place in all angles and curves.

Anyhow I looked through my media library and I found some straight lines.

All images is taken at one of Malmö’s 3 train stations, Triangeln. The station for Malmö University Hospital, where I got my support with one of my cancer aftermath problems. Very modern, very urban and very clean. And also very empty, but a train had just departed.

This post needs an urban cloud, but I know very little about urban music – this sounds urban in my ears. *smile


“You can’t understand a city without using
its public transportation system.”
Erol Ozan


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26 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge: straight lines

    • Thank you so much – I have to use images that I used before, because of media space. I really liked how the photos came out.
      How are things with you???

      • Pretty good, I’m gald to say … we had a some health problems here, but now they’re straigtening out I’m glad to say. I too have media space and will soon have to start eliminating old photos.

      • You should make you images smaller – you can do that from the media liberty – edit them into 600x ??? – very easy to do or maybe you already use smaller images.

      • That sounds like a good idea! I didn’t know I could do that there! Thanks so much for this good idea! And how have you been getting on? Well I hope! It’s been a pleasure seeing you and your work. Have a great Sunday! Georgia

      • Georgia, thanks for asking – had some drama during the night with big fire in our basement – but nobody got hurt and all apartments are intact – still a scary experience when you have to leave your home for safety.
        Health wise I’m struggling with my numb feet and a very sore knew. Otherwise life is just great *laughing

      • Now that is a scary experience! I don’t think I’d care to have such a wake-up in the night! Thank heavens al went well.

        Sorry about your feet and knee … hopefully you’ll be able to get on top of the problem!

    • Thanks, Bulldog – been looking trough files the whole day for straight lines, don’t have any images except those here. But they are straight and clean. *smile

    • I like the escalator image to .. and that orange “sun” – I would have liked to take the image straight on, but there was something in the way.
      Now when I look at the images again – it looks like I was the only person at the station. Totally empty on a very busy station. Very wired. And so clinical clean.

    • Along the walls between the metal plates does it run blue light all the time .. but it was so hard to capture .. stunning to watch. Manage to get one blue light .. the light is moving all the time.
      I like the orange “sun” too .. if that is what you mean. I saw I spelled wrong to ceiling. *smile

    • Yes, Malmö has really got it right with there new 3 station – about 4 years old now. And most of all .. absolutly spotless how they can keep it like that with all the people passing their stations everyday. Just amazing. Not the smallest paper between the tracks. Very urban. I have to try to get a straight on photo of the stairs, because it came out very impressive, next time.
      Thank you for your support.

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