postcard from sweden; k stands for king

my postcard stamp - text K stand for King – an addicted crush

Candy Crush games developer King valued at over $7bn. King-Logo-insidesocialgames com The Swedish founded IT game company King (King Digital Entertainment plc) … was launched on the New York stock exchange 26.03.14 this year and didn’t have the best of starts – their first day, the share is traded at time of writing around $ 20.40, which is over 9 percent during the introductory price of $ 22.50. In total the shares fall to 16% during launch day. sugar crush uk King has only 665 employees and parcels development out to small, autonomous teams of designers working with a startup mentality. Last year, the company spent $110.5 million on research and development, roughly 6 percent of sales –with HQ in London and with the Italian business man Riccardo Zacconi as CEO.

Of the four Swedish founders is Sebastian Knutsson’s creative director at the King and one of the key figures behind the development of the hit game of Candy Crush Saga. Other Swedish founder Thomas Hartwig, chief technology officer, Lars Markgren, office manager in Sweden and Patrik Stymne, system developers.

The Candy Crush millionaires;
Melvyn Morris, chairman, estimated shareholding value $821m – 36,467,500 shares
Riccardo Zacconi, chief executive, $698m – 31,042,045 shares
Sebastian Knutsson chief creative officer, $396m – 17,596,075 shares
Lars Markgren, Sweden general manager, $203m – 9,043,930 shares
Patrik Stymne, chief systems architect, $158m – 7,040,000 shares
Stephane Kurgan, Belgian chief operating officer, $168m – 7,450,748 shares
Thomas Hartwig (above), chief technology officer, $143m – 6,350,000 shares

Candy-Crush-Saga-appadvice com King’s most popular game to date is Candy Crush Saga, which was launched on Facebook in April 2012. Following its success on Facebook, King launched Candy Crush Saga on mobile (iOS and Android) in November 2012.

The game was downloaded over 10 million times one month after its release. In January 2013, Candy Crush Saga became the number 1 game on Facebook and had over 45 million monthly users by March of the same year. King has more than 180 fun titles in 14 languages. Their hits include Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Papa Pear Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Bubble Witch Saga.

They have over 324 million average monthly unique users, as of December 31, 2013, across web, social and mobile platforms. The company was founded in August 2003.

The game’s popularity saw King’s revenues rise to $1.8bn in 2013, from just $64m two years ago, Candy Crush was the most downloaded free mobile app of 2013.

Candy Crush, I have been stuck at level 118 since March and with Farm Heroes Saga I have manage to get to level 133.

“…. when in doubt play Candy Crush”

candy crush - someecards com - A*Teens was a Swedish pop music group from Stockholm formed by in 1998 as an ABBA tribute band called ABBA Teens and later renamed to A-Teens. The band’s debut album became a success around the world and in 2001 it was reported that the band had sold 6 million albums worldwide. “Sugar Rush” was A-Teens’ third single from their second album Teen Spirit, the song was released on radio in April 2001. The group broke up in 2006. A_teens- coveralia com Images provided by and thanks to; Gallery 1; Gallery 2;

19 thoughts on “postcard from sweden; k stands for king

  1. I knew this stuff was profitable, but wow. I stopped playing all their games, but apparently there are plenty more ready to take my place. Interesting post. I clearly went into the wrong profession.

    • Marilyn, scary amount of profit in any IT today – look at the 2 Swedes that created SKYPE and got money twice for it. First when they sold to Ebay – then when Ebay sold it to Microsoft. To be IT and software creators/developers is were to be today. Games are such hug industry today. I play once per day before bedtime. Not very good at it. *smile

  2. OK, beautiful lady, but 🙂 ! – Easter about1963 or thereabouts – my husband and I for the first time on a longterm visit to Europe and beginning from Rome – Hotel Hassler, atop the Spanish Steps . . . when we got back from ‘stickybeaking’ at St Mark’s Square, the Vatican Guards were on both sides of the entrance door! What the heck??? The Swedish King [Gustav Adolf methinks?] had arrived. We were booked in at the delightful top floor restaurant for Easter lunch. Arriving rather early [prim and proper 🙂 !] we were given a top-to-toe and led to a very good table near all the views!! Were into an unbelievable experience when the King and entourage were seated at the table next [looking ‘decent’ that was to happen to us time and again!!]. King Gustav, for the lengthy three-hour lunch, was to sit next to me and to begin a very real conversation as to what he was to eat!!!! Unborn lamb, I am so ashamed these days, to say!! Delightful to talk across about one metre . . . and to remember . . . Poor guy must have been bored, ’cause I sure had a wonderful time and a sheaf of flowers sent to our suite later . . . . nice to remember . . .

      • Fantastic story …. I know that Hotel Hassler was one of his favorite hotels. Never stayed, but I stayed a week next door at that Hotel De La Ville Roma, today owned by InterContinental. Also a beautiful hotel.
        It must have been our Kings grandfather you had “lunch” together with. Gustav VI Adolf. He was what I understand a very down to earth man – very charming – and loved to talk to “the public”. I’m sure our King today is the same, but I have never been close enough to any or our royal family to have a conversition with them. Lovely story – thank you so much for sharing.

      • Yes, remember the lovely Hotel de la Ville ’cause we stayed at the Hassler over a dozen times thru’ the years! Small and personal and so central. Do have a great memory of that lunch, ’cause the King was obviously bored with his minders and my ex-husband did understand I was having a wonderful [if rude to others ] time. The guy was very serious, but gentlemanly and we must have talked across a spectrum of subjects! I have a Swedish grandmother [with a wee bit of a title as it happens], so perhaps it was ‘old home week’ in the middle of Rome – nice to remember!! Sorry to be a bore 🙂 !!!

      • I’m sure your old King loved to have a conversation with somebody else than his company – that he probably had to eat every meal with.
        I would have like to talk to the “public” to so soon I had a chance … if I was a king. If there is something I wouldn’t like to be is … to be a king or a queen. It seems to be a very boring job to me.

  3. Have heard of it, of course, but never downloaded or played. Have my hands full right now with my poor hurt hubby. But, I have many friends who enjoy the game.

      • Hubby is having surgery today to remove the pins. Still has to be in a wheel chair for another month, but he’s progressing. Thanks for asking.

      • Great news that they are removing the pins – but it has taken a very long time and he are not properly heeled yet.
        I feel deeply for you both, tough time. To have to sit in a wheel chair must be so difficult – but I can image it’s an eye opener too.

  4. I’m totally immune to computer games, Vivi. I’ve been invited to play this one on Facebook lots of times but I can very easily live without it. Not one of my vices (wicked grin!) 🙂

    • I find it relaxing and it also get the brain a boot. Not very good at it, but 5 games of each before bedtime … feels right for me. I play on FB. Not download. It is therapy just like my grandma always did solitaire before she went to bed.
      But I’m very proud that Sweden is behind those popular games.

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