a delightful morning

pure white

Yesterday was it time again for me to take on the doctors at our day clinic about my numb footpads and also my sore knee (since Istanbul).

So it was a quite early start for me and it wasn’t that warm in the morning when I started my stroll to the hospital, but it was a beautiful sunny morning and of course Oscar was in my Nordstrom bag.

Passing the park with my swan family they were all very busy with their morning toilet and I suppose also training their small once how to do it properly. Not much action in the pond – most of the birds was just enjoying sitting or lay in sunshine.

With a start like this on my Tuesday … it could only end in a great way. *smile

Had got an appointment with our new district doctor, our “old” has retired and only do practice 2 per week. A wonderful young female doctor by name Alexandra, judge by her surname she has Eastern European origin. She did a very thoroughly examination of my feet and knee.

All the other doctors I have seen so far during the last 4,5 years about my feet and the numbness in my foot pads has said that it’s the nerves that got damage and that is nothing they can do about it as such. Alexandra said if I take Lycria for my butt nerve problems that should also easy my problems in my feet, but it doesn’t – so she things that my problems has nothing to do with damage nerves.
She used ultra sound to hear the pulse in my feet and one foot it was very low.

She sent me to the Lab to take blood samples for test – she told me that she will order X-ray for my knee and also more thoroughly exam of my blood veins and nerves. She was also going to contract a physiotherapist for my knee – because it can be the old problem I had about during 3 years after a bad fall in the galley onboard the vessel. Now 7 years old.

I had just come inside my door – when the phone rang and it was the physiotherapist that wanted to see me this week.

They say that new brooms swipes the best – and after all my moaning to doctors and nurses about my problems with my feet nothing has really been done, expect – giving me the advice that it’s something I have to live it.

To go to the doctor is just like playing on the lottery those days – during my cancer treatment everything was great handled, care and support. But when it comes to the aftermaths the support is that is fantastic, but no results as such. Only the advice that it’s something I have to arrange my life around. Then if I moan a little more and more often, suddenly there is someone that are able to give help.

One thing is for sure – we have to be healthy to be able to be sick.

“Morning is wonderful.
Its only drawback is that it comes
at such an inconvenient time of day.”
Glen Cook

so soft

32 thoughts on “a delightful morning

  1. Oh dear Viveka, you and Oscar doing amazing photographs, how lovely they are 🙂 Loved them so much. I hope everything goes well with your knee problem dear. Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

    • Nia, thanks for your support and lovely comment – yes, I hope that I will get some changes to my feet after this – even if it doesn’t go away completely, I want some ease and I think the knee problem is from my old injury. I wish you a lovely day too. I will mail the music later when I’m by my PC – now on my net book. *smile

  2. A doctor who listened and takes action. I hope her tests and physiotherapy help Viveka. I know how much you need those feet and knees to take you and Oscar out and about!

    • Colleen, that is what I said to the doctor – I need my feet and knee to be able to do what I enjoy most … taking photos and travel.
      I have a feeling that it’s the old injury that is kicking up again, it took 3 years for the pain to go away when it had happened.
      I wonder why not every doctor can do the same for us – that we have to keep on pushing for more help time after time.

    • Maralee, I’m sure that some relief will come out of it – and anything regarding my sore foot pads is a massive plus. Been walking on fire for the last 4 years.

    • Yes, because they where moving so much I put the camera on sport mode – and I get 3 photos of each shot and they came out fantastic – the softness in those cygnets shows so beautiful. Oscar is very smart. I so pleased with the images. Thanks, Jo … time for the day clinic in a couple of hors again. So happy over the progress.

      • Had a day in Denmark with Ann-Christine, LEYA – yesterday and she likes Oscar too … Had a fantastic day.
        I’m up for X-ray of my right knee – it was so sore yesterday after all that Danish walking. So today I haven’t moved much .. been trying to catch up a bit with my online world. Done some progress. *smile

      • You have! 🙂 I was glued to the TV this afternoon. You can probably guess who was playing at Wimbledon!
        Thanks for the weekend hugs. My turn to go play catch up 🙂

      • Oh, it’s Wimbledon – how is the weather over there … here it’s like standing in shower. Heavy – heavy rain. I suppose he is doing just fine in any weather. *smile
        30-Love hug

      • They had to close the roof because the rain was torrential! It’s Glastonbury Music Festival too. Such a shame for them!
        Game, set and match hug! 🙂

  3. 🙂 I’m happy for you that you seem to have found a very good doctor that is new in her field and still listens to what you have to say and takes everything she has learned into consideration to help you. She’s not “blind” yet. Hope all goes well and that your problems can be solved.
    We’ve got lots of walking to do when you come to Vienna 😀 xo

    • Dia, my foot pads has been a terrible problem for me for the last 4 years. It’s like walking on fire and the doctors have told me that my nerves are damage. I still walk a lot and I mean a lot – but my poor feet as suffering. The chemo treatment made it slightly worst. Now when she heard that I’m taking Lycria for my butt problems, she are not so sure it’s damage nerves – because those pills should ease my problems. Any treatment that will ease – are so welcome. Don’t worry I will walk with you …. *smile

  4. Am happy that you found a concerned doctor. Keeping my fingers crossed that she will be able to find out what’s wrong. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Travelling with a sore foot is not fun. When I was in the Netherlands the first time I had a heel spur that gave me a great deal of pain. There were days I wanted to cry because I couldn’t walk. Hope you can resolve your problem quickly.

    • Carol, my sore foot pads and me goes back over 4 years now – and it’s very painful, but I have to walk and I love to walk, but it’s getting to be a problem, and with my trip to Japan next April, I need to get some relief – I’m a bit worried if I have taken on too much. I think it’s more painful to walk with a heel spur than with my numb foot pads. To have pain in the feet stops the whole body at times. So hopefully there will be some ease for me coming up – even if the problem will disappear totally..

  6. Ha! Ha! Ha! Most of us here in Australia can go to our ‘primary health care giver’ [also known as GP] for free! I am not a negative person, but what a couple of minutes one gets here seems to depends on ;
    1. Whether the doc enjoyed his breakfast
    2. Whether he had ‘unpleasant’ words with his wife!
    3. Whether his kids hit on him!!!!!!
    The old-fashioned ‘caring’ seems well and truly part of the past . . . . just recently out of hospital, where my usually reasonable GP said : ‘Eha, you have to accept that when we once allowed patients to go home when they were but 70-80 % well, we now have to shove them out once they have managed the 40-50 % mark’!!!!!! No comment!!!!!!

    • The thing is that doctors today only have 30 min with their patients – and I think it’s the same problem everywhere, I suppose private health care may be different, I don’t know.
      Still I think we have a fantastic health care – but it’s not perfect. When it comes to serious illness we are spoiled, but when it comes to everyday problems – there isn’t time enough.
      I’m not going to the doctor for every little problem I have – but when I go I have problem and I told the doctor that – she said that she seen that in my file. I have paid for me ticket to Japan – and I’m worried about my feet. 24 days on the feet ??? So I want to get some help before I leave. The knee I’m sure it’s the old injury that is causing it and that will heal by itself after maybe 3 years’ time – as it did last time.

      • Vivi – I would LOVE to have 30 mins with a physician: here it is down to 10 mins per patient and then the receptionist tries to fit others in . . . . ‘money makes the world go round’ 😉 ! We have some practices in the neighbourhood with a big sign on the wall that one is only allowed to discuss ONE symptom/illness per visit!!!!!

      • And I thought we had it bad in Sweden, one symptom by visit – how terrible. I hope we don’t come to that.
        It’s like I said for a long time now – we have to be healthy to be able to be sick.
        It’s is really hard work at times, but I must say when it was about my cancer they where all sorted and efficient. Talking about real action and I’m so thankful for that .. because I’m still here. Wish you a pleasant weekend.

  7. Alexandra and the last little gosling give me optimism for you! I hope this heals itself without too much medication V. Hugs!

    • I hate medicine, so I hope what ever it’s will heal – but I need pain killers at time, but not everyday. Only another thing to add to the other problems. *laughing. Thanks for caring.

    • Madhu, thank you so much – the last image is wonderful – when looking at it I can feel how soft the little thing is. I took the image on sports mode – because he was moving his head all the time. I think it’s a boy.

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