weeks in waiting

mummy time

… but now am I so happy to announce that “my” swan couple has got 4 adorable cygnets since a couple of weeks ago. She took her time this year, but they worth waiting for.

I have been so worried because she has been nesting for such a long time – even if she started late. Looking at my image files I have taken the first photos in the middle of May. 38 days they nest normally.

When I was up visiting the day clinic on 4th of June – and passed the park, she was standing up and when I used my camera as binoculars I could see something white in the nest and I thought that she had given up and that it was something wrong with the eggs.

6 days later I went back to check on them and there they are – 4 cuties – I felt such a joy and relief that they had arrived. If they only knew how worried I been. So happy that everything okay, after all those weeks of waiting. This galleries is about my weeks in waiting.


“Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”
David Ogden Stiers

lost feathers

 My choice of cloud for this post have I chosen ” Adagio”, also called “Swan” by the fantastic Norwegian and Irish duo Secret Garden (Fionnuala Sherry & Rolf Løvland), the composers behind “You Rise Me Up” ,

Youngok Shin, who sings this track, is what is called a coloratura soprano – Youngok was born in 1961 ins Seoul, South Korea. One of my favorites of t all the wonderful music “Secret Garden” has given us.

49 thoughts on “weeks in waiting

      • I wanted as many people to see it as possible. And I sent it to my daughter who doesn’t do twitter or Facebook, but she’s a gardener and truly loves nature.

      • You’re such a sweetheart, Mary .. thanks.
        Have been sitting on the photos for weeks, but with being under the weather … no inspiration what so ever.
        So this evening I started to edit the images.

      • Yes, nearly once a week I pass the park where they are.
        My town is called the Town of Swans, we must have 1000 of them in total and the council really cared for them too.

      • I have been inside the castle once for a Christmas Party – but never as a paying visitors. Only walked the grounds on a beautiful summer day while I lived in Dover.
        Everything is so expensive today – a pity because it means that less local people will visit. Beautiful spot.

      • I know, it’s sad but I do understand the upkeep costs on some historic buildings and grounds. I have Royal Horticultural Society membership which is very reasonable if you’re visiting as often as I do 🙂 We’re stuck at Gatwick at the moment with our flight for Kos delayed by 3hrs due to the latest French strike! Kos is full of fantastic castle ruins. How long did you live in Kent?

      • Wow, what a start on a holiday – only happened once to me at Cleveland airport on my way to Toronto – not fun and there is nothing to do more than wait. Never been to Kos, but I heard and see how beautiful it’s.
        I lived one year in Dover, than I moved to Brighton and stayed there for 6 years – finished of with 10 years in Belfast.
        I can understand that those old building cost money in maintenance.
        I hope that you are in the air by now – have a lovely holiday.

      • It was awful and boring but I’m now sat at one of our favourite tavernas with a lovely cold Frappe, looking out over the bay 🙂

        I used to love going down to Brighton and wandering the lanes. You’ve really moved around! Was that work related?

      • I’m glad that you’re now enjoying the Greek hospitality and sunshine. I wouldn’t mind joining you. Do you know that Frappe was created in Greece in Thessaloniki.
        Brighton is a fantastic city – loved everything about it.
        Yes, I lived in UK because I worked for Stena Line, the HQ sent me over when they bought Sealink.

  1. Sadly the eggs in the nest in the park close to our house have disappeared. Don’t know if the foxes or coyotes got them or if the conservation authority came and took them away. Maybe next year. Beautiful photos.

    • Carol, thanks … how sad. Our couple nest mostly on the island in the “pond” – and the park team has put up a big white ball to protect her from the strong midday sun.
      Hope it’s not the authority that has done something to the eggs – how terrible. I thought that swans are protected in most countries. So glad that Landskrona take so good care of their swans – we must have 1000 around this little town, but it’s called the town of the swans too. Such a beautiful bird.
      I would love to see a black swan in freedom – maybe in Australia.

    • I have been waiting and been so nervous that something was wrong with the eggs this year – she took her time, but so lovely to see them .. tomorrow I will visit them again. *smile They are truly precious.

  2. I am so happy to hear this too, wonderful photographs, they seem so lovely. And amazing selection for the music, fascinated me. Thank you dear Viveka, love, and hugs, nia

    • Nia, I will mail you the track – as a file – then you can save it on your computer. It’s a stunning piece of music.
      Visit the park again yesterday … they are so adorable – and the have grown so much already … some more photos to share. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

    • Yes, I think he is telling me – Don’t even think about messing with me !!!!! Love that image. It’s so intense, but he wasn’t that close to me. He are really a very gentle soul and very social with the parks vistors, even dogs … but here he means business. *smile

  3. Loud cheering and stamping of feet! Yippee! Yee- haa! Can you hear me over there in Sweden? 🙂 Fabulous news, Vivi!
    Just popping in to see how you are? I’ve a very busy day but will check back later.

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