weekly photo challenge – extra, extra

The extras here in my images is mostly down to my fantastic camera; Canon SX50HS – a compact camera with a 24-1200mm superlens. A serious camera and its wieght just a little over the pound, 595 gr.

Images are borrowed while walking  from the restaurant in Skanör back to our little hotel, on Wednesday evening. Skanör is at the most Southern part of Sweden …  there was given so many extras around the moon during our walk.

“The difference between ordinary and
extraordinary is that little extra.”
Jimmy Johnson’

Why don’t you join the challenge or at least check out all the other plentiful entries for this week’s subject; Weekly Photo Challenge; Extra, Extra.

62 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – extra, extra

  1. Oh, the moon, I love her so much! (at least I think she’s a “she”) And the music is such a perfect match. The plastic sound from the keyboard as I write this comment is killing the moment, so I’ll stop writing now and just enjoy… 😉

    • Yes, I love HER too!!! As a child did I talk to moon … about my joy and sadness. I have used this piece of music before – this British pianist is just magical, so I will use him again and again. *smile
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Have a lovely Sunday.

      • Andy, look out for offers …. because they are launching new models every year – my model is two years old and then they put down the prices on the older models.
        I don’t think practically that a longer lens will be to any good, because it’s quite hard to keep my camera steady when I use the full length of the lens. Also it doesn’t matter what model we buy, it will be out of fashion next week.

      • True that, the lowest price one I’ve seen so far is from Costco around 400 something so maybe I’ll wait just a little bit, hope I’ll be able to get it soon, so I can finally go out at night to try some ideas I have 🙂

      • Andy, good luck to you … I know you will be pleased with it.
        Just give it a little more time – are you not able to get watch service on the website .. so when the price goes down you will get an email ???

    • Marina, yes it was a fantastic moon – it wasn’t that big, but Oscar made it look a lot bigger in the zoom shots. It was a nice 20 min walk in a very pleasantly warm evening. Thank you so much for … for you kind comment.

    • Heather, I think the moon is very special to us, girls …. it’s the romantic and magic it gives us, at least what I think. *smile Don’t know if men are intrigued as we are. Most classical composers was. Have a pleasant week.

    • Marilyn, thank you …. I like that image too – and the airplane in the moonlight too. To capture the moon with a camera isn’t the easiest job – and you’re right in what you’re saying, I have learned that always make sure there is something that frames the moon in the images. I think it’s magical that my camera are able to show the craters on the moon, so up close. Welcome back!

  2. Just a wee bit envious at the moment . . . walking back at a double-digit time methinks and then enjoying such peaceful sights . . . OK, OK, in wintertime I know it gets dark at 5pm or before for the ?sun to rise about 9 am . . . .am happy not to go thru’ that scenario, but still somewhat ‘jealous’ of your ‘white summer nights’ at the moment 🙂 !!

    • Thank, Eha …. saw on the weather report yesterday that the sun is only down 5 min up in the North of Sweden. How magical isn’t that, but as you say I wouldn’t like to live through their winters with the cold and endless dark days.

      • Uhuh 🙂 ! Remember being on a ‘small-bus’ Norwegian fjords tour about end of June – coming out of a restaurant with all the gang at about 10.30 pm to what seemed full sunshine – going for a lengthy walk to wear the wine off . . . and somehow having to get up but ‘minutes’ later to continue the tour – quite mixed up our diurnal life 🙂 !!

      • Norwegian fjords are best in end June .. stunning – something I haven’t done .. but those Midsummer cruise are suppose to be breathtaking. Fantastic that you have done it.
        We are celebrating Midsummer this weekend – when the whole nation is drunk for 2,5 day .. the weather are not going to be that great, so that will make the problems less for police and emergency service.
        I will pick 7 flowers and put … under my pillow and I will dream about the man I will marry on Midsummer Night.
        Better to put 7 men under the pillow and try to dream about the flowers. *laughing.

    • Helen, thank you so much!!! Oscar know how to bring the moon closer to us. *smile But it’s a shaky business. *smile
      Very pleased with my images.

  3. We had a beautiful moon last night but when I got home I couldn’t find it in the horizon as it was blocked by the trees and houses in my neighborhood.

    • Bebs, I think we all had full moon this week .. at least up here in the Northern part of the globe. Pity that you wasn’t able to capture yours, but there will be a new moon soon. Have a lovely week.

    • Colleen, yes … the moon is magical. Regarding the camera, the best way to learn is to using it – play around with it. I’m sure that Oscar can do amazing things, but I just play around … and so many photos are being deleted. I know you will take great shots … you have eyes for details.

    • Yes, it does … the image in itself is not that dark, but when I edit it with contrast the sky went dark and the moon got it’s sparkles. Something that my eye didn’t see through the screen on the camera. I really like that image.

    • Tina, thank you so much … the music was easy when I have decided what route I would take regarding the subject.
      It’s an amazing zoom. Can’t wait to let it go to work in Las Vegas.

  4. Amazing images and Debussy of course ! I don’t feel like I’ve been getting any of your alerts. I hope you are doing great!

    • Had a bad spell over the weekend . started to come back yesterday. Today laundry .. have to be alter.
      It was easy with music cloud for this post .. neither Beethoven or Debussy.

      • Debussy every time though it now always brings me back to the movie Oceans Eleven as it plays a long time in the ending scene. Such a beautiful song!

      • Wow, I normally pick up movie music – but that I can’t remember and I have seen the movie at least 3 times. Now I have to check the ending. How strange I haven’t been picking that up. Lovely piece of music.

  5. Awesome photos. Did your Canon SX50HS really get that close to the moon? They’re all fantastic, but I especially love the one with the leaves in the foreground and the moon blurred in the back. Great job.

    • Thanks, Lori …. yes, it’s my camera that took the close up on the moon – I haven’t cropped the image. Just amazing lens it has – but it’s a bit shaky when working with the full length of the lens.
      I really like that image too .. and the airplane in the moonlight. I had hope I would have a change to get the moon and the plane in one shot, but they wasn’t that close.

    • Dia, it was a very peaceful evening and the sunset was so intense too. 20 min walk .. in a great evening. Good for heart and soul before bedtime. The dinner was great too.
      Big summer hug ..

  6. I love your take on Extra, extra. This is why I can’t erase e-mails when I get behind. I would have missed your beautiful shots of the moon. I’m catching up. Only 50 more to read.

    • Carol, 50 more to read … you have some reading to do. You don’t have to catch with missed posts of mine. Now I’m mobile internet so I will not many posts, because it’s expensive to be online. I think it will take a while before they have fixed all wires. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

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