cee’s fun foto challenge: floral macros

Just back from the most amazing 5 days in magical beautiful and delightful mad Istanbul – my images of beauties I met there. Just like their city – very intense and rich in colors.

lunch company

istanbul gadeliusIstanbul rose istanbul colorIstanbul red the wild onesistanbul beauty

“Photography helps people to see.”
Berenice Abbott

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31 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge: floral macros

  1. Must be a lovely time of year to visit Istanbul. I’ve only ever visited at the height of summer and I think all the flowers were rather dried out! Lovely images.

    • Yes, we were so lucky with the weather … too – it was a perfect time for visiting. It was my first visit to Turkey and I loved it.
      Thank you so much for your nice comment.

    • Thanks a million … I like the gladiolus too – I think all the flower looks like ballet dresses. The music was given for this post.

    • Thanks, Madhu …. yes, you are the second person’s favorite. My favorite is the yellow .. and the small purple, what ever they are call, they never die .. last forever.

    • Sorry, for my late response – have missed your comment. I would say that Istanbul is the city of roses, never seen so many beautiful and strong looking roses before. Don’t know what they feed them on. And they smelled too. Thanks for your kind comment.

    • I don’t have a clue what the name of the flower is – they had them in all different colors and they hardly dies, they dry out and still look pretty. It’s an image from a flower shop.
      I love that little flower too. I will find out the name. I’m not a rose person as such, but the roses in Istanbul were so well groomed and healthy looking and they were in the most intense colors. So glad I went in the end of May, when all the flowers was in their peak.

  2. When I was growing up my mother played The Nutcracker for YEARS and I mean years on a bright red LP. It is programmed into my brain. Maybe 10 years ago I took my daughter to see it live! I love it still !

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