weekly photo challenge – room

letter-box frame

I have two favorite rooms – the kitchen and the bedroom …. I’m not really that kind of girl that let just anyone into my bedroom … but for the good cause for this weeks subject: room.

Welcome in to my boudoir.

full picture shelvebedroom 2

bedroom 1bedroom 7bedroom 4bedroom 3bed close up

“Every bedroom should have
a some silk. “

Why not join the the challenge yourself or at lest check out all the fantastic entries;  Weekly Photo Challenge: Room


72 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – room

    • A-C, great news …. mostly for you – but also for me.
      My friend Iris and I are going to Louisiana the first days in July – do you want to come along.???

  1. 🙂 Oh, your room looks ladylike and yet so comfortable and cozy 🙂
    And I really like the set up of the pictures.
    Have a very HAPPY and long weekend xo 🙂

    • Dia, one thing is for sure – I’m not very lady like … even if my bedroom maybe gives that impression. *laughing. 70% of my bedroom is from IKEA – their beds are magical to sleep in and I want a bed that is high, have to think about those details when we are getting up in age *smile
      I wish you a weekend full of sunshine and joy!

    • Thanks a million, Marina … the bed had to decide what colors I should go for – a very small room, but I manage to make it look big – with the bed in front of the window.

  2. Amazing way to learn about a person – just take a peek into her bedroom! I wish I could post a picture of mine here. Maybe we should start a blog to “share” bedrooms. What fun that would be.

    • Mary, that is a brilliant idea – I think the bedroom tells a lot about a person … my favorite room is really the kitchen, but as my bedroom is it not very big, but big enough for me.
      Living in Belfast I had a ballroom to bedroom and in the kitchen I could hardly swing a cat. Here I have just enough.

    • Thanks, Carol …. my bedroom is so small – and the bed is so big … so I couldn’t do much about the room, but it’s cozy and it’s so me. *smile

    • Colleen, I don’t know if it’s classy or elegant .. it’s 70% IKEA and it’s my favorite colors. You’re welcome back at anytime.

    • Madhu, thanks a million … I started of with buy the bedside carpets in burned orange and taupe, after that the bedspread – and then I started to look for the bed and all the other details. 70% is from IKEA. Great shop!

  3. Love the play of textures and colours and patterns . . . would love to pinch those lamps from you: surely not Ikea also . . . ? 🙂 !!

    • Good Morning, yes … the lamps are from IKEA too – bought them 15 years ago in UK, but the shades are from British Home Store.
      I’m not a beige person, but I love taupe – mostly because it’st timeless and it goes with all colors. Not a black person neither – but I could resit the silk curtains.

    • Thanks, Barbara – I saw what you did to your guestroom … and I doubt very much that your bedroom will be less than that. I haven’t changed my bedroom for over 5 years – and I think it will be like this until they carry me out with my head first. *smile Changing bedsets changes the room a little, but not much.

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