weekly photo challenge – room

letter-box frame

I have two favorite rooms – the kitchen and the bedroom …. I’m not really that kind of girl that let just anyone into my bedroom … but for the good cause for this weeks subject: room.

Welcome in to my boudoir.

full picture shelvebedroom 2

bedroom 1bedroom 7bedroom 4bedroom 3bed close up

“Every bedroom should have
a some silk. “

Why not join the the challenge yourself or at lest check out all the fantastic entries;  Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

72 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – room

    • A-C, great news …. mostly for you – but also for me.
      My friend Iris and I are going to Louisiana the first days in July – do you want to come along.???

  1. 🙂 Oh, your room looks ladylike and yet so comfortable and cozy 🙂
    And I really like the set up of the pictures.
    Have a very HAPPY and long weekend xo 🙂

    • Dia, one thing is for sure – I’m not very lady like … even if my bedroom maybe gives that impression. *laughing. 70% of my bedroom is from IKEA – their beds are magical to sleep in and I want a bed that is high, have to think about those details when we are getting up in age *smile
      I wish you a weekend full of sunshine and joy!

    • Thanks a million, Marina … the bed had to decide what colors I should go for – a very small room, but I manage to make it look big – with the bed in front of the window.

  2. Amazing way to learn about a person – just take a peek into her bedroom! I wish I could post a picture of mine here. Maybe we should start a blog to “share” bedrooms. What fun that would be.

    • Mary, that is a brilliant idea – I think the bedroom tells a lot about a person … my favorite room is really the kitchen, but as my bedroom is it not very big, but big enough for me.
      Living in Belfast I had a ballroom to bedroom and in the kitchen I could hardly swing a cat. Here I have just enough.

    • Thanks, Carol …. my bedroom is so small – and the bed is so big … so I couldn’t do much about the room, but it’s cozy and it’s so me. *smile

    • Colleen, I don’t know if it’s classy or elegant .. it’s 70% IKEA and it’s my favorite colors. You’re welcome back at anytime.

    • Madhu, thanks a million … I started of with buy the bedside carpets in burned orange and taupe, after that the bedspread – and then I started to look for the bed and all the other details. 70% is from IKEA. Great shop!

  3. Love the play of textures and colours and patterns . . . would love to pinch those lamps from you: surely not Ikea also . . . ? 🙂 !!

    • Good Morning, yes … the lamps are from IKEA too – bought them 15 years ago in UK, but the shades are from British Home Store.
      I’m not a beige person, but I love taupe – mostly because it’st timeless and it goes with all colors. Not a black person neither – but I could resit the silk curtains.

    • Thanks, Barbara – I saw what you did to your guestroom … and I doubt very much that your bedroom will be less than that. I haven’t changed my bedroom for over 5 years – and I think it will be like this until they carry me out with my head first. *smile Changing bedsets changes the room a little, but not much.

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    • Learned a new word today – opulence! Never heard before.
      I don’t know if my taste is opulence – IKEA most of it, but maybe I have an eye for colors … thank you so much!

      • Yes opulence in your taste of decor, photography and music. It suits you well. (PS I love IKEA as well, especially the marketplace)

      • I suppose have a trained eye for details ..as chef and manager for so many years … something life has given me.
        Music I been mad about since I was a child … maybe it all has a connection.
        IKEA is hard to beat … and their meatballs taste the same all over the world and done for nearly 40 years.

      • Yes I love their meatballs. The title of chef is that of an artist. I know, I was married to a great one for many years and he was an artist indeed!

      • Wow, married to a chef – you should have a medal, maybe we are artists – but to live with us … a nightmare, except at dinner time. *smile – we are such self-centered people.

      • Yes he was but highly talented and when cooking at home forgot that he did not have a staff to clean up after he used every dish and pan in the house ! : ) Your breed is definitely artistic without a doubt!

      • Yes, we chefs like to use our pots .. but washing up isn’t really our thing. All chefs think we are the best since sliced bread, doesn’t matter on what level on skills we are. *smile

      • I know and after seeing the presentation and consuming the meal, I was the chief bottle washer normally : )

      • My friends has been washing up .. after all the meals I cooked for them, but on Monday I will get a dish washer .. after 40 years doing it by hand. Very excited.

      • That is exciting news. Here in the NL I have been the washer : ) which is no problem for 2 and my meals are not fancy!

      • It’s a heavy book and I carried it here but for those of us that are not Chef’s we need HELP!

      • The funnier thing is me wandering up and down the aisles trying to find something like heavy cream ! Reading Dutch is easier than speaking it but still an adventure!

      • Good for you …. very exciting period for you just now, when you try to adapt to the Dutch life style and everyday. A bit envy.

      • It is very hard V. I enjoy it very much but some words are SOOOOOO different in writing but I am trying!

      • I’m sure you will okay – just like everything sink in and let it takes it time. I had a very handsome boyfriend in the 70’s from Utrecht, such a pretty city. He was a musician.

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