postcard from sweden; j stands for jonas hallberg


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J stands for Jonas Hallberg – a man with style

Jonas Hallberg (1971) from Köping just outside Stockholm is stylist for Hollywood’s Elite Model Agency and American ELLE magazine, his style is known worldwide.

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Jonas lived in London for a short period before he moved to Los Angeles in 2009, in Hollywood became Sophia Bush his first client and then there was that it actually works in Hollywood, little ripples in the water. Her publicist also had Catherine Zeta-Jones, as she mow also a client of his.
He have done all the mayor awards, but never the Oscars.

With the Hollywood elite on his client list and assignments all over the world, Jonas Hallberg is one of the worlds most glamorous stylists.

jonas_hallberg - oscarmagnuson com

Jonas works both commercially and editorially but his specialty today is styling actors and artists.
Among those who hired him include Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Charlize Theron, Sienna Miller, Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere, Taylor Swift, Mary Louise Parker and Heater Graham and many more

Jonas has also created several iconic campaigns for SISLEY in collaboration with Energy Project and photographer Terry Richardson.

He has also worked for Playboy Magazine last year.

A deep love of fashion is what drives Jonas.

He loves making women look and feel sexy, cool, strong and independent.
His passion is the eternal feminine, classically glamorous and stylish luxurious.
Jonas creates a glimmering fairytale world for all who meet him, and this makes him a favorite among the Hollywoods A-list.

About his childhood Jonas has said: I had a tough upbringing, and was during his school days the victim of bullying.
It was a very difficult time. Between the seventh grade and high school I was extremely bullied and called for “gay” and all other sorts of terrible nicknames. I skipped school a lot and had a very high absenteeism and poor grades.
Jonas and his brother Jens, which he  was very dramatically separated from as a child, when their patents divorced.

For 18 years was Jonas in relationship with Jocke, but as Jonas says – everything has an end and they are still the best of friends and talk to each every day – they meet very young.

jonas-issa - stylistjonas com

Jonas likes to date younger men (they keep him younger) and he feel it’s so important to be open about safe sex and that young people today do not take responsibility regarding it. They do not care about the dangers of HIV, and believe it’s the same as being affected by the flu.

I read somewhere that  Jonas lives in a house wroth 50 million dollars, next to Tom Cruise and Sharon Stone. The story doesn’t tell if he owns it or rent it. *smile

topmodel - gosee de -

Jonas is also connected to Top Model Sweden, a modeling competition based on the American television format Top Model by Tyra Banks . The program went 2005-2007 and 2012-2013. The first was Susanna (Mini) Andén hostess, then took Malin Persson over and 2007 was Vendela Kirsebom hostess. 2012 was Isabella Scorupco hostess but in 2013 took Caroline Winberg over.

Jonas loves to surround him with beauty, but Mini Andén is his muse. Looking as those women, there is now doubt that we have some beautiful women in Sweden.

Jonas own fashion statement are desinger shorts and sunglasses.

I just really enjoy watching Jonas on TV …. he is just himself – funny, entertaining and a very tough cookie. A fantastic personality with a great sense of humor and  style, pluse a big generous heart.

“Style comes in all shapes and sizes.
Therefore, the bigger you are
the more style you have”
Miss Piggy

agnes-carlsson - hairartgallery net

“On and On” is a song by the Swedish singer Agnes and the first single from Dance Love Pop. The song was released to radio stations and as a digital download in Sweden on August 11, 2008

Agnes Emilia Carlsson, also known as Agnes, born 1988 in Vänersborg, Sweden. Agnes has often cited strong female soul singers like Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson as her inspiration in music.

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6 thoughts on “postcard from sweden; j stands for jonas hallberg

  1. 😀 Miss Piggiy’s fashion statement – soooo cool 🙂
    This Jonas guy is interesting – the first pic of him, wow, some styling! The lips!!!
    I think it’s wonderful if people stick to their dreams and make them come true. It looks like he has! Congratulations to Jonas! 🙂

    • Yes, I think Jonas is a fantastic raw model for the gay men and boys. And even for us “normal” – stick to your dreams and be yourself. Saw an interview with him on TV – his young life was a terrible struggle. As you say – Good on Jonas.

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