one word photo challenge; glow-in-the-dark

my bay window

few becomes plenty

Landskrona - neighbors beauty - December

Living in a country with long DARK and cold winters, we have many ways to light up the dark. Especially around Christmas when nearly every window in Sweden has a a “welcome” light.  Sweden export about 3 million “Welcome Lights” per year and of course IKEA has  big part of that. Our biggest manufacture is “KONSTSMIDE, website in English.


I have also chosen a photo I took only a couple weeks ago – between a concert at Malmö Arena and my train home. It’s Malmö water tower, and it was truly glowing in that Sunday evening.

dinner view

And of course I need to add an image from my visit to Istanbul, that I just returned home from – my seat view during our first dinner under the Galata Bridge, the Yeni Camii in its evening gown.

 ”From the dark side,
we can see the glow of something bright”
Dave Matthews Band

Why not join the challenge or at least check out all the other entries.

To participate:

Create a new post on your blog titled One Word Photo Challenge: Glow-in-the-Dark

  • i.e. for the first week’s challenge your post would be called “One Word Photo Challenge: Magenta”
  • Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme
  • Tag your post with ONE WORD PHOTO CHALLENGE so that others can find your contribution


11 thoughts on “one word photo challenge; glow-in-the-dark

    • Thanks Linda, yes my favorite time in Sweden is the 8 weeks around Christmas when every window is lite up with stars, candles and wreath.

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