naughty muffins

at high speed

I have never met a calorie that I haven’t loved.

So let’s be naugthy and talk  about chocolate, because chocolate make me feel naught and I  love the feeling. A feeling that works more wonders than any lucky pills. And this muffin is bursting with naughtiness.

Sunday I had health issues again … and felt a bit under the weather, so to cheer me up I decided to do something about it and do some baking.

You who know me … know that baking aren’t my favorite idea of fun, but I have a passion for chocolate and muffins. I don’t like baking because it’s so messy and it takes time, so anything where yeast is needed is a “no goer” for me.

muffin page 2

Muffins are easy to make and they goes on baking powder. So I pulled a recipe out that I used a couple of times before and with everything at home, no excuses.

But as ingredients chocolate travels – it goes everywhere …. so talk about mess when baking or cooking with chocolate!!!!!

muffin page 1

What I like about this recipe is that the muffin is so moist, a little bit sticky – but there is crawling of calories in them

Naughty Chocolate and Philadelphia Cheese Muffins,
8 pc. (large) 180C/350F – 25 min.

1 egg
175ml (0.74 cup) sugar
75 g butter
100ml (3.4 fl oz) milk
150ml (0.63cup) flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
75 ml (0.31cup) cacao
100gr (3.53oz) white chocolate buttons/drops
8 large muffin molds

200gr (7.06oz) Philadelphia cheese – used honey flavored
1 egg
1 ½ tbsp. flour

50gr (1.76oz)white chocolate buttons/drops

muffin page 3

1. Whisk egg and sugar fluffy
2. Melt the butter and mix with the milk – let cool down before mixing in the egg sugar mix.
3. Mix together all the dry ingredients and turn it into the egg mixture.
4. Grease the molds well and filled them to half with the muffin mixture.
5. Mix the cheese with the egg and flour.
6. Divide the cheese mix in the molds and fop with the last chocolate buttons/drops.

Bake them and let them let cool down under a tea towel. The muffins stay moist for days and very suitable for freezing.


This is a really naughty indulgence … so after eating one I felt a lot better! *laughing Normally when I make muffins I eat them all at once while they are still warm, can’t help myself. This muffin is so rich so I can only manage one, but I had one as dessert, slightly warmed in the micro with vanilla ice cream. We only live once or ????

And chocolate is suppose to be good for us …. at least this week. *smile

“There’s just not enough of it
There’s just not enough
Oh oh, babe”
(talking about chocolate now)

no calories

With this muffin I serve one of the naughtiest song I know – Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Baby”. A song filled with memories through so many years, some of them very naughty.

17 thoughts on “naughty muffins

  1. Chocolate indeed provides some wonderful therapy at times… I’ve used it myself on occasion! I am so glad that you could sit down and treat yourself to this beautiful muffin in spite of feeling plagued by health issues again. Thinking of you and hoping that you feel better soon dear Viveka! xx

    • Chocolate in some form is always a good comfort when being under the weather.
      Doing okay, thanks, Laura … but I had a couple of rough days again. It comes and goes.

      When do you land in Sweden ???? Soon ..

    • Lucky you that don’t like chocolate. When I had my chemo they told me that I shouldn’t eat anything that I really like, because the treatment could turn me off – so I eat chocolate and thought that would turn me of chocolate, but it didn’t work *smile

    • Thank you so much …. no better start of the day than a muffin with the breakfast mug of coffee .. and Barry White is great at any time. *smile

    • Karen, my days comes and goes … Istanbul took a lot out my numb feet and I had problem with a knee too – but the knee has recovered. *smile
      Naught is good … *smile

  2. Covering my eyes! On the Dukan Diet until July 3rd when I must fit into a lovely dress I bought for my younger sons Wedding … wish me luck!

    • Good luck with the diet …. I need something like that too.
      Are the issues around wedding solved for you??? I hope that there will be some borrowed moments on your blog … Love weddings, but I’m not in favor for marriage. It will be a lovely day.

      • I 100% agree about marriage V. I think it should be renewable by contract every 5 years and absolutely no procreation for the first 5 . The issues have been pushed under the rug, rolled up and taken to the garage. ♥

      • Great idea … very few marriages today don’t even reach the 5 years … not in Sweden anyhow.
        I like the action for the issues – good .. burn the rug. *smile

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