shopping, ducklings, bbq and kittens

cute from behind too

On Saturday Nia and  her husband, Ylimaz came and picked us up in their car at our hotel.

My friends wanted to visit an outlet – shopping – and they took us to Via Port, a big outlet that we passed on our way from the airport. Not because we need anything – but it was nice to get away from the city center and maybe we would find something we din’t need until we saw it. *smile

The rain was hanging over us and it came a few drops, but at both occasions we where in the car.

Bengt, my friends partner – he found 2 par very nice pair of suede shoes in less than 30 min and I found out even quicker that there will be no shoes bought in Istanbul, they only have up to size 40. That saved me a lot of mone, because there was some gorgeous shoes in nearly every shoe store.

I was looking at a hand luggage piece at Samsonite store, but they where 40% more expensive than here in Landskrona, which surprised me.  My shopping became very light – two mascaras.

my istanbul dream

But I looked at a new development that they showed a model of at the mall – why not, when dreaming – dream big.

We indulge ourselves with coffee and no calorie cakes before leaving and as we walked by the pond we met the most adorable duck family; mom, dad and 3 ducklings.

It was meant that we was going to have dinner out in the end of the Boğaziçi (Bosphorus)  – but plan changed when Ylimaz suggested that we should have BBQ at their summer house instead. We drove to the Black Sea and it took a good while – I don’t know what village is called where they have their nice summer retreat, but when we drove through the village was it just like I had imaging a Turkish village to be; cattle in village road, flower pots, colorful houses and hanging laundry.

The famous and popular sea resort Şile, very beautiful, was only 10 min drive from their house.

We, who knows Nia and her blogging world – also know her passion for cats. Her own cat, Princess, was home in Istanbul. It didn’t take long time until Nia called for me and showed me the kittens that lived in the empty house across from theirs and both me and Oscar, we just melted. Mum with 3 kittens – there was also another cat, but never manage to capture it, have a feeling it was dad.

I don’t think I have say that the BBQ was a true fest with grilled chicken, hamburgers, great bread and fresh salads; food for a whole army. *smile

Of course fresh fruit and Turkish coffee. They eat a lot of bread in Turkey – but they eat very healthy – loads of fresh vegetables and fruit.

I really like the Turkish cuisine, but their fish has too much bones and so expensive.

Before we left for Istanbul we visit Şile, a truly beautiful little sea town – that I can see myself spending a couple of days in – next time!  And we had the most wonderful sunset over mountains around Şile.

“A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship.”
Turkish Proverb 

sile sunset

21 thoughts on “shopping, ducklings, bbq and kittens

  1. How beautiful day it was… I lived once again and I saw you there with your camera dear Viveka 🙂 When we went to village home yesterday, we didn’t see and find the cat family. Probably mother cat carried them to another place… The weather was rainy and cool… especially during night it was cold too. All weekend it rained… But you were here with me, 🙂 These cat photographs are amazing, how much I loved them. Thank you dear Viveka and Thank you amazing Oscar 🙂 Have a nice new week, love and hugs, nia

    • Nia, it was a fantastic day – it was so nice to see anything else than the city – and to get som country feel too. Wonderful day, Nia – thanks to you and Ylimaz.
      I hope they are okay … the kittens and the parents.
      So glad that we visit at time we did .. and that we have the sunshine glued to our backs. The little rain we had to live was nothing. Less than an hour in total. But I use to lucky with the weather when I travel – and I hope it stays like that. *smile
      I wish you both a great week too. Love Wivi

  2. Oh my favorites of all the photos are the cat photos. They are all so adorable. That is the best vacation. I prefer vacations like that when you meet friends from the place and you get to see untouristy places. That is a bonus when I travel.

    • Bebs, the kittens was so wonderful and they kept us busy – running in and out of the house, one was so much braver then the other too. Playing in the grass .. lovely view to watch. I miss my two cats, gone for years now; Whiskey and Zoda.
      I totally agree this was the highlight on our days in Istanbul, to see something different and spend qualtity time. We had a fantastic day.

  3. Great proverb, Vivi 🙂 I can’t decide which I like best- the ducklings, the littlest kitten or the ‘absolutely guaranteed not a single calorie chocolate cake’. 🙂 🙂

      • Jo, was at the doctors yesterday .. and I never feel great after an exam. Plenty smiles …
        I meant that I smiled to my comment about that I didn’t chose between ducklings or kittens. *smile

  4. just lovely, Viveka! I understand you had a wonderful day – the whole party! Those cats and kittens are truly sooo sweet and cute. I hope the mother carried them to another safe place!

    • Thanks, A-C! I hope they are okay.. but if the weather wasn’t great they probably stayed indoors, because I think the house itself was very safe for them.
      They are so adorable – one was go go go .. all the time and one wasn’t that brave … and one was just doing what the naughty kitten was doing. Just like kids.
      Had a fantastic day – great to get away from the city too.

    • We had 4 days together. Nia, must have been totally worn out when we went back to Sweden.
      Every day was fantastic. What a hospitality.

    • Syliva, we where blessed with some drops of rain, but the afternoon and evening was magic.
      It was lovely to get out of the warm city for a day .. and just take the day as it came, not any MUST!
      There was food to feed a whole army, tasty and so healthy.

  5. Super set. All of them are, but this has a special feel. What a great day with friends. And don’t you just love the paws of the cats? They do so much with them.

    • I love the paws on cats … had 2 cats once – Whisky and Zoda. I would love to have 2 cats again, but not fair when I travel as I do. Have to wait and I want a dog too *smile
      It was a brilliant day – so lucky with the rain while we were in the car -after that a wonderful day and evening.
      All our days in Istanbul was so special thanks to our lovely guide, Nia.

    • Yes, the proverb is so lovely.
      Yes, we had great days with Nia and her husband, it was like we were their private guests. Amazing hospitality. Hopefully they will visit us next year *smile

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