travel theme – cities

I just love cities!

chicago waterfront

Chicago, my number one city in the world … and in September will we meet again.

bikes & sale

Copenhagen, a city full of bikes and feeling good. Copenhagen the happiest city in the world, but it doesn’t come cheap. Copenhagen taste good every time, just like their famous beers.sacher hotel & cafe

Vienna, the beautiful city filled with music, museums, parks and cafe’s – see you in August.

Guest harbour with Barken VikingGothenburg, my home town between 1963-1991 and it will always own a big corner of my heart and  I go back and visit my “left behind” girlfriends a couple of time per year. Only 02:45 hours away by train.

Berlin fire hydrants

Berlin, one of my favorite cities in Europe – but I hate their underground system, only a German understands it!!!  And hopefully in a near future I will be going back … for 5 more fantastic days. Everything shines in Berlin: shoes, cars … buildings and fire hydrants.

bit crowded - 2

Istanbul, that I visit only a couple of days ago – a pedestrian tunnel near Galata Bridge by the Yeni Cami  mosque on a Sunday afternoon. Istanbul, a delightful madness.

mobile cinema, belfast

Belfast, also my home town for 10 years. One of the most fantastic cities in Europe. A small city with a big soul and heart. Just big enough to hold the best of everything.

seine bank

Paris, even if we two don’t really agree – I must admit that it’s one of the most photogenic cities in the world.

NYC glow

And of course New York – and there is not many cities in world that glows in the dark like New York does, maybe Hong Kong. I don’t love NYC, but I always have a fantastic time when I visit.

“For those who are lost,
there will always be cities that feel
like home.”
Simon Van Booy

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39 thoughts on “travel theme – cities

  1. I am not very well travelled at all, at least in regard to cities.
    Manchester is where I have lived all my life so there is that emotional attachment, although I guess that would only kick in if I ever left it.
    I love Rome in all it’s history, been there twice. That’s about it !
    Where in Sweden would you recommend I visit?

    • Andy, Stockholm is a MUST and the best time is the end of June – you can take a boat from Stockholm along the most fantastic canal to Gothenburg, not a cheap journey but you will have the best of Sweden.
      Rome has plenty history, but we didn’t really click as such. Only been once. But I would love to visit Florence and Milan. There is so many places to see and so little time and not enough money.
      Manchester is one of my favorite UK cities – great city for food and shopping, cheap flights from Belfast … and I always stayed at Premier Inn at Portland Street.
      You can get cheap flights to Copenhagen with Easy Jet and stay there for a couple of days – then take the train through Sweden from Copenhagen and fly back home from Stockholm. Drink beer in Sweden, stay away from gin and whiskey, because it’s very expensive in Sweden. Now the £ has gone up against our krona.

  2. I love to visit a city. Especially with someone who knows how to get about it. But I wouldn’t want to live in a city….I don’t think. You make them all look fabulous. And exciting. 🙂

    • I’m the same …. not much for living in big cities – but I think I could live in Chicago … without any problems, but they are best when visiting 5-7 days.

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    • Thanks, A-C, I love big cities, but I don’t want to live in one anymore. Landskrona is the right size and there are plenty big cities to take on when the urge pops up.

  4. Yes, I am basically a ‘city gal’ also and Copenhagen would top my list in Europe. Love New York, am ambivalent about Paris – but Chicago??? Have a number of dear friends there, but have yet to find its charm, I’m afraid!! And that climate – no thanks!! But love Kyoto, Singapore and Hong Kong . . . have been able to stay for weeks at a time in all . . . . I guess Asia holds me in its thrall 🙂 !

    • Kyoto, hopefully I my plans for next spring will become reality – with Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Miyajima Island. I want to go under the Cherry Blossom Festival. I love Hong Kong too – prefer HK against Singapore.
      Chicago, I understand what you mean about the winter – but if I could afford to live there I also would be able to spend some of the winters with milder climate, but I love winter when winter is winter and summer is summer.

      • [laughter] – I thought you get that in Landskrona!! Winter, I mean!! Chicago – compared to NY and SF, what excites you there?

      • I think that the winters in Chicago are much tougher than in Landskrona.
        Why I like Chicago – because it has air and it has soul, friendly – I just do it – and it has great food.
        Love the parks and all the free concerts in Grant Park during the summer months- all the public art … SF and I didn’t agree at all, for some reason. I prefer Seattle to SF.

      • My Chicago friends are all travelling at the moment, but after the last arctic winter methinks they would love to hear what you have to say! Have only been about 3-4 times myself, so not really knowledgeable to comment 🙂 !

      • It will be my 4th visit, this September … and I not knowledgeable neither but I like what I have experienced so far and I feel at home in Chicago and I would be willing to try out how it is to live there full time.
        This winter they had it really tough in Chicago.

      • Have sent your post to a few of the Chicago ‘travellers’ – perhaps you would have time for a cup of coffee – just thinking 🙂 !

      • Lovely thought. I will meet up with one of my blogging sisters for sure and a second is maybe so far, because she don’t live in Chicago anymore.

    • New York a very intersting city with so much to offer for everyone and there is always something new to see and do – but I can’t say I’m mad about the city – but I have always a great time when visiting. Most have been about 10 times. And after my last visit I would like to go back again. *smile

  5. Sounds like a busy year, Vivi 🙂 And next year even busier, if it goes to plan! Kyoto is a lifelong dream for me. Funny how some places ‘grab’ you, some don’t. Florence I still need to see.
    Are you rested again and feeling better after your Istanbul adventure? 🙂

    • Yes, this year … it will be a bit busy – then Belfast in November. I need to get so much as possible into my travelling year now, because I notice that I’m not able to walk and push myself so much as I normally have done.
      Istanbul wasn’t that easy for me walk wise. And there is loads of places to see yet and people to meet.
      I haven’t really recovered completely after Istanbul, had a tough day yesterday again. Maybe I should travel all the time that is when I feel the best. Have a lovely week..

      • A gypsy caravan! That’s what you need 🙂 With me at the reins (but I don’t know who’s going to look after the poor horse 😦 )
        Hugs, Vivi! Hope you’re soon back to your best 🙂

      • Caravan, that is a great joke … me in a caravan – not really my style, no place for my shoe and handbags *smile
        Going to the day clinic today anyhow to get my powerport rinsed – will try to get a date with a doctor. *smile

  6. I love Chicago, too! I’ve passed through twice. And went up the Willis Tower! I thought I was soooo brave (I don’t like heights much) but the view was fantastic!

    • I’m not much for heights too, but there is a fantastic view up there. Chicago has it all … the best from the West and it East – and the food is so good. *smile
      Can’t wait for Sept. to come.
      Thanks for the visit and welcome back!

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