so a great show has come to an end …

busy watersfor this time.
At 05.00pm the mobile started to jump – a quick shower, close up the bag and the last cup of Turkish coffee. The airport transport was there in time, same great driver that picked us up at the airport. No traffic, so we arrived at the airport 8.20am.

At the airport everything went very smooth, no problem what so ever – plenty time for breakfast and looking around, bought a special edition of Absolut Vodka to a friend of mine.
The flight departure on time and landed on time – no problems with Pegasus Airlines, great airline.

The first thing I did as soon as I got inside my door, was taking a diuretic tablet. I have so much fluid in my body so I can hear the sound of the ocean waves in your ears. *smile – it has been tough days on the old body, especially the feet. But nothing was going to stop me.!

turkish lasagne

Nia and Ylimaz, thank you so much for your generosity and friendship – you have been such a fantastic “hostess” – we have been given time and hospitality without any limits.

Hope to see you in Sweden next year. We have been given the most fantastic memories that we will stay with us forever – and you both have a very special place in my heart. Even if the curtains have gone down, there is a friendship stronger than ever.

So Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world; so friendly, delightful mad, romantic, helpful, clean and aggressive.

But Istanbul doesn’t know how to cook fish and the fish has far too many bones.

One thing is for sure – I will be back … but not this month.

İstanbul, sonsuza dek benimle kalacak!!!

street mussels


61 thoughts on “so a great show has come to an end …

    • Had – more than a good time … had an outstanding time. What a city – and then having Nia as private guide, can’t be any better.
      Poor Nia, she must be totally worn out – all the afford and love she put into our visit.

  1. Delectable post about a wonderful visit. Thank you for taking us with you. Your photos are almost as good as being there.

  2. You are here nowwww 🙂 I can’t beleive, yesterday you were here! Oh dear Viveka, I kept watching your plane… online flight tracking! You know I am always in panic! And when I saw that everything went fine, I was fine too. It was amazing and unforgetable days for us and for me… I already miss my beautiful lady 🙂 Can you imagine, I didn’t look for my own camera, it was so beautiful to be with you and to see my city from your eyes and from your touches… As I told in my own blog, now I will see you in here wherever I go now 🙂 Istanbul has a wonderful lady. Thank you dear, next time, we have now “next time” dreaming… to where it doesn’t matter, in here or in there… You are welcome and million times welcome to my own world. Your photographs are amazing, amazing…

    Love and Hugs, nia

    • Nia, you are one special woman – never met anyone like you.
      You’re so right – we have the “next time” dreaming. Have 940 images to work my way through and tell my story.
      Thank you again for giving me all that time – and that I know Istanbul in the way that not many tourists do after their first visit.
      And Nia, Mado Ice cream is the best in the world – sorry, Mövenpick!
      Love you!

  3. Oh yesssss, I should add this too, dear Viveka actually knows my city better than me 🙂 Can you believe this, with Google! She is really amazing lady, for her postcards, I said there is not in this area, she said come with me nia,there is! And yesssssss, PTT… I can be lost in my own city but she can’t 🙂 Love you dear, love you so much.

    • Nia, I always do my re-search … and post office is one of the big MUST!
      By the way the restaurant last night – FANTASTIC!!!!! I will do a post about it.Great concept and very tasty food. Had the salad, but it was too spicy for Bengt and Maggan, so I had it all with Tzatziki. We all had lamb! Really recommend it and it wasn’t where we was told, but all about that in my post

    • Uru, I had a trip … that I can’t describe in words or images.
      What a magical city, but very tiring.
      Nice to be back home for a rest – 5 days was just perfect .. but I will go back.

    • Colleen, I can’t take my tablets when I travel, because I can’t leave the house for 4 hours, so I was is desperate need of them, my legs and feet was so swollen – I could hear clucking when I walked and it was so painful. But .. hi, I was in Istanbul. Don’t have clue how I will get around that problem when I travel. Vienna next in August.

      • I’m thinking I would take them in the event there was an evening you could take them. Or needed them desperately. You make me chuckle…you could hear the clucking.

        I’m glad it was such a great trip!

      • Colleen, laughing is the right way to handle it. *smile
        I was in poorly state the last days in Istanbul, but I have taken pills both today and yesterday – hopefully most fluid is gone now.
        The thing is that if I take them in the evening I can’t go out for a meal. Can’t do anything for about 4 hours. During holiday that is not a great thing, but maybe I should stop taking the “sorry ass” pills instead.
        Had a FANTASTIC trip. *smile

    • Istanbul should be on everyone’s bucket list … what an amazing city. So much to take in, do .. and see.
      Had 5 fantastic days there.

  4. Welcome home, Vivi 🙂 Glad it was so amazing. Nia was updating me, but it’s wonderful to see those first few photos. LOVE the fountains outside the Mosque. Take care, hon. Sleep well and we’ll catch up soon. Hugs!

  5. 🙂 Beautiful pictures – the city looks even more interesting to me than before. I sure want to go there one day. And I can tell that you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the city with your Swedish and Turkish friends 🙂 Good for you!
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • Nia, you just have to visit Istanbul – what a wonderful town – but it takes all energy out of you daily and shopping is incredible.
      Now some good rest and then Vienna, here I come.
      Suntanned hugs … Wivi

  6. Thank you Oscar for the very special photos! So glad all went well and even better than you anticipated! The lady puts out quite an interesting blog: hope she does not mind my ‘now’ reading also 🙂 !

    • Eha, went to bed 8pm yesterday and woke up 11 hours later. Istanbul really take out everything of its visitors.
      Really enjoyed my days and nigths … and I will go back, but I need a good rest first.
      A truly magical city.

  7. Härligt, välkommen tillbaka , jag åker till Istanbul ikväll och kommer hem måndag kväll. Miljoner kramar!

    • Maja, jag hoppas att Ni får uppleva ett lika fantastiskt Istanbul som jag fick.
      Njut på Dig – ät inte fisk … de kan inte laga fisk och all fisk har miljoner ben. *ler – plus att det är hemskt dyrt.

  8. Nice that you are home safe and sound after a wonderful trip with the delightful Nia as your guide. A memorable trip in so many ways. 😀

  9. Hooray for you wonderful trip and your delightful hosts. Istanbul is very high on my bucket list. I mentioned to NIa that she must ask you why I think of me as “mad” … 😉 Thanks for the delightful pics … well done Oscar!

    • Frank, she asked me – but I didn’t click on .. she asked me the first day – and I didn’t have clue what she was on about. I will explain to her … why I call you delightful mad. *laughing
      The pleasure is all mine, Frank – I know that you will love Istanbul so much as I do. So just go there. *smile – while you’re there they have cheap flights to Sweden and it’s only 3 hrs away. *smile
      Yes, Oscar … was busy and never failure once.

    • Sylvia, I was so excited to spend time with her too … and my friends fell in love her too. She are such a wonderful soul.
      Thank you so much!!!! It’s easy to take photo of something that we love. *smile

    • Linda, not always, today has been an awful day, I try to enjoy myself so much as I can .. because we never know how much time we have left, but I don’t live like everyday was the last *smile

    • A-C, there skills in cooking fish was to just cut it up in pieces and fry it … awful how they treated their fantastic fish.
      No I didn’t want to get involved in their way of cooking – everybody is happy in their believes. It’s their way of cooking, but what a petty on all that fantastic seafood and fish.

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