just magical

So I’m here – in Istanbul! Woke up far too early this morning, 7.30am!!! Could be the Raki I had last evening ????? Love it.

Flight went very well – passport control a madhouse, no rules what so ever, jungle’s law – airport transport excellent (but involved some waiting).
Hotel’s welcoming, just fantastic – lovely little hotel – with the biggest welcome I ever got on a hotel.
Room perfect – just big enough for me – bathroom spacious and spotless clean.

Dinner????!! A tourist trap – down under the Galata bridge, far too expensive for what we got, but who cares in 10 years’ time. Warm lovely evening, great service and too much bone in the fish. Wine outstanding, great coffee and view priceless.

So bring on my first full day in Istanbul, so far sunshine, 8.20am now; shower time. Nia will be here at 10am, but first breakfast.

“If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

dinner view

68 thoughts on “just magical

    • Nia and I have a fantastic time together – and today we met her husband, what a lovely man. Tomorrow they have a day off from us, but dinner in the evening. Monday back in the race again. What an amazing city.

  1. Love that quote from Napoleon- I never heard it before 🙂 I know that you’ll be deep into a happy day at this point (and you’ll sleep tonight, early bird!) Hugs to you all!

    • Jo, this is a city that you will love so much as I do. Nia is the hostess of it. What an amazing woman and today we met her wonderful husband. Don’t want to go home on Tuesday. I hardly sleep in this city. Still excited over being here. To
      After Midnight hugs …

      • Good Morning, Sunshine … when I was going to post my replay to you last night – my battery went flat on my netbook. Just had my shower … another sunny day in Istanbul and we are going to start with spending some hours out at sea – then the Blues Mosque – dinner with Nia and her husband out in a fishing village somewhere this evening. Sunny morning hugs.!

      • Our days was more like mental … poor Nia, she tried to do everything for us. What a sweetheart she is and her husband.

  2. So happy that everything went well with your flight and first night in Istanbul. I know you will have a wonderful time with Nia. Hugs to you both.

    • Thanks, Karen – I have a magical time and I just want more and more of this fantastic city. Nia and her husband are amazing and I don’t want to go home on Tuesday morning. Will be back soon. *smile

    • Frank, Istanbul is so much more than what I had expected. Such a magical city, day and night. Yes, the passport control was just like how they drive in the city – mad!!! Have the best guides a tourist could wish, Nia and her husband! The most wonderful and generous people I ever met. Tomorrow 3,5 hours at sea.

  3. Love that last photo – is it one of Oscar’s 🙂 ? Have a wonderful day . . . I’m just ‘off’ to Italy to watch the Giro from bed!! Well, tomorrow is Saturday . . .

    • Eha, yes its Oscar’s shot on Istanbul, came out very good. Have a fantastic time with the most fanastic weather – and amazing guides. Tomorrow Sunday and at sea most of the day. Enjoy your day.

    • Mary, thanks for the belog – have a dream time here in the most beautiful and exciting city. Mad drivers on the roads and on the water. So lucky with the weather too. *smile

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    • Maralee, we have a fantastic time together and we are so well looked after by Nia … and today her husband join the race!!! I can’t understand why I haven’t visit Istanbul before. Truly magic.

    • Helen, London was my playground for nearly 20 years, when living in Belfast and Brighton. If Cirque du Soleil comes with a show in January-15 .. that I haven’t already seen – I will be visiting. I will let you know well in time. Would be fantastic to meet up with you.
      Nia and I have a fantastic time together, today I met her husband, what a nice man. Had BBQ at their summer house. so spoiled and Istanbul is pure mad magic.

    • Thanks, Uru .. my poor feet. I have walked for 2 life times so fare and I have two full days left. Enjoy everything … even the bad driving on streets and sea.
      Never seen that many boats in my on one spot at the same time. Istanbul, true magic.

  5. We were in Istanbul two years ago, a fascinating place, our hotel was not very far from the Golden horn. I had never seen so many tourists in one place, we had a nice time. Thanks, Lakshmi

    • Thanks, Lakshmi .. yes, Istanbul is a magical melting pot. So much people, but that is okay. We are stay at Peninsula Galata Hotel. A true gem to hotel, the service is just outstanding. Nothing is a problem. So well taken care by my friend and her husband too. Don’t want to go back home yet. *smile. Thanks for your visit.

    • Thanks, Dia … this is just fantastic – what a city!!!! A bit brutal when it comes so driving on the roads and out at sea, but so friendly and helpful. Wonder why I haven’t visit before, but for sure I will be back.
      You have a fantastic Sunday too.

    • Madhu, Yeni Cami was my seat view during our first dinner in Istanbul, can’t be better than this. I enjoyed every minute and we where so lucky with the weather – only rained during our water tour. Fantastic city. Thank you, Madhu.

    • Nia and her husband, was just amazing – what a hospitality. Had a fantastic time, but 5 days was just right – so tired and my poor feet. I will be back !!!!!!
      That night shot was my dinner view during our first evening, can’t start better than this. *smile

  6. Ahhh!!!! Istanbul. My son and his fiancé have talked about having their wedding there. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Have a great time. Carol

    • Istanbul, perfect for a wedding – very romantic city, but mad … so many beautiful settings too. Just back a couple of hours ago – had a marvelous time. Have posted some today – a random galleries.
      Over 980 images to work through. *smile

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