second day of summer


herb tomatoesToday was our second day of 2014’s Swedish summer and for the first time this year I enjoyed my dinner out in the evening sunshine on my balcony.

The dinner was nothing special – taking off for a 5 days holiday tomorrow so whatever was in the fridge that needed to be used up. Had some hot and spicy ready marinated raw pork ribs that I cooked in the oven, made a little potato salad and only a tomato with Italian herbs on. During the summer I always drink Elderflower conidial (not home made) with my meals.

Sat there in the fantastic sunshine – and I even had a cup of fresh brewed Colombian coffee after my meal. Coffee after dinner is something I very seldom have eating alone, except after a nice meal at a restaurant. I also treated myself to two of my favorite truffles; chocolate and orange.  Not made by me .. bought in a fancy box.

The evening was stunning and I had +27C/80F in the shadow 6.30pm, this is Swedish summer at its best.

So I’m all set – bag is locked – only the after dinner washing up to do. I have a feeling that mentally am I already on that flight PC 832 with destination Istanbul. This time tomorrow am I having dinner with my friends in one of the most exciting cities in the world, what I understand.

Do everything I would do and I see you next week!

“Keep your face to the sunshine
and you cannot see a shadow.”
Helen Keller

evening glow

As cloud for the this post I’m using a Turkish song that I came across in a Swedish Holiday Tour Company’s (Vingresor) commercial a couple of years ago and it took me quite some internet searching to find out the name of the song and when I found it – after asking the PR company behind the commercial – I played until my ears was nearly bleeding for months. Maybe this track was the first seed for me  to visit Istanbul. Still love the track. The singers name is Davut Güloğlu. “Katula Katula” is the title and I don’t have a clue what its about.

Davut Guloglu - i.sabah

Davut Güloğl’s images provided by and thanks to;

34 thoughts on “second day of summer

    • Colleen, I think we should treat ourselves a little bit everyday – because we are all worth it.
      I promise to stay safe .!!! Thank you, Colleen.

  1. Wonderful post and LOVE the song! Moved me! Can you believe that I did not know what day it was until I read your blog??

      • It is a wonderful , wonderful country on many levels. I can’t wait to go back ! I am posting another couple of blogs when I can swing some time! You must visit someday!

  2. Trust you Swedes to beginning your summer ten days earlier than everyone else!!!! Well, we are late autumn, 24 C and fine outside – I always have lunch outdoors in the garden unless the temps are in the minuses right thru’ the year 🙂 ! Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful trip in as good health as you can and enjoy both Istanbul and your friends!!!

    • 24C in late autumn … and we have 27C in the early summer. June, July and August is our summer months.
      No I wouldn’t eat outdoors if its cold – the food gets cold too. So yesterday was my start of my summer and my balcony season.
      I promise I will have a fantastic time in Istanbul .. I know I will because I have decided to have one. See you next week. Have a lovely week.

  3. Lovely, Viveka! Hope you have a super-wonderful time in Istanbul! I have just recently come back from a great short trip to another part of Turkey, must get to Istanbul one day! 🙂

    • Sue, my first time for me …. to meet Turkey. It has never been on my bucket list until I started to blog – and my friends came back talking about what a fantastic city Istanbul is … the mix of Asia and Europe, modern and old side by side. The history … a melting pot of the best from East and West what I understand. So excited.

  4. Yes, dear Viveka is here 🙂 Last night I called her when she arrived her hotel 🙂 How nice to hear hear voice, and now I am going to meet her. I hope and wish them to have a wonderful Istanbul days… Thank you for you all, love, nia

    • Hi there, Nia … lovely talking to you. All ready for my first full day in Instanbul – Bring it on to me, Nia. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. *smile

  5. I had my single breakfast in the garden 🙂 The next day was sunny too but I was busy. I should have taken that opportunity because it was followed by 2 days of rain. Wishing you always sunshine in your heart, Vivi. I am Turkish dancing around the front room. Not so easy to type at the same time 🙂

    • Turkish dancing …. Belly dancing! I’m 110% sure that you are doing a great job.
      Your wish about sunshine – worked, we had a few drops when coming out of the Grand Bazaar and a heavy rain on Sunday while doing a boat tour, lasted for about 30 min – when the sun was back and stayed until we left and what I understand it’s even hotter now. We had perfect weather.
      Thanks for your … wish.

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