cee’s fun photo challenge: ground

The ground???!!!! I love to take photos from what I call an ant’s prospective, but I haven’t done a many of the ground itself, mostly grass and small pretty flowers that grow low.
From the few I have – here is my favorites.

“Keep your feet on the ground and your thoughts at lofty heights”
Peace Pilgrim

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33 thoughts on “cee’s fun photo challenge: ground

    • I have never heard the word “shards” before … didn’t know it means, pieces of glass … thank you so much, I will remember that – I hope. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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    • Jo, I don’t dare to think what I have missed … *smile
      Toke both pills yesterday and today – and stayed at home.
      The problem is that I can’t go anywhere for about 4 hours after I taken them, it’s like a monsoon rain. *laughing
      I was in a very bad shape for the last days in Istanbul, my feet and legs .. don’t have a clue what to do … because I can’t take the pills if I’m travelling, maybe I have to stop taken the other pills and live with a sorry ass. *smile

      • Good grief, no! Anything but the sorry ass. Put your feet up help?
        Please don’t talk monsoon. It’s lashing down here! We booked a last minute week in Tavira from next Wednesday and I think I can just about stay afloat till then 🙂

      • I don’t know … because I can’t carry all that fluid in my body while being on holiday.
        Wow, good for you … how long are you staying???
        Please, don’t send any rain our way … sent it to Russia.

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