weekly photo challenge – work of art

At first I struggled with the subject – and I was letting it go for this week, but this evening during my dinner I got it.

Plastic ribbons

Art that really is a work of art,TARA DONOVAN‘s fantastic pieces.  She uses a variety of everyday materials such as drinking straws, nails and buttons for her art – she had a full wall called “Haze” made out drinking straws or her big cubs – one of toothpicks and one of basting pins, glued together one by one.

I tried to capture  her cubs, but photographing wasn’t allowed and I was told of by the guard. I manage to get some of her art caught with my camera. I wish my photo would do her art more justice. JUST AMAZING!!!!!!

The my first thought when I saw her art was – that she can’t have much of a sex life, when so much works goes into her art. Just to glue all those toothpicks one by one – into a big cub. Or the pins even worst.

I never heard about Tara until I met her art at “Louisiana Museum of Modern Art” in Humlebæk, Denmark – in July last year. Her art totally blow the socks of me – piece after piece just amazed me.

Tara Donovan (b. 1969, New York) is an American artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”
Pablo Picasso

tara poster

Why not join the challenge .. or at least check out all views on the subject: WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE ; Work of Art

41 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – work of art

  1. Hi Vivi, I was going through Facebook and saw your name. I immediately had to come here to WP to see what you have been up to. I love this art. I have never seen her work before. I love it, and I love and miss you.

  2. Absolutely love her way of expression – feel utterly thrilled yet comfortable! Thanks so much for posting!!!!!

  3. I love tactile pieces like this, Vivi. Great choices for the challenge.
    Hope you had a good weekend. It’s been glorious here and I actually had breakfast in the garden this morning. Love it! My first this year 🙂
    Counting down to Istanbul? It must just be a couple of days now? Super exciting!

    • We had in overall a great weekend, until yesterday – but I haven’t had breakfast on the balcony yet, too cold in the air still.
      Yesterday was a terrible day .. the rain we got.
      My weekend was up and down, health wise – but not anything that I couldn’t handle.
      Only 3 days to Istanbul now.
      Tara’s art just blow me away – I wish I could afford just a little piece, if she done any.l *smile

      • I’ve seen something similar but can’t remember the name of the artist. It’s fabulous!
        You go on Thursday, or Friday? How long for? I’d be tap dancing! Save your good health for while you’re away 🙂

      • Landing on Thursday evening – 5 nights … and we meet up with Nia on Friday, so excited .. mostly over meeting her.
        I promise I will be fit for Istanbul, both day and mostly nights. *smile
        Poor Oscar and Hulda they are going to work hard. *smile

      • Fantastic! In case we don’t speak again, have the most amazing time, and pack a tiny hug for Nia in your bag from me 🙂 Big hugs, Vivi.

      • Thanks, a million – Jo!!! There will be loads of post following. I’m so ready for this break in my everyday routines.

    • No, I haven’t forgotten you ….. always nice when you stop by. I haven’t been very active visiting for a while … but that will change.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

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