my journey through the enchantment

platform view Today was it time again to check up on the lymph fluid problem that I have – and I was a bit early so decided to walk to the hospital from Lund’s Central Station, normally it takes about 15 min maybe – but for me it took 90 min. I met so much beauty along the way.

And Oscar was in a great mood too. *smile

After the 1 hour long exam I had planned to take the hospital bus, 215, direct back to Landskrona – was a bit early for departure so I treated myself to a nice sandwich with salami and brie cheese in a beautiful Focaccia roll and a cup of coffee.

Had plenty time .. so on the way to the bus stop I gave Oscar a chance to work on the rhododendron. The bus had been sitting there the whole time, but when I turned around to walk over the bus stop – it took off.

My watch was 10 min behind …. talk about standing with a long face, had all that time and still missed the bus. Typical me – so I had to take bus – train – bus.

This 215 bus is excellent service, it connects 3 major hospitals; Helsingborg-Landskrona-Lund and it has a nurse as hostess abord. Just brillaint, but there is 2 hours between every depature.

Also I notice today that our ambulance services that is owned by the Danish company, Falck – runs on gas. So proud of being a Scandinavian …. when I see things like that, when we think of the enviroment and Mother Nature. Our ambulance services has been yellow for at least 20 years, before they where white. UK and Sweden has the same colors.

Had plans to visit the park and look how the swans were doing, just a stroll from Landskrona Hosptial where the bus stops and on my path home. pretties of the bunch Still with taken the train I thought I was going visit them anyway – but the rain started to pour down again. It had been raining for a full week more or less. So the park visit is postponed for tomorrow, I’m so excited over to see this year’s cygnets.

I returned home with 278 images on my card – I was entchanted nearly everything I saw and met. *smile My favorite image is this one above, the pretties little thing I met and it captured my soul.

“Distance lends enchantment to the view”
Mark Twain

problem ahead

41 thoughts on “my journey through the enchantment

    • Thank you so much … this little flower has the same color as our county trains, I think they have taken the color from this little flower. I don’t know the name of it .. but it’s such a delicate and sweet flower.

  1. So sorry you missed your bus Viveka, but look what we got to see because you did! A truly enchanting gallery sandwiched by two fantastic shots! Oscar is getting to be a pro!! 🙂

    • Couldn’t believe it that it just took off there … but when I checked on the hospital clock – mine was behind, so there was some Oscar had to work a bit more, but most job he did on the way to the hospital.
      Thank you so much for our lovely comment, Oscar is rocking, but at times I think my little camera did a more solid job. So it’s coming with me to Istanbul too .. next week.

      • Madhu, I have heard so much great things about the city and I’m meeting up with Nia of course. All so excited and I hope my cameras will be too. *smile – 7 days left.

      • I have been twice and would return in a heartbeat Viveka. I especially love the food! I must have a few posts floating around on my blog 🙂

      • Okay, I will … see if I can pick them up.
        What I don’t like is that people has lost their freedom .. lately – don’t like to put my money into countries that don’t live up to human rights, but because it’s not only me going … I have my concerns, but that is only me. *smile

    • A wild guess … the spotted bike saddle – or all the bikes, the bikes in Lund by the station is thousands, hard to get a good photo of them all. Lund is a very young city and also a massive university city, but a small city in itself -with student from around the world, so bikes in thousands and thousands, I thought of you when I captured those images.

  2. I am quite envious of the progressive Swedish lifestyle. You may pay a lot in taxes, but methinks the results are well worth it! A bus twixt the hospitals with an onboard nurse – absolutely brilliant!! And give Oscar a hug for me – he did just as brilliant: love all the spring flowers [well, guess you had something to do with pointing dear Sir the right way 😀 !!]

    • Eha, yes we are well looked after, of course there is people that fall between the chairs in our system too – but in overall Sweden is like a country club. *smile
      I have personal nothing to complain about … but I had nothing to complain about when I will abroad neither.
      Yes, it was overcast day – but it was great weather for capture beauties – I had a fantastic walk to the hospital.

    • Jo, it was a great day – the hospital visit was all about measuring both my legs – no pain involved.
      Only the rain that spoiled the end. Today I woke up and thought it is Saturday. So A BIG Friday hug … *smile

      • No agenda this weekend. I’ve done the boring food shop this morning, then lingered in the garden. T’ai chi soon. Don’t know about zumba tomorrow. This old lady might have to concede gracious defeat. We’ll see.
        Hugs back- have a wonderful weekend, Vivi.
        Oh, and I have to fit a little tennis watching in too. Rafa’s playing 🙂

      • concede gracious defeat – don’t have a clue what it’s – but it does sound painful, it’s your knee or foot ??? When I asked Google for help .. it was all political that came up.
        You have to take care and slow down on all your MUSTS – and let the leg rest.
        That Rafa has been playing for months now … poor guy. *smile

    • The knee is ok, Vivi 🙂 I was walking on the York Moors (which are quite steep in places) this morning. Spent the afternoon in the garden with a book. Almost the perfect combination 🙂 (no wine though)

    • Thanks a million, Bebs … they was just measured my legs and then ordered new supporting tights for me.
      I hope your weekend was pleasant and relaxing. I was at a concert yesterday and of course there will be post about it, but after Istanbul. Leaving on Thursday.

  3. Oscar did such a great job here. I love your positive attitude to life, Viveka. Sweden in the Spring, looks like such a beautiful country. I also enjoyed the red and white polka dot seat. 🙂

    • Syliva, Sweden is beautiful any season, but of course the spring and early summer is a magical time .. we have loads birch and beech .. that makes lovely and lush – plus all the wee pretty flowers.
      Oscar is fantastic .. we were on the André Rieu concert yesterday – some fantastic results. *smile – post will follow.

  4. I love how you’ve named your camera. I have a friend who names all her cars. The two of you would probably get on well. I can’t wait to see the cygnets, over there and here.

    • Carol, sorry for that I missed your comment.
      Quite a few friends of mine have names for their cars, so I thought I will give my cameras name, Oscar is the big one .. and Huld the little tough one after my grandma.
      I’m still waiting for the cygnets too – hope their eggs are okay – she is so late this year. I’m worried.

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