cee’s fun foto challeng: nature animals

So it’s time again for Cee’s Photo Challenge – this week is about nature animals??!!! – to join click on this link.

I’m not very good on capturing birds – they don’t sit still long enough for me – and I don’t have one photo with a wild animal?????!!!! Because I guess men are not included in this category. *smile

But I have my swan couple that I always keep a close eye on and check that everything is alright with them. Sometimes there are problems and then I contact the council vet.

Like the Queen of England, am I the guardian for my swan couple – self-appointed!!!!
Landkrona is called “The Town of The Swans”, we have thousands of them.

This year I was worried that they had moved on, because they haven’t been in the park last couple of times when I been there, but a couple of weeks ago my mind was settled – they are back and Mrs Swan was in the nest.

No cygnets yet, but any day now – so this is a gallery with photos through the years and seasons.

“I will play the swan,
And die in music.”
William Shakespeare

nesting swan

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30 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challeng: nature animals

  1. Absolutely gorgeous in every way!! I was 6 when Dad and Mom took me, blue velvet dress and huge bow in my hair, for my very first ‘adult’ ballet performance at the ‘Estonia’ Theatre in Tallinn ! ‘Minu nokk oli lahti’ – ‘my mouth was open’ the whole of the performance and at about 2-3 am my parents found me in the front of the cheval mirror in my bedroom trying so very hard to be one of the four cygnets in that performance of ‘Swan Lake’. Bleeding toes and all 🙂 ! So thank you for the music, and thank you for the beautiful photos 😉 !!

    • “Swan Lake” is my favorite ballet – seen it a couple of times. I have seen myself as a ballerina – too much hard work and as you say .. bleeding toes.
      But I think most small girls like to be a ballerina … I think it’s the little dress. *smile
      So what happen with your attempt ????

      • That was not meant to be on the cards – who had an opportunity to learn ballet when bombs were falling and guns shooting!!! But I still love going to ballet performances both classical and modern “) !

      • I’m like you … I love anykind of dance too – it’s a while since I was to a ballet. Living in UK I treated myself every December the “The Nutcracker” at the Royal Opera House in London.

      • Would you believe I have only seen the “Nutcracker’ on film!! It would be a magical experience – especially if with friends going out to a lovely hug-me-tight supper afterwards!!

      • It’s such a beautiful ballet – and London Opera House has it on the program every December. And I just love story … the waltz of the flowers is my favorite. All Tchaikovsky’s ballet music is so fantastic.
        Hug-me tight supper … I like the read of that. *smile

    • Thanks, Anyes …. I was really worried when I didn’t see them in April – but they have been in park so long as I have lived here, next month 5 years.
      Tomorrow I will go and check up this years …. family.

    • Nia, you’re always so sweet … Nia. Only a week left now.
      I hope the weather will be fine – it looks like you will get a great weekend .. and on Wednesday next week full sunshine again. We had rain for a full week now.
      Want to pack summer cloths.

    • Yes, he really was … two years ago … he was cute, and I was lucky to capture the waterdrops on him, that was with my little faithful camera.
      New ones to be checked out tomorrow, I hope. *smile

  2. Adore your swan shots Viveka! And love the fact that you are their self appointed guardian 🙂 Can’t wait to see the new cygnets.

    • I’m sure there is more than me that keeps an eye on them. But the vet is very good .. and if I have reported problems they have been sorted quickly and always feedback on what has been done. Landskrona really care about their swans – maybe that is why we have so many. I’m all excited to over the new cygnets … tomorrow if the weather is on my side.

  3. The fuzzy little cygnet is adorable 🙂 I usually don’t see them until they are pretty well grown. Around here, the herons will attack and eat the babies, so mom and pop swan keep the little ones hidden until they are able to defend themselves. Wonderful swans!

    • Yes, it’s … was so lucky with that shot … tomorrow I will hopefully see this year’s cygnets. Oh, I didn’t know that the heron are eating bird’s chicks, we have them, but not where I live. Swans are the most beautiful bird there is, even if I love Penguins. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Welcome back!

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    • I have to look at your smile here … but I guess you like what you saw – was visiting the park yesterday, but nothing has happen yet. She is late this year, next week … before Istanbul I will go back. Strange because the spring was early – but she nested very late. Real lady, she takes her time when it suits her.
      I wish you a great weekend.

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