congralation austria – what a love shock

Conchita - 2014 - mirror co uk

…. and WELL DONE, Europe!!!!!!

Just after Midnight this morning – the most well deserved winner – won the Eurovison Song Contest in Copenhagen. Europe had voted ….

“This is not only for me,
but actually for everyone out there
who believe in a future of peace, love and tolerance.”

and voted right – voted for Conchita Wurst and “Rise Like A Phoenix”. Europe was filled with love. There she was in the most magnificent gown – with her beard – singing her heart out and singing into the hearts of Europe. Even into the Ukraine hearts.

Belarus, Armenia and Russia wanted to stop the Austrian entry in line with Russia’s much criticized anti gay laws. A glamour ballad that sounds like a James Bond song and want to blur the line between masculine and feminine. Definitely the best stage name in years. Grand in abundance. She truly can sing.

Thomas “Tom” Neuwirth (born 1988), better known as the drag persona Conchita Wurst, is an Austrian artist that is fighting  for understanding  and acceptance for us all, doesn’t matter what religion, sexuality or skin color we have.

putin watching - trendsmap com

In recent weeks, there has been a petition to not show the bearded drag artist in the competition. When asked where she would like to greet Russian President Vladimir Putin, who clearly expressed views against LGBT rights, said Conchita;

– I do not know if he looks but if he does, I think I have said it is clear already: there’s no stopping us.

She became the year’s pop queen and thus made a statement for LGBT rights and tolerance, which was received with open arms by the Eurovision fans, but also by many countries from all corners of Europe.

She is the most controversial artist ever in the contest since the start in 1956 and she did it!!!!

At a press conference somebody asked Conchita how long it took her to get her hair ready – and she answered that she don’t know … because she are never in the room. *smile

dana international - eurovision tv

In 1998’s contest in Brimingham, UK – Yaron Cohen, professionally known as Dana International (born 1972) an Israeli pop singer won with the song “Diva”. Assigned male at birth, she discovered that she was transgender at an early age, and came out as a trans woman when she was 13. Undergoing sex reassignment surgery in 1993. Through the years she positioning herself as one of Israel’s most successful musical acts ever. (text:

And of course I have to mention that Sweden came 3rd after the Netherlands. Well done, Sanna. “Undo” is a great song.

Eurovison 2014 logo - blog.prinz de

“For me it was a dream come true
and this shows that there are people who
want to step into the future and not be reactionary.”
Conchita Wurst

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28 thoughts on “congralation austria – what a love shock

  1. She really can sing, Vivi, can’t she? I just knew I’d find a post on here about her this morning 🙂 Standing up for peace and acceptance can only be a good thing.
    Don’t know if you saw any of my comments this morning? I know you are restricting online time because of your poor feet. 3 of your last comments on mine were in Spam!!! Peace? I’ll murder WP! Happy Sunday, Vivi!

    • Good Morning, Jo … yes I just read your comments – strange, I went in an checked my spam … after read your comments. Nothing that shouldn’t been there, very strange. *smile
      I check too at times, but it’s not very often that I find something that has been filtered wrong.
      So glad we have the spam filter, can image all that ending up in the comments.
      Glad you “found” me.
      Sorry to hear about your leg .. what has happen there??
      Of course I have to write about Conchita – I think it’s a fantastic song .. and I’m also very proud of Eurovision that said that music don’t have any boundaries, when Russia and their friends protested.
      Have a pleasant Sunday now. *smile and let the leg rest.

      • Having survived all that Polish dancing at the wedding I think I must have gone and tweaked something at zumba yesterday. I had such extravagant travel plans for today, with Dad still in Poland so no Sunday ties. Somebody’s way of keeping me ‘in line’ for not being grateful for what I’ve got! James is home so he might volunteer to cook!!!

      • Wow, you better give the leg a good rest today and I’m sure the James, can do some great pasta for supper. *smile
        I can image that a Polish wedding has some serious dancing involved – haven’t been to my Zumba for weeks, my foot pads are burning too much afterwards … I really miss it.
        Be a good girl today now!!!! Promise.

      • I will! I will! The sky is full of clouds and rain so I’m sifting through my Polish photos. And as a little treat later, Rafa is playing in the final at Madrid 🙂

      • You’re some girl ….. you and Rafa must have something going on. *smile
        Do you have any plans for Portugal???? Because I’m playing with the thoughts to come down and visit you for a couple days.
        There must be some small hotel .. in the village??

      • One of my next ‘tasks’ is to book a flight but I haven’t really got my head round it yet. In a day or so, when the ‘post holiday blues’ sets in, I’ll have a look and let you know. Exciting thought! 🙂

      • Jo, you have given the name of the closest airport, but I have forgotten … the old age!!!!
        I wll be here waiting … *smile.

      • In the Algarve, Vivi? Faro 🙂 It’s on my list, after I empty my Inbox a little and finish sending Polish photos to family. It takes forever! In Newcastle all day tomorrow so not much will get done. Laundry for you?

      • No laundry for me until Sunday … before I have my date with André Rieu at Malmö Arena.
        Newcastle … nice city – have a great day and I hope the weather is on your side.

      • Wow- that will be a great concert!
        I’m going with girlfriends and then meeting another, who lives there, later on. I will be coffee’d out! (unless I sneak a wine) Good times! Earned because I did lots of boring housework today. 🙂

      • Yes, I’m sure I will a very enjoyable evening.
        You missy … go easy on that wine!!!! What about your foot and leg??? It’s okay now???
        I’m sure you have a great day with your girlfriends in whatever weather. It’s the company that is most important. Can’t wait for the report and the photos.

      • Ibuprofen 🙂 🙂 I didn’t walk today- sent my husband as the family representative, but without the camera. Actually it was a boring walk- well, compared to the 700 or so Polish photos. I think they’ll keep me busy posting for a while. Stay dry, hon. Got my brolly at the ready 🙂

      • Can’t you publish one of your walks in Poland as your Monday Walk????
        Or does the walk really have happen on a Monday ????
        Walk as walk, only that it’s published on a Mondy .. at least in my world.
        Can you image the entire photos I will have when returning from Istanbul.

      • I did, today 🙂 The Dunajec Gorge. Often I post from my previous week’s Monday walk with the group but not always.
        I can! I can! Go soon! I told Nia today that you and she should share an Istanbul walk with me 🙂 Hugs!

  2. I knew you’d post about Conchita Wurst! Great post for an excellent singer with a superb song and an out of the question message to the world!
    I am truly happy she won the European Song Contest!
    Many hugs my dear xo 🙂

    • So am I – she truly melted the hearts of Europe and what I seen from interviews with her she is very nice person too. And I’m so proud of the Eurovision that they are open minded and always been, that anyone should be able to compete. And she truly can sing … and the song in itself is just FAB. Played already a couple of times today. Well done to Austria to think right direction in the choice of artist.
      Had a great evening yesterday. 3rd place hugs … back! *smile

  3. We didn’t join to Eurovision song contest this year too, as last year. Our government decided not to join!!!!! And also any television channel gave the show… So I watched on the web site of Euroivision! There were some beautiful songs too but Austria, was great. The song was so nice and Conchita deserved to be the winner of 2014. It was wonderful singing… Peace, freedom, and democracy for human world. Thanks and Love, nia

    • I notice that Turkey wasn’t in this year, when it came to the voting. Such a pity – when Ukraine with all their problems sent their entry. I’m glad that you had a chance to watch the show – as you say many great entries this year. Glad that our song did so well. Austria was best. Hopefully next year you will be back, so sad an pitiful.
      How is the weather???

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