a gift to a mother

I have never been a fan of neither Mother’s Day nor Father’s Day – because if we can’t remember and honor our parents on any rainy day, why bother once per year.
It’s all in a commercial gain – in the end – same with Valentine, which I truly “hate”.

Because there is people without any parents … people that wants children, but can’t get any – and with Valentine it’s just hyper.

This little video I came across … when I visit my blogging friend, Random Rose’s Blog,  that had reblogged it from SPIRITBATH

This is what I call a Mother’s celebration .. travel so fare to surprise his mum and to hand over that very special gift in person, instead of lifting the phone.

An amazing and remarkable video, it’s a commercial for Google glasses – so cleverly done.

That shows what celebration and giving is truly about.

One thing is for sure … I want to invest in a pair of GLASS, but have to wait until they have refined them even more and the price has come down a bit – $1200/£710/817€/7888SEK is a bit too much.

“It’s not how much we give
but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa

Featured image provided by and thanks to: markafem.com

16 thoughts on “a gift to a mother

  1. awe!!! I’m sitting here blubbering 😉 and I agree about all the Hallmark holidays. Made up to make money……and I like how you put it about honoring our parents on any rainy day. Spot on!!

    • There is so many elderly people sitting alone most of the year, exccept for the holidays and birthday if they are lucky.
      I just hate those days .. that makes lonely people feel more lonely.
      Thanks for the support. *smile

  2. Fully agree with you about quite a few ‘special’ days which we all, whoever we are, are meant to keep and celebrate en masse. Impossible! Illogical! Oft not appropriate! Love and caring should be there all the time and have nought to do with pounds, shillings and pence . . . oh, liked the video: thanks !!

    • I think Valentine … is the worst of the lot. But any days that makes lonely more lonely – not my thing.
      The video is great … I would love to try those glasses for a coupe of days. They are a mini computor .. amazing.

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