wet wednesday

pouring down

This Wednesday was it time again for my friend Iris and me to meet up for our monthly girl day out, we had planned to go across to the picturesque town Helsingör in Denmark – that is only a 20 min ferry journey across from Helsingborg. But the weather that we woke up to – wasn’t the most inviting for a day of walking around. It was pouring down.

But we decided to meet up anyhow in Helsingborg and there we decided to have lunch crossing aboard one of the ferries, Scandlines “Aurora”. They have a fantastic lunch buffet, eat so much we could manage and coffee included – 129SEK/£11.70/$19.90/€14.30 with ferry crossings include and we could stay on so long as we wanted, we did 3 around crossing and embarked very pleased with our adventure.

A very popular way to eat lunch and the dining rooms nearly full. We call it “Tura” (Touring). I also met my Zumba friend Eva aboard, that had lunch with her husband – it was her 65th Birthday.

It was raining the whole time, grey and miserable day – but I manage to get dry during our hours aboard “Aurora”

Our county Skåne (Scania) is famous for its rapeseed fields this time of year – so I just had to take a photo of its beauty while the train speeded between the fields. It’s like having the sun down on earth.


Back in Landskrona stepping of the train the rain had stopped, so I did some budget shopping at Netto, before I took the bus back home.

Walking through our backyard I got Oscar to work on some of the beauties there – but very soon started to rain again, but Oscar didn’t mind and here is some of the beauties we met.

I had a nice glass of white wine with the lunch and I started to feel a bit strange sitting on the train – I felt drunk – not a pleasant feeling early in the afternoon. And back up in my apartment it went to worst – so I crawled into bed and woke up 2 hours later and it was like earlier of day hadn’t happen, it was blue sky and sunshine.

After a bowl of yoghurt did I go back to sleep and woke up 10.30am on Thursday to sunshine again. I slept  for nearly 18 hours ????????

Whatever happened there … I don’t have the faintest clue, one single glass of wine.???????!!!!!

 “The best thing one can do
when it’s raining is to let it rain.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

from behind

20 thoughts on “wet wednesday

  1. I love this song, Vivi 🙂 Just back from my ‘Girl’s night’ and feeling fuzzy! I woke up to pouring rain here in the UK this morning, but so much to do, I hardly noticed. Your flowers in the rain are gorgeous! Yesterday morning I was at the Zoo in Krakow, and the flowers were the stars of the show.

    • I love this song too …. it’s the Glee cast that sings it.
      Feeling fuzzy … is great if – there is only the bed to take on. *smile
      I’m sure we will see loads of stars … coming up in your world too. They are such fantastic objects … spring is like one big fantastic scrapbook. We had rain on and off since Wednesday, but not so bad as it was then.
      Have a lovely evening …. time to make some coffee and get that cream cake out. *smile
      Saturday evening hugs.

    • Sandy, yes it’s a lovely little tradition .. we met up 2 years ago … after haven’t had any contact what so ever for nearly 25.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment … *smile

  2. Maybe you needed that loong sleep and the wine topped it off. I am glad you didn’t let the rain stop you as I have so enjoyed your day. You and Oscar are what makes a great blog. I am sitting in my house at this moment talking to you with rain pouring down outside so looking at you photos and reading your journey I have the perfect setting to visualise yours. Xx

    • I don’t have clue what came over me .. maybe it was a reaction from my medicine, but I had wines after I started on the new medicine. I was really struggling to get focus when i was taken all the flower shots, but Oscar fixed it.
      Enjoyed my wet Wednesday … and my 18 hours sleep. I properly needed.
      I wish you a pleasant weekend and thanks for the sweet comment. *smile
      Hope the weather has turned for the better for you now.

  3. I could see myself ‘doing’ a similar luncheon ‘cruise’ vey happily, especially as the sea seemed quite smooth. And the value was certainly there!! As far as the wine is concerned, I am absolutely certain it was an interaction between your tablets and the wine: one mouthful may be enough! As this can be quite nasty do use Mr Google to see whether I am right or ask your local doctor before you depart for Istanbul! It may have to be the drug or the wine – I have had to make that choice on more than one occasion 🙂 !

    Your flowers are lovely: especially that mauve lilac: one of my very favourite blooms! Oh Eurovision – thought Jessica Mauboy did a ‘good job’ with a new song she co-wrote but did not like the preceding dance/song act: it was all about local icons, but how could Europeans know about our surfing dress, football codes or oldtime swagmen ? . . . looked silly!!!!

    • Don’t have a clue what happen with the wine .. had wine over Easter, a glass every day nearly and nothing happen.
      Whatever, I probably needed to sleep. *smile
      Yes, the lunch cruise is a great concept and the food is very good – it’s only 20 min crossing over to Helsingör from Helsingborg, but in real bad storms they cancel the ferries and there is loads of them.
      Soon time for the show to start – 9pm – I haven’t watch any of the semi finales .. have only heard the Swedish entry and I think should have a good chance, but it’s hard to say.
      So it will be all fresh to me. Looking forward to see Jessica.
      So time to put the kettle on .. and to make a nice cup of coffee with hot milk!!!!!
      See you tomorrow. *smile – let best song win .. if we are lucky! *smile

  4. You and Oscar are great partners. Love the landscape. That is a cheap ferry including food. Glad you made lemonade out of a lemon weather.

    • I love that – make lemonade out of lemon weather, never heard that before.
      We have to make the best of the situation .. because it’s very little we can do about the weather.
      That landscape image I took sitting on the train .. speeding through the rapeseed fields.

    • Sylvia, I was a bit funny feeling when I captured the flowers, maybe that is why I manage to capture the raindrops too. *smile
      It has been raining more a less for a week now – what happen to the lovely spring we had.
      Thanks for you appreciation.

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