shot down your display

look up

……. and live life the right way!

Please, give this video 5 min of your time …. and listen to Gary Turk that has created this video – one of  most important for a long time.

It has 30,338,916 hits on YouTube, maybe you have missed it- I had .. until 15 min ago.


“Go out into the world,
leave distractions behind
Look up from your phone,
shut down the display
Stop watching this video,
live life the real way.”
Gary Turk


33 thoughts on “shot down your display

  1. It’s sad, that when my daughter was a toddler, all she wanted was to interact and have fun like going places and stuff, now she’s going into her teens and she says everything by tapping, yet in person she’s out of things to say. Hum!

    • Yes, still even if we built up this online friendship – I think it’s so sad that never be able to met them in person. It’s a bit like the old “Pen Pal” thing.
      I will start to travel now and try to visit and meet up with some blogging friends … 2 weeks time – Istanbul and Nia.

      • but some do actually meet in person! I have and will probably continue to. for example, I could come visit you once I land in Europe 😉 Enjoy your trip and meeting friends. sounds great to me!!

  2. “We’re a generation of idiots; SmartPhones and dumb people.” Wow, this says it all. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video.

    • Thank you for watching … and for taking the time to comment. I love that sentence too – nobody talks anymore.
      Not even when a party at a restaurant are waiting for their food – they are all on their smartphones.

  3. Absoliutely brilliant and sadly oh so true! Amongst your and my generation, Vivi, we remember different times and can draw ourselves ‘back’ into normalcy . . . . I do worry about the Gen Y tho’ . . . .because this seems to be the norm for them! Quo Vadis? Shall repost to friends tomorrow after work!!

    • Eha, I just love this little video – and with over 30 million hits on YouTube – I would think that somebody is shouting down the display and look up. I took a day of blogging … the next day. *smile
      Still have strong feeling about the video and even if we love our blogs .. and what it gives us of friendship and joy, I think we have to find a balance, but where is that balance to be find. *smile

    • That reads like a brilliant idea to me …. roses already – lucky you! We are still on the lilacs .. but soon. Thank you so much for watching and for taking the time to comment.
      Welcome back!

    • Yes, I felt guilty too, even if I don’t have a smartphone, so I took a blog free day .. the next day.
      I use my mobile so little – I have a monthly cost of $22.
      Just had enough of mobile while I was working and had it more or less glued to my ear 24/7.
      Now time for the Eurovison Song Contest – when Europe puts all their differences to the side and unit around music, dance and fun. Have a lovely weekend.

      • I know Eurovision is a cult ‘thing’ and ‘over-the-top’ but don’t quite know whether to laugh or cry about this year’s winner 😉 !

      • I think it’s a fantastic song – and I think it’s great that things are changing – because why should … there be a difference because we are different – and not look like everyone else.
        The song is brilliant … and after all is it the song that is the most important thing. Somebody has said that we are all equal in the eyes of God, so why can’t we be look at people the same way.

    • Elena, I had the same reaction and I stayed off line the following day – have cut down on the blogging a little too.
      Don’t have a smart phone, so I’m not guilty in that respect.

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