review time – danny’s italian spicy sausage in roasted pepper sauce.

Time for review  - xhorni com

It’s a while since I tried out any dishes that my blogging friends has posted.

I love to try out new things, but the problem is that I most evenings are a lonely dinner, so the recipes has to be easy and quick, plus when I look at a posted dish – the recipe has talk to me very loud and in very big letters.full dish

There is so many fantastic food blogs out there and even me as a retired chef wouldn’t be able to present food like that in a blog – it’s like the most fantastic cookery books where food stylists has been used. My blog was suppose to be a cookery book, but there is so many fantastic home chef’s out there who is doing a much better job than I will do.

One of them is Danny@1227 Foster that I have been following for nearly 2 years now.

Danny is such nice young man living my favorite city, Chicago – and together with fellow bloggers has he started a monthly online magazine about food, lifestyle, travel, home and garden – a very sleek and very chic magazine that I think you all should subscribe to (free), it’s called VRAI Magazine”.  The May is their second issue – that was published this week, so it’s very fresh.

VRAI_ logo - bakerbettie com

Haven’t been around to Danny’s world for a while, so when I followed my schedule yesterday – I was back. And I found a recipe that talked very loudly to me:  Chunky Italian Sausage in a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce.chili flakes

So I decided to have it for dinner the following day, because I had a piece of our great national sausage “Falukorv” that I wanted to use up. Falukorv is not a spicy sausage but I knew that it will great for the recipe. And of course one of my postcards from Sweden is about the Falukorv: postcard from sweden; f stands for falukorv

falukorv page 1

I didn’t follow Danny’s recipe to 100% – I added a little bit and I exchanged the cream for Crème Fraiche , something I always have at home. cream is something I very seldom has at home. Also I had some sun-dried tomatoes in oil that is needed to be used up and some Feta Cheese.

Otherwise I followed the recipe and I blanched the red pepper, because I only had to use a small amount. The sauce is WOW!!!!!! There is that little kick in the back, because of the chili flakes …. a terrific sauce.

falukorv page

I had pasta with mine – and the Feta Cheese I crumble on top of dish before serving  and sprinkle some of Findus frozen Herb Provencal over.

My sauce came out slightly lighter in the color than Danny’s, but I think it was because of the Crème Fraiche and I was a bit generous with it.


I give the recipe 4 stars, because is was very easy to make, not many ingredients and very tasty. And I will do it again. It’s a sauce the can be used with chicken as well and of course meatballs, of any kind. I would love to have lamb meatballs with this sauce.

4 - stars

“Spices, of course, are essential.”
Marcus Samuelsson

As cloud for this post have I chosen Danny’s guilty pleasure song for the moment, NONONO’s “Pumpin Blood” and of course NONONO is a Swedish trio based in Stockholm. This is their debut single, released in 2013 and has been at chats in 22 countries. At “Soundcloud” the song had over 1 million plays,  No wonder, what a happy and great song.

In all honesty I had never heard the song before I visit Danny’s world the other day.


6 thoughts on “review time – danny’s italian spicy sausage in roasted pepper sauce.

  1. I am so glad you have written about Danny de la Cruz whom I have been following for quite awhile now . . . have made quite a few of his recipes too 🙂 ! He has taught me lots I did not know about Chicago and I do follow him on his travels – I believe there are going to be quite a few of them this year! Do wish the VRAI magazine the very best as there seem to be quite a few very talented and knowledgeable young people involved. I am certain he will be happy about this shout-out !!!

    • Yes, Danny is a really great guy – from the contact I had online. He and his friends has made a fantastic job with the magazine.
      Have also tried some of his dishes before .. very straight forward and tasty dishes – never been let down. *smile

  2. Can not thank you enough Viveka for all your support! And I am so glad you enjoyed my recipe inspiration. I am relieved 🙂 I love how you made it your own. I had no idea that group was from Sweden – always learning something new!

    • Danny, the pleasure is all mine! Yes, we learn something new every day.
      I really like your sauce and I will make it with bacon and chicken next time. *smile

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