stena voyager creates traffic


I have notice every time I have done a post about Stena Voyager, my pride and joy- the traffic on my side is going through the roof.

Yesterday I had 280 viewers in total on my last post about this magnificent craft – and today I have already 188 – the highest hourly viewing to today, 162. Had 528 visitors from UK today. Just amazing.

Of course is all down to the interest that is still out there – for the craft – even if it’s now on it’s last months of recycling.

hss-stena-voyager_ back - pixstel com

Today all viewing the last two days has happen over Facebook – I want to say thank you to everyone – because it means that I haven’t done my posts for nothing.

There has always been a huge interest from Irish Ferries Enthusiasts – Thanks a million!

Because I’m so proud over being a part of the full journey of Stena Voyager and Stena Explorer, from they was only on paper and blueprint until they where both in traffic. Proud over the people that made this to such a fantastic success –  such a pity that oil prices killed it all for the crafts and for us involved.

design for stena - featured

We couldn’t offer the the same outstanding speed as we did when the crude oil cost 25US$ per barrel and it wasn’t the same product anymore from our guests point of view.

Once again thank you so much for your interest in Stena Voyager – and I hope of all my heart that Stena Explorer will still have many seasons left.

voyager 14

I also know that the UK operation is going through a tough time now for the crews with big changes in contracts – and working conditions, you have so much to be proud over – you have been absolutely outstanding in all weathers and storms.

 Thanks everybody!

“Endings to be useful must be inconclusive.”
 Samuel R. Delany 

“Stena Voyager” at sea – image provided to and thanks to: Colin K. Work at

15 thoughts on “stena voyager creates traffic

  1. Another discovery! You introduce me to Stena Voyager, high-speed ocean-going ferry. This world is full of wonderful things just waiting for me to discover them. Thank you! Mary at Counterpoint

    • Sylvia, you are such sweetheart. – but I so happy that there is such huge interest out there for for the crafts. And if my post help that interest alive – I’m very pleased.
      Maybe I should have a blog only about my years with Stena Line, promise you that will be some interesting reading.
      It has been a lot of madness through my 35 years with company.

    • Yes, I’m very pleased that the interest is so high for this fantastic craft – that I was involved with for nearly 14 years.
      And if I can keep the .. interest alive, even better.

  2. Hi Vivi 🙂 It’s my last day in Poland and I’m having a quick look at the blogs, before breakfast, while I have internet connection. Hope you’re continuing to stay well, apart from the swollen feet.
    Yesterday I was sailing on a Polish ferry on the Czorsztyn lake and the day before that, river rafting on the River Dunajec. A more peaceful day planned today, and then home tonight 🙂

    • Wow, you have been a busy lady …. river rafting – can’t wait the read and see more about that – you are wild at heart.
      Welcome Home!!!!!

      • Panic over! I thought I had left my laptop battery charger in Poland 😦 But I haven’t! Surrounded by washing, etc and Girl’s Night tonight so will be slow to catch up, but I’ll try. A simple 6WS half done for tomorrow. My head is still full of Polish and I’m keeping an eye on the weather in case I need to rush out and bring washing in off the line.
        Thanks, Vivi- more hugs! 🙂

      • Thank God, for that you found your charger … so expensive, but good deals on Ebay – and quick delivery, if it will happen to you.
        Girls Night Out .. so at once, you are one tough cookie.
        I’m sure that you had loads to tell them about …
        I hope you manage to get the laundry day – I don’t have those problems – only thing I can hang out for drying is my knickers and they sometimes take off and land on my neighbors balcony. *smile – Eurovision hugs.

      • Will you be watching? Mick has an old Star Wars film on right now and I have so much catch up to do, I’m not bothered. Hugs back 🙂

      • Yes, I always watch … I don’t watch all the other programs around the finale, but I like the grand finale.
        And I like our entry this year – I think she has a chance. Haven’t heard any of the others, loads of ballads this year. Denmark will put on a good show.
        I’m sure you’re busy with all your photos and posts to be done .. from and about Poland.

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