one-trip-every-month; became 4

ocean windfarm April gave me a great couple short trips; I went back to my childhood roots and visit Höör, where I grow up. I moved from Höör to Gothenburg after school in 1963 and I haven’t been back since 1986.

Had a meeting with Höör’s museum to see my grandpa’s wooden figures that they have a small collection of.

A day trip to Skanör and Flasterbo, the most southeast point of Sweden, with miles of white fine sandy beaches.

Very picturesque, with big massive villas along the shoreline – we could probably call it Sweden’s Hamptons. We had beautiful sunshine on our backs and in our paper plate with freshly pan fried herring. A short walk on beach.

Enjoyed Easter lunch at beautiful Örenäs castle by the sea only 15 min drive from Landskrona – on stunning grounds and with excellent food. When I compliment the food, our waitress answered; Thank so much, we so are luck because we have loads of love in the kitchen. What a lovely answer – I LOVE IT!

All restaurants should have love in the kitchen.

Örenäst was completed in 1918 and is considered Sweden’s youngest castle. The castle, which is located approximately 60 meters above sea level, is located less than 500 meters from the coast, today it is owned by the Swedish Workers Union, LO!

And I spent a great weekend with my friends, Inger and Leif, in beautiful Simrishman. They have move to their caravan for the summer, so I had their nice apartment to myself.

I go back to Simrishamn every 6th week, but it’s not the same as when mum was alive. Inger was my mum’s support during my years abroad and for mum was she a daughter, and for me Inger is like a sister.

So now is only to see what May will bring on – of course the Istanbul trip in the end of the month is what is going to be the highlight.

Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.”
Ernest Hemingway

end of a perfect day

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39 thoughts on “one-trip-every-month; became 4

  1. OOHHH you HAVE been busy, haven’t you? I’ve never been to Sweden – but it’s on my list!

    Lovely photos – and great piano music, too 🙂

    • Marianne, yes it was a busy month in the end .. Sweden would love you to come and visit.

      Thank you so much for for you nice comment .. the music is so beautiful, don’t know the composer or the pianist, but it’s called “Travel Dreams”

  2. I am afraid to go back where I was born… probably I could not find anything from my childhood days… Wonderful post and photographs dear Viveka, Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

    • Nia, thank you so much for your lovely comment – it’s always a bit scary to go back to what was once, but it felt very good for me and I had a chance to visit my grandparents grave .. I went over to check the house where I grow up and it was excellent kept. It was nice and I would love to go back again and walk around a bit more. It didn’t look to have that big changes. *smile

    • Bob, yes it was great to be back – only wish that had been more time to walk around in Höör, but I have some of my grandfathers carvings that I will hand over to the museum, so I will go back.

  3. Viveka!! Your Grandfather was an artist!!! More lovely facts from your life. 🙂

    And I love these pictures. The pink shoes make it look like there is a child coming up out of the ground!

    Your very existence is beautiful.

    • Maralee, not all photos was from Höör – but they are from my county, Scania. It was from 4 different trips that I did last months.
      It was really nice to go or drive memory lanes – and visit my grandparents grave, have been there for nearly 30 years and it looked so well – only the headstone had fallen over, have been in contact with them to raise it – and that will cost. *smile
      There was an accident a last year where a child was killed by a headstone that tipped over – so all graveyards have been checked and if any headstones was not stable they have to be laid down for safety reason.

  4. Fabulous photos, Viveka, and lovely music too. How interesting to see your Grandpa’s sculptures. 🙂 I so agree with Ernest Hemingway. Love is so important on trips and also in the kitchen. xx ♥

    • Sylvia, thank you so much for your kind comment … some days the cameras just love everything we put them against, but I think it also have to with how good our soul feels too. *smile
      Had 4 fantastic trips .. and my soul was at a good place. *smile
      I will do a post about my wonderful grandpa … and his art.
      You’re so right … love is important on trips in kitchens, I fell in love with her answer.

  5. Your grandfather was a very talented man and so very good looking. What a special treat to be able to see your grandfather’s handiwork in a museum. You must have some lovely memories of him as a child.

    • Carol, thank you so much …. yes, most of the collection has come from my mum – I only have one piece .. but he sold loads and his figures was so popular because they had humor and was a bit naughty. My grandpa gave a figure to our King’s Grand grandpa, Gustaf V … wounder if it’s still on the Royal Castle in Stockholm
      My grandpa died in cancer when I was 9 years old, but he are the best memories from my childhood.

  6. I very much loved your journeys – they brought a lot of sunshine into my busy day too 🙂 ! And thank you for having published some of your grandfather’s work . . . the soft nostalgia upon seeing all this again must surely have warmed your heart . . .

  7. A lovely, lovely post in many ways! Granpa’s carvings set the tone for me. It has such a feel of nostalgia and the simplicity of real life. I’m going to share this in as many places as I can. Mary at Counterpoint

    • Mary, been across to your world I could see that you have problems with slideshow – have you been able to sort it out???
      You go to media, click gallery – add the photos you want – click on create galley and there is an option box – how you want to your images to be published – there you find slideshow – click just post.

      • Viveka, many thanks! I’m sure that’s the answer. I originally posted those 3 shows long ago by embing the old Picasa slide-show code. That no longer works, and I was stymied. I’m sure this is that answer and will tackle it today. It means starting over with the pix to be included, but that’s not bad. Mary at Counterpoint

      • I was struggling with it the first time too.
        Now I use Smilebox – because that means that I save media space in the library, when I want to post many images.
        The images lays with Smilebox.

    • Mary, my grandpa was taught by is uncle Dödhultan, who’s pieces today is nearly priceless .. goes for very big money. My grandpa is was very naught in his art and it had loads of humor … grandma hated when he showed special body-parts and naked bottoms. I’m working on a post about my grandpa and his art. Thanks for your kindness.

      • Maybe I have .. I have got my streak of white hair from him .. anyhow. My mum had a good sense of humor too, but I think it all down to grandpa. *smile

  8. Pingback: one-trip-every-month; became 4 | Counterpoint

    • Karen, yes, I was a bit out and about last month … sitting at home doesn’t help .. the mental health very much.
      This month – Istanbul .. so excited.

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely time, Vivi. I love all of your photos and that house looks so elegant. The music is delicious too. Happy weekend to you 🙂 Polish hugs!

  10. Why, Oscar is putting us all to work! You have this One Trip a Month Challenge? Wow, am impressed. I must tell you Oscar is doing a wonderful job and that is with a lot of credit to you. Oscar can only see where you lead him too.

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