chr’s kloka ord – words of wisdom #6


”Bilder föds då din fantasi möter verkligheten”.

Chr #6

Isn’t this well said by Christer – I just love this sentence … of course as a photographer that’s how it works, but it works the same for the rest of us too. Maybe I would have said “images are born when reality meets the fantasy”

When we are in the middle of the reality sudden we need to escape – and then we start to daydream and images are born and everything becomes so much better.

Personal I just love to daydream – I love to create images for myself, not only when I feeling a bit under the weather. I have no limit fantasy and had since I was a child.

I think I was about 6 years old when my mum thought that my fantasy was too much to handle and I was so convincing too. *smile My grandma called lying.

So she took me to psychologist and the story tells that he had a long conversation with me alone, that went on for ages mum said.

When we came back out from his office he with me by his hand and a big smile on his face. He told my mum that she shouldn’t worry, because its all down to that I was bored, alone, uninspired and needed some excitement in my life.

And the doctor told mum that because of the strong personality that I was – I will go and look for the excitement myself one day and then I don’t need to use my fantasy and imagination anymore to fulfill my reality.

I can’t recall this at all … but how right wasn’t the doctor.

Since then I have create many images for myself and still does, but I keep them to myself or try to make them a reality. It keeps me sane.

24 thoughts on “chr’s kloka ord – words of wisdom #6

    • Yes, the doctor .. was very wise.
      But it wasn’t easy because when grandma found out I been telling “lies” to the neighbors, the cane came out.
      She didn’t listen to the doctor.

  1. I would agree with you that images are born when reality meets fantasy….or perhaps it is when we make fantasy, just a small part, from reality? Anyway, great story! Like you, I can do a bit of living in my own head, imagining/daydreaming call it what you will. But I’m rarely bored!

    • Sue, thank you so much for your comment … I was very bored as a child – very lonely, didn’t have any other kids to play with … I had to keep myself entertained. Living with elderly people as a child doesn’t help much for stimulation either. I created a world that was mine and I believed it was true and I was happy in it. I wasn’t really happy in the reality.
      It can happen that I’m still bored at times … then I start planning a trip somewhere.

      • I plan trips, some of which will never happen, but I also relive past trips….I’m never bored in a waiting room or on a station! Always something to occupy the mind!

      • I’m the same … today, I have planned a trip to Japan for April-15. I hope I will be going …
        I don’t mind waiting neither when I know for how long – but it drags on and on .. I can be a feed up.
        I hope you have the pleasant weekend.

  2. What a lovely story, Viveka. You’ve certainly proved that doctor right, and had so many adventures over the years. I often wonder what the real meaning of ‘sane’ is. It’s such a boring word. 🙂

    • Sane … not a word I use very often .. insane I use more – because that is what I’m at times. *smile
      I think that being sane is that .. we have the head clear – and that we know what the reality is.
      Is there a better word???
      I hope you have a great weekend.

    • Jo, today I have calculated my trip – and if I have the health I will be going in April next year – with a stop over in Hong Kong on the way to Tokyo, because I have to change flight there anyhow.
      I wish come with me .. your camera. *smile

  3. Have to laugh ’cause I also was an only child of mature and very busy parents!! Always say I ‘brought myself up’. But luckily I can say I have never ever been bored for even a nanosecond – always a million things I want to do which time precludes 😀 !! I began reading at 4-5 [avidly] and doing artsy-craftsy things and having my ‘own’ garden . . . still do all these things!! I am regarded as having good imagination – but never in a fantasy sense . . . . too practical 🙂 !!!

    • I was a little gardener too, when I was a kid, but then I was forced to help grandma in the garden – and that wasn’t fun at all *laughing.
      I’m a very practical person – but I don’t know if I have converted my imagination too something practical … not as a child, not what I can recall. I was sing everybody and I made beautiful gowns and clothing to my paper doll.
      Wonder where that talent went???!!!! I was very good on drawing fashion … but I became chef, I don’t there is a more creative and more practical job. *smile

      • Oh Vivi – I am laughing: the two things I most liked was making endless ‘pretty’ clothes for paper dolls, and by the time I was about 6-7 and could understand how to read a house plan – draw house plan after house plan: my parents could not get me to the table to eat 😀 !! As I told all my parents’ friends I was going to be an architect or a designer – well, being an immigrant child here, my practical parents sure were not going to have that! Pity!!

      • Strange how life toke us down different paths … and I hated cooking and sawing during my whole school time only 10 years later I was working in a kitchen and made all my own clothing.

  4. I think dear Viveka, this is something connecting us in the depth of our soul, I was same as you… and look where we are… nothing can stop our imagines… Life is so boring without imaginary. Love you, Thanks and have a nice day, nia

    • Nia, you got it – girl. What would we be without our imagination???? It’s like when I look at your image … they have happen where your imagination meets reality.
      Thanks for the lovely comment.

    • Yes, I did … but I made up my mind in very young age .. that my life was going to be different to what I had as a child.
      The conversation with the doctor I can’t recall at all.

      • Yes, mom told me about it .. I was an adult, about 25 years ago. I can remember I had a fantastic imagination … and I can even remember what I mad up stories about. *smile
        But the conversion with the doctor, nothing. Yes, he was so right.

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